Quality Assurance Sample Clauses

Quality Assurance. The parties endorse the underlying principles of the Company’s Quality Management System, which seeks to ensure that its services are provided in a manner which best conforms to the requirements of the contract with its customer. This requires the Company to establish and maintain, implement, train and continuously improve its procedures and processes, and the employees to follow the procedures, document their compliance and participate in the improvement process. In particular, this will require employees to regularly and reliably fill out documentation and checklists to signify that work has been carried out in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements. Where necessary, training will be provided in these activities.
Quality Assurance. The Provider) shall:
Quality Assurance. 4.2.1 The Supplier shall perform its quality obligations as defined in the Contract and in accordance with the principles set forth in the Supplier Quality Manual available via the following URL xxxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxx/. The Supplier Quality Manual defines the quality expectations and actions required by the Purchaser. Supplier shall use Alstom Supplier Quality Portal, (using the following URL address: xxxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxx/), at all time during the performance of the Contract and/or the Order. The Supplier shall be ISO/TS 22163 certified “Railway industry standard”, as defined in the Supplier Quality Manual or ISO 9001 or equivalent. Supplier’s and its sub-suppliers’ and/or subcontractors’ qualification certificates must be made available to the Purchaser within forty-eight (48) hours upon request. If the Supplier is not ISO/TS 22163 certified “Railway industry standard”, the Purchaser retains the right to perform its own qualification for processes of Supplier and/or its sub- suppliers and/or subcontractors.
Quality Assurance. At the option of DAS or the participating agency, samples may be taken from deliveries made and submitted for laboratory tests. The State will bear the cost of testing when samples are found to be in compliance with the Contract. If samples do not conform to the Contract, Contractor will bear the costs of testing and the State will apply the terms and conditions of the Termination provision of this Contract.
Quality Assurance. Contractor agrees to conduct a program of quality assurance and program review that meets all requirements of the State Department of Health Care Services. Contractor agrees to cooperate fully with program monitoring or other programs that may be established by County to promote high standards of mental health care to clients at economical costs.
Quality Assurance. The Contractor: must implement the quality assurance process, system or framework in its Quality Plan; without limiting clause 6.12, must allow the Contract Administrator or anyone else acting on behalf of the Commonwealth access to the quality assurance process, system or framework of the Contractor and its subcontractors so as to enable auditing or other monitoring; and will not be relieved from compliance with its obligations under the Contract or otherwise at law or in equity as a result of: the implementation of, and compliance with, the quality assurance requirements of the Contract; any direction by the Contract Administrator concerning the Contractor's quality assurance process, system or framework or its compliance or non‑compliance with the process, system or framework; any audit or other monitoring by the Contract Administrator or anyone else acting on behalf of the Commonwealth of the Contractor's compliance with the quality assurance process, system or framework; or any failure by the Contract Administrator, or anyone else acting on behalf of the Commonwealth, to detect any Contractor's Activities or aspects of the Works which are not in accordance with the requirements of the Contract including where any such failure arises from any negligence on the part of the Contract Administrator or other person.
Quality Assurance. Licensee agrees that all use of the Licensed Subject Matter shall be only upon the Products manufactured by or for Licensee in accordance with quality standards approved by Licensor prior to the commencement of manufacturing of the Products. Licensee shall submit for Licensor's sole and absolute approval the type of cereal, the name of cereal, the packaging design, advertising material, and all other materials to be used in connection with the Products subject to the sole and absolute approval of Licensor which shall not be unreasonably delayed or withheld.
Quality Assurance. The manufacturer shall be assessed and certifed as complying with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Guarantee AZ150 ZincAl or equal approved sheeting shall be laid in strict accordance with manufacturer's specifications by an approved contractor. The employer shall be provided with a ten year written guarantee on materials and a five year written guarantee on workmanship and water-tightness after final inspection of the roofs, by the manufacturer.
Quality Assurance. The government procedures to verify that services being performed by the Contractor are performed according to acceptable standards.
Quality Assurance. The Contractor shall adhere to a Quality Assurance (QA) system, documented in a Quality Assurance Program Plan (QAPP) (CDRL A008) that, at a minimum, meets the requirements of ANSI/ISO/ASQ 9001-2000, and ensures that the products delivered meet the requirements of the TDP and SOW. The Contractor shall be responsible for performance of all quality requirements for the items delivered under this contract. The quality system shall include provisions conforming to all production requirements cited in this contract including calibration, subcontractor control, failure diagnosis and corrective action, statistical process control, component and environmental screening, testing, and inspection. The Government does not require registration/certification of the Contractor’s quality system if ANSI/ASQ 9001-2015 or later is chosen as the implemented system. The Contractor shall notify the Government of all production testing failures. The Contractor shall have established manufacturing processes that ensure all equipment and related equipment produced under this contract is delivered without defects. Deliverable Data Item (See DD-1423):