Purchase Order definition

Purchase Order means the form or format a Customer uses to make a purchase under the Contract (e.g., a formal written purchase order, electronic purchase order, procurement card, contract or other authorized means).
Purchase Order means the document, which directs a contractor to deliver items of tangible personal property or services pursuant to an existing contract.
Purchase Order means an order of supply of material including the acceptance of the tender.

Examples of Purchase Order in a sentence

Upon Purchase Order acceptance, G MEDICAL shall provide Distributor with a committed ship date within seven (7) days.

Distributor’s legal entity name, which shall be identical to the signing party of this Agreement shall be listed under the “bill to” name on the Purchase Order for billing purposes.

For the initial year of the term, for each and every Distributor Purchase Order submitted according to Section 3.2, Distributor shall (i) wire thirty (30%) of the total Purchase Order amount seventy five (75) days before shipment; and (ii) wire the remaining seventy percent (70%) of the total Purchase Order amount of the Product ten (10) days before shipment.

In the event of any inconsistency or contradiction between the provisions of this Agreement and the provisions of an Exhibit or a Purchase Order, the provisions of this Agreement will prevail with respect to the subject matter of such inconsistency or discrepancy.

None of Distributor’s rights created nor obligations imposed hereunder or under and Purchase Order shall be assigned, subcontracted or otherwise transferred to any other person or company, whether by operation of law or otherwise without G MEDICAL’s prior written approval.

More Definitions of Purchase Order

Purchase Order means the document in which the Authority specifies the Services which are to be supplied by the Contractor under the Contract.
Purchase Order means the document setting out the Purchaser's requirements for the Contract.
Purchase Order means the document so described by the Authority to purchase the Services which makes reference to the Conditions;
Purchase Order or "PO" means the document which directs a Contractor to deliver items of tangible personal property or services pursuant to an existing, valid Contract.
Purchase Order or “Order” means any Purchase Order or Subcontract issued hereunder, including written change notices, supplements, amendments, and other written modifications thereto, together with any referenced certifications, certificates (including Seller’s Annual Certification), exhibits, attachments or other documents, and includes these terms and conditions, and the Statement of Work, if any.
Purchase Order means the document recording the specific Services to be carried out under this Agreement, from time to time.
Purchase Order means a document issued by the Purchasing Office directing the Contractor to deliver goods, services or construction.