Agreement or Contract definition

Agreement or Contract means the agreement entered into between the Purchaser / Owner and the Supplier, including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein, as modified, reinstated or amended from time to time.
Agreement or Contract. – shall mean this Service Level Agreement including the Bid Document, the Service Provider’s proposal (submitted in response to the Bid Document), General Conditions of Contract (GCC, July 2010), Award Letter, the letter of acceptance and all the relevant Annexes as applicable.
Agreement or Contract means this formal, written, and legally enforceable contract and amendments thereto between the Parties.

Examples of Agreement or Contract in a sentence

  • If special terms and conditions other than those covered within this solicitation and awarded Agreements are required, they will be attached to the PO and/or an Agreement or Contract and shall take precedence over those in this base TIPS Vendor Agreement.

  • Once the scope of the job is agreed to, the TIPS Member will issue a PO and/or an Agreement or Contract with the Job Order Contract Proposal referenced or as an attachment along with bond and any other special provisions agreed by the TIPS Member.

  • Scheduling of Projects Scheduling of projects (if applicable) may be accomplished when the TIPS Member issues a Purchase Order and/or an Agreement or Contract that will serve as “the notice to proceed” as agreed by the Vendor and the TIPS Member.

  • When the tasks have been completed the awarded vendor shall notify the client and have the TIPS Member or a designated representative of the TIPS Member inspect the work for acceptance under the scope and terms in the Purchase Order and/or Agreement or Contract.

  • A Purchase Order, Agreement or Contract is the TIPS Member’s approval providing the authority to proceed with the negotiated delivery order under the Agreement.

More Definitions of Agreement or Contract

Agreement or Contract means a contract executed between COUNTY and CONTRACTOR. It sets forth the terms and conditions for the issuance and performance of the Exhibit AStatement of Work.
Agreement or Contract means any written agreement between a vendor and the AER for the supply of goods and services, with pricing and/or discounts off a manufacturer published price list resulting from this RFP.
Agreement or Contract means this Contract including the Proposal, the Request for Proposals, the Terms and Conditions and all exhibits and schedules referenced therein or attached thereto which are all hereby incorporated herein as if fully set out.
Agreement or Contract means the terms and conditions set forth in this Ticket Contract together with the Cruise or CruiseTour Fare due for Your Cruise or CruiseTour. Together, the items described in the preceding sentence shall constitute an agreement between Passenger and Operator for the Cruise or CruiseTour.
Agreement or Contract means an agreement between PMC and owner for performing the work as defined in the tender document.
Agreement or Contract means documents having the effect, when signed or approved, of committing Council to legally binding obligations.
Agreement or Contract means the document signed between the Development Partnership Administration, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi (MEA) and the successful Bidder, that incorporates any final corrections or modification to the Bid, and is the legal document binding on both the parties to the Agreement, with all terms and conditions of the Contract. Format is enclosed as Annexure-VII.