Research Staff definition

Research Staff means the persons who will undertake the conduct of the Clinical Trial at the Trial Site on behalf of the Principal Investigator and under the supervision of the Principal Investigator;
Research Staff means any employee employed by the University to engage directly in, or carry out research.
Research Staff means the person(s) who will undertake the conduct of the Clinical Study at the Study Site on behalf of the Site Investigator and under the supervision of the Site Investigator;

Examples of Research Staff in a sentence

  • Principal Investigator shall ensure that he/she and collaborators and any member of the Research Staff involved in this Clinical Trial at Principal Investigator’s Clinical Trial Site provide Sponsor with the appropriate financial disclosures required for Sponsor’s compliance with CFR title 21 Part 54, on Sponsor’s request and on such forms as Sponsor may supply or approve.

  • This information will be separated from health information via additional passwords and access limited to PRIORITIZE site coordinator(s), UF Hepatology Research Staff, and the University of Florida’s Human Subject Payment (HSP) Program.

  • Institution, and if the Principal Investigator is a party, the Principal Investigator, will guarantee the availability of sufficient and adequately trained and experienced Research Staff.

  • The Site Parties will not issue and will ensure the Research Staff will not issue any information or statement to the press or public, including but not limited to advertisements for the enrolment of Clinical Trial Subjects, without, where appropriate, the review and the delivery of a favourable opinion from the Ethics Committee and the prior written permission of the Sponsor and/or CRO.

  • Evaluators must make their judgments based on information in the proposal Format This section should be prepared on RTI’s Research Staff and Facilities form, or in a document showing equivalent information.

More Definitions of Research Staff

Research Staff means such of the Academic Staff who currently hold an appointment governed by the Conditions of Employment for Research and Analogous Staff.
Research Staff refers to any individuals other than the "Restricted Data Investigator(s)" with access to the restricted data.
Research Staff means Academic Staff who have been appointed to one of the following posts, as amended from time to time: Professorial Fellow; Senior Research Fellow; Research Fellow; Research Associate; and Research Assistant.
Research Staff is an employee of the Research Institute and/or the Joint Corporation Institution, who is responsible for conducting the Collaborative Research under the direct and/or indirect supervision and advice of the Co-Principal Investigator.
Research Staff. ’ means those Staff listed as research staff in the Ordinances as amended from time to time;
Research Staff means an Academic Staff who is engaged in research activities for at least 75% of his time.