Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Sample Clauses

Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx Notary Public, State of Illinois My Commission Expires November 9, 2013
Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx b. XXXXXX X XXXXXXXXXX --------------------------------------------------------------
Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Maintenance Mechanic B at the Clifty Creek Plant. Xx. Xxxxxx was discharged on 2/19/03 for altering the return to work date on a doctor’s statement and insubordination and abusive, threatening, and profane language when confronted about the statement. Xx. Xxxxxx filed an EEOC charge against the Company alleging discrimination due to sex and retaliation for which we received a no probable cause finding. She then filed suit in August 2003 in United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana alleging discrimination. We are currently responding to Interrogatories and a Request for Production of Documents. Company is represented by Xx. Xxxxxxx Xxxxx from the law firm of Xxxxxx & Xxxxxxxx. A settlement demand has not been made.
Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Chapter 7 (2) Waiver of the 14-day stay prescribed by Bankruptcy Rule 4001(a)(3).
Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Motion for relief from stay regarding Debtors principal residence Filed by Creditor DSA Partners I, Ltd. (54) ****A/O TO BE UPLOADED PER X. XXXXXXXX****
Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx. Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, Xx........................ Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx, III.......................
Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxx 

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  • Xxxx Xxxxxxx Tato Smlouva včetně mj. všech jejích příloh obsahuje úplnou dohodu stran týkající se jejího předmětu a nahrazuje veškeré související předchozí dohody a úmluvy. V případě střetu mezi ustanoveními Protokolu a této Smlouvy nebo libovolnými jejími přílohami bude mít v záležitostech vědy, lékařské praxe a bezpečnosti subjektu Studie přednost Protokol. Ve všech ostatních záležitostech budou mít přednost ustanovení této Smlouvy. Nic v této Smlouvě ani žádné její podmínky, včetně všech příloh, nelze doplnit, přeformulovat nebo změnit jinak než písemnou dohodou podepsanou stranami. Veškeré spory vzešlé z této Smlouvy se budou řídit její českou verzí.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxx The term “

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxx The foregoing arbitrators shall serve as single arbitrators in rotation according to the order in which they are listed. If an arbitrator is not available within a reasonable period of time, but in any case not to exceed six weeks, the next arbitrator on the list shall be selected, and so on until one of the arbitrators is available. If none of the arbitrators on the list is available within the six week period and if the parties do not agree on another arbitrator who is available within six weeks, either party may request the Minister of Labour to appoint an arbitrator. For the next arbitration thereafter the arbitrator whose name appears on the list immedi- ately after that of the last arbitrator selected shall be next in sequence of selection. By mutual agreement, the parties may select a listed arbitrator out of turn, or select an arbitrator not on the list. No person may be appointed an arbitrator who has been involved in an attempt to negotiate or resolve the grievance, or who has acted as a member of a panel or committee which has been involved in the case at any level.

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxxx No breach of any obligation of a party to this Agreement will constitute an event of default or breach to the extent it arises out of a cause, existing or future, that is beyond the control and without negligence of the party otherwise chargeable with breach or default, including without limitation: work action or strike; lockout or other labor dispute; flood; war; riot; theft; earthquake or natural disaster. Either party desiring to rely upon any of the foregoing as an excuse for default or breach will, when the cause arises, give to the other party prompt notice of the facts which constitute such cause; and, when the cause ceases to exist, give prompt notice thereof to the other party.

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxx Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, should a Party receive a certification for a Product pursuant to the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984 (Public Law 98-417, known as the Xxxxx-Xxxxxx Act), as amended, or its equivalent in a country other than the US, then such Party shall immediately provide the other Party with a copy of such certification. MedImmune shall have [XXXXXXX] from date on which it receives or provides a copy of such certification to provide written notice to Inovio (“H-W Suit Notice”) whether MedImmune will bring suit, at its expense, within a [XXXXXXX] period from the date of such certification. Should such [XXXXXXX] period expire without MedImmune bringing suit or providing such H-W Suit Notice, then Inovio shall be free to immediately bring suit in its name.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxx 2. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx

  • Xxxx Xxxxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxxxx Title: President 0 Xxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000 AGGREGATE SUBSCRIPTION AMOUNT: Aggregate Principal Amount of Note: $27,500.00 Aggregate Purchase Price: $27,500.00

  • Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Sekiranya Wang Peribadi Anda dicuri semasa dalam Perjalanan Anda, Kami akan membayar balik kehilangan Wang Peribadi tersebut.

  • Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Copies of any notice given to the Company or the Selling Stockholder shall be given to Xxxxxx & Xxxxxxx LLP at 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, XX, Xxxxx 0000, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx of Columbia, (fax: (000) 000-0000); Attention: Xxxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx.

  • Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx The Company is, or on the Closing Date will be, in material compliance with the provisions of the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002, as amended, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder and related or similar rules or regulations promulgated by any governmental or self-regulatory entity or agency, that are applicable to it as of the date hereof.