Medical Staff definition

Medical Staff means the members of the medical staff pursuant to Medical Staff Bylaws.
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Medical Staff means those Physicians who are appointed by the Board and who are granted privileges to practice medicine in the Hospital;
Medical Staff means all physicians, dentists, oral surgeons, and podiatrists who have been appointed to the Medical Staff by the Board.

Examples of Medical Staff in a sentence

The means of providing health care services as required by state licensure, standards of care, the practice of the Medical Staff and the welfare of the patients.

The primary function of the Clinical Board shall be to assure that the Facility and its Medical Staff provide quality medical care that meets the needs of the community.

Contracts in excess of this amount require the approval of the City Council.2.7. Medical Staff.

The CEO and/or Administrator reports to the Board of Directors, while maintaining continuing communication with the Clinical Board and Medical Staff.

The Board of Directors has appointed the Clinical Board to assist and advise the CEO and/or Administrator, the Board of Directors, and the Medical Staff.

More Definitions of Medical Staff

Medical Staff means physicians and other individuals licensed pursuant to A.R.S. Title 32 who have clinical privileges at a health care institution.
Medical Staff means an organized body that is composed of individuals appointed by the hospital governing board, that operates under bylaws approved by the governing board and that is responsible for the quality of medical care provided to patients by the hospital. All members of the medical staff, one of whom shall be a licensed physician, shall be licensed to practice in the state of Iowa.
Medical Staff means practitioners and advanced registered nurse practitioners appointed by the governing authority.
Medical Staff means collectively those licensed practitioners holding Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Dentistry, or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degrees, which have been granted staff appointment by the Board of Directors of the Hospital.
Medical Staff means all Practitioners who have been appointed to the Active, Affiliate, Associate, Courtesy, Telemedicine, or Consulting Medical Staff by the Governing Body. The Medical Staff is a “professional review body” as that term is defined in 42 U.S.C. § 11151(11), and is an integral part of the Medical Center (not a separate legal entity).3
Medical Staff means all physicians and dentists who have been appointed to the Medical Staff by the Board.
Medical Staff means physicians and may include other practitioners appointed by the governing authority to practice within the parameters of the governing authority and medical staff bylaws.