Service Level Sample Clauses

Service Level. In the event that League InfoSight discovers or is notified by you of the existence of Non-Scheduled Downtime, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to determine the source of the problem and attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible.
Service Level. During the Term, the Cloud Service will meet the service level specified in the applicable version of “Service Level Commitment” listed on the Oracle website located at, or such other URL as specified by Oracle, which is hereby incorporated by reference. If the Cloud Service fails to achieve the service level, then Customer will be entitled, as its sole and exclusive remedy, to a credit for the Cloud Service in accordance with the terms set forth in the Service Level Commitment. The Cloud Service’s system logs and other records shall be used for calculating any service level events.
Service Level. Service Provider will classify incidents at its own discretion. Such classifications shall be consistent with the priorities Service Provider set for itself as a recipient of services. Service Levels and processes as defined within the TSA Operations Handbook will be followed by Service Receiver and Service Provider for support of this service agreement.
Service Level. If there is a Loss of Service then subject to the other terms of this Section including without limitation the exclusions at paragraph 9 BT will pay Service Credits.
Service Level. Service Provider will classify incidents at its own discretion. Such classifications shall be consistent with the priorities Service Provider set for itself as a recipient of services. Incidents classified using this methodology will be triaged as documented in Attachment B. In the event incidents cannot be resolved in the time outlined in Attachment B, Service Provider shall promptly notify Service Receiver and work together to try and resolve such incidents.
Service Level. If the Service or content are hosted by ProQuest, ProQuest will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide access to the Service on a continuous 24/7 basis (except for regularly scheduled maintenance) and free from viruses or other harmful software. ProQuest shall not be liable for any failure or delay or interruption in the Service or failure of any equipment or telecommunications resulting from any cause beyond ProQuest’s reasonable control. Customer is responsible for providing all required information for account set up and activation, and for its own telecommunications connections and related third-party charges.
Service Level. Gas produced from Xxxxx with wellheads located outside the Dedicated Area that flows into a System in accordance with this Section 6.2 will be considered Priority 2 Gas as defined in Section 8.1.2.
Service Level. The City will provide the Property with a level of services, infrastructure, and infrastructure maintenance that is comparable to the level of services, infrastructure, and infrastructure maintenance available in other parts of the City with topography, land use, and population density similar to those reasonably contemplated or projected for the Property.
Service Level. The Provider provides the Partner with a technical assistance service that is available on working days from 9.30am to 7.00pm (CET). The Partner must provide MANGOPAY as soon as possible with information and data in its possession in order to facilitate MANGOPAY’s identification and correction of faults. As soon as the Partner experience is deemed to be inadequate by MANGOPAY’s technical staff, the Website shall automatically be put under "corrective maintenance". By “inadequate customer experience”, MANGOPAY means any technical issues preventing the performance of this Agreement. During any period of corrective maintenance, Customers will not be able to use MANGOPAY. The period of corrective maintenance will terminate when the faults have been corrected. MANGOPAY undertakes to prioritise the correction of these faults. MANGOPAY shall use all reasonable efforts to make MANGOPAY available as described in the SLA (“Service Level Definition”) in Appendix 1.
Service Level. Skyline will provide the Services in accordance with the service level terms in this Section 3 only to Customers who have submitted an Order for the Services for an Initial Term of at least one year and made an Initial Payment under such Order. The terms in this Section 3 do not apply to Customers who do not meet the criteria in the first sentence of this Section 3. Skyline will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure certain Services under the direct control of Skyline experience an uptime percentage of 99.9% every calendar month, excluding Scheduled Downtime. Skyline will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide at least 24 hours’ prior notice before implementing any Scheduled Downtime. Scheduled Downtime means the time period identified by Skyline in which it intends to perform any planned upgrades and/or maintenance on the Services or related systems and any overrun beyond the planned completion time. If the applicable Services do not meet the uptime percentage in a certain month, Skyline will provide a remedy in Xxxxxxx's discretion. Skyline's obligations under this paragraph do not extend to Service issues caused by: (a) any modification of the Services made by any person other than Skyline; (b) any third party hardware or software used by Customer or its users except as otherwise provided in the then-current documentation; (c) the improper operation of the Services by Customer or its users; (d) the accidental or deliberate damage to, or intrusion or interference with the Services; (e) the use of the Services other than in accordance with any user documentation or the reasonable instructions of Skyline; or (f) circumstances or events beyond the reasonable control of Skyline, including, without limitation, any force majeure events, the performance and/or availability of local ISPs employed by Customer, or any network beyond the demarcation or control of Skyline. FREE TRIAL. UPOn approval by Xxxxxxx, Customer may be provided access to the Services free of charge on a trial basis (the “Free Trial”). During the Free Trial, Skyline may restrict the Services, including but not limited to, the length of time Customer may use the Services, the storage limits for the Services, the number of Authorized Stores and the number of Users. If Customer desires additional Services beyond the scope and limitations of the Services provided during the Free Trial, then Customer may register for the Fee-based Services at any time. All Services provided during t...