Purchasers Sample Clauses

Purchasers. Print Exact Name: Kenneth S. Pilot By: /s/ Kenneth S. Pilot Name: Kenneth S. Pilot Title: Address: 401 East 60th Street, Apt. 29A New York, NY 10022 Telephone: 212-758-0538 Facsimile: 212-759-5189 Email: Ken-Pilot@yahoo.com SSN/EIN: ###-##-#### Amount of Investment (Tranche A (Series A Preferred only)): $ Amount of Investment (Tranche B (one-third Series A Preferred, two-thirds Series B Preferred)): $90,000 PURCHASERS: Print Exact Name: QFinance, Inc. By: /s/ Tom Perkins Name: Tom Perkins Title: President Address: 4709 Creekstone Drive, Suite 200 Durham, NC 27703 Telephone: 919-998-2080 Facsimile: 919-998-2399 Email: Tom.perkins@quintiles.com SSN/EIN: 62-1784909 Amount of Investment (Tranche A (Series A Preferred only)): $ Amount of Investment (Tranche B (one-third Series A Preferred, two-thirds Series B Preferred)): $1.5 million
Purchasers. Name and Address of Purchasers Number of Shares Per Share Purchase Price Aggregate Purchase Price $ 0.25 $ EXHIBIT A LEGEND THE SECURITIES REPRESENTED BY THIS CERTIFICATE HAVE NOT BEEN REGISTERED WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION OR THE SECURITIES COMMISSION OF ANY STATE IN RELIANCE UPON AN EXEMPTION FROM REGISTRATION UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT OF 1933, AS AMENDED (THE “SECURITIES ACT”), AND, ACCORDINGLY, MAY NOT BE OFFERED OR SOLD EXCEPT PURSUANT TO AN EFFECTIVE REGISTRATION STATEMENT UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT OR PURSUANT TO AN AVAILABLE EXEMPTION FROM, OR IN A TRANSACTION NOT SUBJECT TO, THE REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS OF THE SECURITIES ACT AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH APPLICABLE STATE SECURITIES LAWS AS EVIDENCED BY A LEGAL OPINION OF COUNSEL TO THE TRANSFEROR TO SUCH EFFECT, THE SUBSTANCE OF WHICH SHALL BE REASONABLY ACCEPTABLE TO THE COMPANY. Exhibit B Form of New Convertible Note Indenture (Attached) Exhibit B has been omitted pursuant to instruction 2 to Item 601 of Regulation S-K. See Exhibit (b)(1) of this Schedule TO for the form of indenture between U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee, and Emergent Capital, Inc. with respect to the 5.00% Senior Unsecured Convertible Notes Due 2023 to be issued by Emergent Capital, Inc. Exhibit (b)(1) modifies Exhibit B to the Master Transaction Agreement as follows: · sets the Final Maturity Date at February 15, 2023; · adds the Stock Price/Additional Shares table to Section 4.06; · makes changes throughout the form of indenture to reflect that New Unsecured Notes will be issued in both $1,000 denominations (in respect of New Unsecured Notes issued in exchange for the aggregate of $70,743,000 principal amount of Old Notes that were originally issued under the Old Notes Indenture) and $1.00 denominations (with respect to (i) New Unsecured Notes issued in exchange for the $3,447,450 in aggregate principal amount of Old Notes that were issued in lieu of the payment of cash interest due on the Old Notes on February 15, 2017 and (ii) New Unsecured Notes issued on the Settlement Date in respect of accrued and unpaid interest on the Old Notes that are tendered in the Exchange Offer through but excluding the Settlement Date); and · removes certain restrictions to conversion contained in Section 4.01(d) and the corresponding definition of “Note Trading Price.” Exhibit C Form of New Senior Note Indenture (Attached) EMERGENT CAPITAL, INC., as Issuer,
Purchasers. To the respective addresses set forth below the Purchaser’s signature at the foot of this Agreement. With a copy (not constituting notice): Company: The Singing Machine Company, Inc. Attention: Danny Zheng 6601 Lyons Road, Building A-7 Coconut Creek, FL 33073 With a copy to (not constituting notice): Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP Attention: Darrin M. Ocasio, Esq. 1065 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10018 Any notice being delivered within the continental United States shall be deemed delivered upon (a) personal service, or (b) transmission via facsimile (with the original thereof to be immediately sent via mail, postage prepaid), or (c) forty eight (48) hours after the time of deposit in the mail, as the case may be. In the event any Party changes its address, such change of address shall be communicated to the other Party in the manner set forth in this Section.
Purchasers. (a) Each Holder hereby consents, for so long as any Purchaser holds any Registrable Securities, to (i) the appointment of the Purchasers, acting together, as the attorneys-in-fact for and on behalf of such Holder and (ii) the taking by the Purchasers, acting together, of any and all actions and the making of any decisions required or permitted by, or with respect to, this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby, including (A) the exercise of the power to agree to execute any consents under this Agreement and all other documents contemplated hereby and (B) to take all actions necessary in the judgment of the Purchasers for the accomplishment of the foregoing and all of the other terms, conditions and limitations of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby.
Purchasers. Name and Address Copy of Notice to: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXHIBIT A PLAN OF DISTRIBUTION We are registering the shares of common stock on behalf of the selling security holders. Sales of shares may be made by selling security holders, including their respective donees, transferees, pledgees or other successors-in-interest directly to purchasers or to or through underwriters, broker-dealers or through agents. Sales may be made from time to time on the OTC Bulletin Board, any other exchange or market upon which our shares may trade in the future, in the over-the-counter market or otherwise, at market prices prevailing at the time of sale, at prices related to market prices, or at negotiated or fixed prices. The shares may be sold by one or more of, or a combination of, the following: - a block trade in which the broker-dealer so engaged will attempt to sell the shares as agent but may position and resell a portion of the block as principal to facilitate the transaction (including crosses in which the same broker acts as agent for both sides of the transaction); - purchases by a broker-dealer as principal and resale by such broker-dealer, including resales for its account, pursuant to this prospectus; - ordinary brokerage transactions and transactions in which the broker solicits purchases; - through options, swaps or derivatives; - in privately negotiated transactions; - in making short sales or in transactions to cover short sales; and - put or call option transactions relating to the shares. The selling security holders may effect these transactions by selling shares directly to purchasers or to or through broker-dealers, which may act as agents or principals. These broker-dealers may receive compensation in the form of discounts, concessions or commissions from the selling security holders and/or the purchasers of shares for whom such broker-dealers may act as agents or to whom they sell as principals, or both (which compensation as to a particular broker-dealer might be in excess of customary commissions). The selling security holders have advised us that they have not entered i...