Timeline Sample Clauses

Timeline. The SEA will have one year, from the date of its XXXXX award, to award funds. Any funds not awarded by the SEA within one year of receiving its award will be returned to the Department to be reallocated to other States consistent with the CARES Act.
Timeline. By October 1, 2019, each Party shall bind itself to the Trust Fund Agreement(s). The Trust Agreement will include: • How trustees are appointed and removed • Terms of a trustee’s appointment • Quorum requirementsMeeting requirements • Powers/ability to call a special meeting of the board • Votes and quorum requirements • Liability provisionsSpecific provisions outlining the necessary authority for the trustees to manage and administer the State Worker Training Fund and Program • Investment provisionsInvestment standardsEnforcement mechanisms for the Contribution Agreement • Specific provisions outlining terms for amendments, mergers, termination of the trust • Establishing benchmarks and metrics. The Trust will produce an annual progress report beginning June 2021 that includes an operating plan for the upcoming year and a report back on the operating benchmarks and metrics for approval by the State’s CCO and the Unions’ Executive Director. By December 1, 2019 the Parties will use best efforts within the legal framework of the Trust Board to adopt a detailed plan for Training Fund operation, including establishing specific training objectives, performance benchmarks, expected outcomes, and hire a Director. By February 1, 2020 the trust will set up a minimum of one (1) pilot and a goal of two (2) based on budget and plan.
Timeline. Unless a district is already operating under a plan to increase en- rollment, not later than May 1 of each year TEA shall notify a dis- trict if it is an affected district. The district must enter into an agree- ment to develop a plan to increase enrollment by August 1 of the year in which it receives notice from TEA. Education Code 29.904(b), (c)
Timeline. Contractor must perform the Services and deliver the Deliverables according to the following timeline: • •
Timeline. Contractor must perform the Services and deliver the Deliverables according to the following timeline:
Timeline. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, a faculty member’s current portfolio shall be submitted to the appropriate xxxx by July 10 and the faculty member shall meet with the xxxx for review before October 15. Faculty members may elect to complete their review during the summer, but are not required to do so.
Timeline. The Panel shall conduct a grievance hearing no later than forty-five (45) days after receiving the initial position statements from both the Grievant and Respondent, and shall transmit its written decision to the Grievant, Respondent, AAUP, and the University Contract Administrator no later than thirty (30) days after the hearing. The timeline may be extended by agreement of the Parties.
Timeline. This agreement will remain in effect based on the life of the Authority to Operate (ATO) for IPAWS-OPEN or a maximum of three (3) years after the last date on either signature in the signature block below. Upon expiration of the IPAWS-OPEN ATO or after three (3) years (whichever comes first), this agreement will expire without further action and system access privileges will be revoked. If the parties wish to extend this agreement, they may do so by reviewing, updating, and reauthorizing this agreement. This newly signed agreement supersedes all earlier agreements, which should be referenced above by title and date. If one or both of the parties wish to terminate this agreement prematurely, they may do so upon 30 days' advanced notice or in the event of a security incident that necessitates an immediate response.
Timeline. The unit member must submit her/his request to her/his immediate supervisor no later than the date specified in the calendar below. The supervisor must approve or disapprove the request in writing on the District form within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the application from the unit member. In cases where the immediate supervisor denies the leave request, the unit member may appeal the decision to her/his next level supervisor. The decision of the next level supervisor must be in writing and must be rendered within ten (10) calendar days of the submission of the appeal. Following the immediate supervisor's (or higher level manager's) approval, the request shall be sent to a district committee consisting of four (4) unit representatives, one each appointed by each of the four (4) classified senates. One (1) alternate will also be appointed from each senate. The AFT will appoint a non-voting chair to convene the committee and ensure all processes are followed. This committee shall have final approval over the granting of said leaves. The final decisions of the supervisor/manager and the committee shall not be grievable.
Timeline a. Year 1: 20[***] (spring) plant SG and evaluate plant populations; Harvest in fall. CERES-NOBLE Schedule BMP for switchgrass Confidential Treatment Requested and the Redacted Material has been separately filed with the Commission