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Other Plants. If for any reason the Parties do not enter into an EPC Agreement or Technology Agreement with respect to the Plant, then neither Client nor Owner shall, for a the shorter of (a) five (5) years from the date of this Agreement, or (b) such time as Client or Owner and DELTA-T enter into an EPC Agreement or Technology Agreement for an ethanol plant, enter into an agreement with any other party to use technology, engineering and procurement services other than DELTA-T's for any ethanol plant project without first providing DELTA-T at least sixty (60) days to enter into an agreement for development and design of such plant on the same terms as set forth in this Agreement.
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Other Plants. If for any reason the Parties do not enter into at least an EPT Agreement with respect to the Plant, then neither Client nor Owner shall enter into an agreement with any other party to use technology, engineering, and procurement services other than DELTA-T’s for this ethanol plant project, for the shorter of:
Other Plants. All assets of the Borrower in Lynchburg, Virginia, Lordstown, Ohio, and Church Hill, Tennessee, including, without limitation, the plants, terminals and storage facilities there located, (i) constitute "Goods" as defined in Article 9 of the U.C.C., (ii) are not affixed to the Land and are considered mobile Goods, and (iii) may be moved from the land on which they are located to another location and reinstalled without extraordinary cost and effort.
Other Plants. Measure with stems, petioles, and foliage in their normal position.
Other Plants. If the Parties do not enter into an EPC Agreement or and EPT Agreement with respect to the Plant, and Client or Owner intends to develop another ethanol plant, Client or Owner shall notify DELTA-T of its intent to do so and provide DELTA-T at least sixty (60) days to negotiate and enter into an agreement for development and design of such plant, on mutually agreed terms, before entering into such an agreement with another party. This provision shall remain in effort for a period ending five years after the date of this Agreement, or until the Parties enter into an EPT Agreement or an EPC Agreement for another ethanol plant.
Other Plants 

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  • Projects The Annexes attached hereto describe the specific projects and the policy reforms and other activities related thereto (each, a “Project”) that the Government will carry out, or cause to be carried out, in furtherance of this Compact to achieve the Objectives and the Compact Goal.

  • Sites 11.1 We will not be liable for any rents, rates, taxes, charges or impositions at any time payable in respect of the site(s).

  • Underground Facilities All underground pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or other such facilities or attachments, and any encasements containing such facilities, including without limitation those that convey electricity, gases, steam, liquid petroleum products, telephone or other communications, cable television, water, wastewater, storm water, other liquids or chemicals, or traffic or other control systems.

  • The Site The site of the Bus Terminal shall comprise the real estate described in Schedule-A and in respect of which the Right of Way shall be provided and granted by the Authority to the Concessionaire as a licensee under and in accordance with this Agreement (the “Site”). For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby acknowledged and agreed that references to the Site shall be construed as references to the real estate required for the Bus Terminals as set forth in Schedule-A and includes Commercial Complex.

  • Project Site The “Project Site” is the place where the Work is being carried on.

  • Service Areas The MCP agrees to provide services to Aged, Blind or Disabled (ABD) members, Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) members, and Adult Extension members residing in the following service area(s): Central/Southeast Region ☒ Northeast Region ☒ West Region ☒ The ABD and MAGI categories of assistance are described in OAC rule 5160-26-02. The Adult Extension category is defined in Ohio’s Medicaid State Plan as authorized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The MCP shall serve all counties in any region they agree to serve.

  • Plant The expression ‘Plant’ as used in the tender papers shall mean every temporary accessory necessary or considered necessary by the Engineer to execute, construct, complete and maintain the work and all altered, modified, substituted and additional works ordered in the time and the manner herein provided and all temporary materials and special and other articles and appliance of every sort kind and description whatsoever intended or used therefore.

  • Participating TO’s Interconnection Facilities The Participating TO shall design, procure, construct, install, own and/or control the Participating TO’s Interconnection Facilities described in Appendix A at the sole expense of the Interconnection Customer. Unless the Participating TO elects to fund the capital for the Participating TO’s Interconnection Facilities, they shall be solely funded by the Interconnection Customer.

  • NONSEGREGATED FACILITIES This provision is applicable to all Federal-aid construction contracts and to all related construction subcontracts of $10,000 or more. The contractor must ensure that facilities provided for employees are provided in such a manner that segregation on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin cannot result. The contractor may neither require such segregated use by written or oral policies nor tolerate such use by employee custom. The contractor's obligation extends further to ensure that its employees are not assigned to perform their services at any location, under the contractor's control, where the facilities are segregated. The term "facilities" includes waiting rooms, work areas, restaurants and other eating areas, time clocks, restrooms, washrooms, locker rooms, and other storage or dressing areas, parking lots, drinking fountains, recreation or entertainment areas, transportation, and housing provided for employees. The contractor shall provide separate or single-user restrooms and necessary dressing or sleeping areas to assure privacy between sexes.

  • Project 3.01. The Recipient declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project. To this end, the Recipient shall carry out the Project in accordance with the provisions of Article IV of the General Conditions.