Development Plan Sample Clauses

Development Plan document specifying the work program, schedule, and relevant investments required for the Development and the Production of a Discovery or set of Discoveries of Oil and Gas in the Contract Area, including its abandonment.
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Development Plan. As defined in Section 3.2(a).
Development Plan. The Parties’ respective responsibilities for the Development of the Collaboration Compounds and the Products are set forth in this Article 4. As of the Execution Date, the Parties have agreed upon a Development Plan for the Development of Product(s), attached to this Agreement as Exhibit A. The Development Plan may be revised from time to time by the JDC. Either Party may propose modifications to the Development Plan for Development of a Product, including clinical trial plans and time lines, and such proposed modifications shall be subject to review and approval by the JDC, provided that with respect to a Material Development Plan Amendment, a Party may propose such modifications directly to the JSC. Upon approval by the JDC (or JSC, as applicable), such modifications shall become part of the Development Plan. All Development Plans must require periodic reassessment and re-approval (each a “Go/No-go Decision”) after each clinical trial or at such times as the JDC in its discretion deems appropriate, at which point continuation of relevant Development activities shall be subject to the approval of the JDC in view of then applicable scientific, clinical, safety, [*] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. financial and commercial factors. The Development Plan shall allocate Development activities between the Parties, based on the following principles: (i) with respect to Product(s) comprising the Lead Compound, Portola will be the lead Party for Development activities [*]; (ii) with respect to any Product comprising a Back-Up Compound, Portola will be the lead Party for Development activities until [*] for such Product; (iii) Portola has the right (but not the obligation) to be the lead Party for Development activities [*]; (iv) Biogen Idec shall be the lead party for [*] for the Products; and (v) Portola shall be the lead Party [*]. The lead Party for Development activities pertaining to any Product shall have the primary responsibility for the performance of the Development Activities according to the Development Plan and within the Development Budget. In the course of fulfilling its role as the lead developing Party for a particular Product in a particular Indication and during a particular stage of the Product Development, a Party may request the other Party to conduc...
Development Plan. The term
Development Plan. Development shall be limited to the authorized area and improvements specified in the approved development plan or subsequent modifications approved by the AO. The Lessee is responsible for accurately siting development and operations within the authorized area. Any proposed revisions to the development plan must be approved in writing by the AO before the change in use or development occurs.
Development Plan. The Initial Development Plan shall be provided by Licensee to Mount Sinai within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date and become a part of this Agreement upon the written consent of the Parties. With respect to each Calendar Year following the Effective Date, Licensee shall deliver to Mount Sinai an annual updated Development Plan in accordance with Section 6.5, which shall set forth in reasonable detail the planned Development activities for such Calendar Year and the subsequent Calendar Year, as well as the anticipated timeline and budget for such activities. Such updated Development Plan shall replace the prior Development Plan and become incorporated into and a part of this Agreement only upon written approval of Mount Sinai of such updated Development Plan. Licensee has not fulfilled its obligations under this Section 3.1 until such approval of Mount Sinai of such updated Development Plan is provided. Licensee will promptly provide additional information as reasonably requested by Mount Sinai.
Development Plan. (a) Not more than twelve (12) months after the declaration of a Development Area, and in the manner required by the Designated Authority, the Contractor shall submit, for the approval of the Designated Authority, a Development Plan for the Development Area.
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Development Plan. Within two (2) Years following the declaration of a Commercial Discovery, the Contractor shall submit to the CNH for its approval the corresponding Development Plan. The Development Plan shall: (i) cover the entire Development Area; (ii) include at a minimum the information required by Annex 8; (iii) foresee the use of adequate methods and processes to obtain the maximum ultimate recovery factor for the Reserves, complying with Industry Best Practices, as well as (iv) include the corresponding program for the efficient use of Natural Gas and the mechanism for the measurement of the production of Hydrocarbons. The CNH will grant or deny its approval of the proposed Development Plan in a period not to exceed one hundred twenty (120) Days following its receipt of the necessary information pursuant to the terms of the Applicable Laws. In the event the CNH does not issue a decision during the provided term, it will be deemed to have made a favorable decision.
Development Plan. Licensee represents and warrants as of the Effective Date that (a) the Development Plan (refer Exhibit A) contains Licensee’s good faith, bona fide plans for developing Licensed Products for commercialization, and (b) Licensee has or plans to obtain the knowledge, expertise, experience and resources to fully carry out such plans.
Development Plan. Those drawings identified on the attached Exhibit A prepared by Xxxxxx Associates, Inc., together with all details and notes shown thereon, and all specifications referred to therein (including all amendments and revisions to date as well as any amendments and revisions lawfully adopted hereafter) are incorporated into this agreement by reference and are sometimes collectively referred to hereafter as the “Development Plan(s)”. With respect to the Development Plan, the Developer agrees upon request of the Town to furnish any supplemental information in connection therewith. Within ninety (90) days of the completion of the construction of each underground facility and testing thereof to the Town’s satisfaction the Developer shall deliver “as built” drawings with respect thereto to the Town. If not delivered within ninety days the Developer shall pay to the Town a penalty of $100.00 per day for each day beyond said period that the drawings are not delivered, the total amount of the penalty to be a charge against the bond required by paragraph 5 and failure to pay said penalty within thirty (30) days of the date when the drawings are delivered shall constitute an act of default entitling the Town to exercise the remedies set forth in paragraph 11. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between one part of the Development Plan and any other part of the Development Plan or between said Development Plan and any specifications, standard details, development guidelines of the Town of Mount Airy, the subdivision regulations, landscape manual and ordinances of the Town of Mount Airy, or between any of them and this Agreement, then, in that event, such conflict or inconsistency shall be interpreted in the light most favorable to the Town and in the event of any dispute between the parties concerning such interpretations then the determination with respect to such dispute shall be made by the Town Engineer whose decision shall be final and conclusive upon the parties. Developer shall be bound by all of the applicable provisions of the zoning and subdivision regulations and all ordinances of the Town whether or not mentioned herein.
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