Higher education institution definition

Higher education institution means an institution as defined by Sections 401(f), (g) and (h) of the federal Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963, as amended.
Higher education institution means a university or any type of higher education institution which, in accordance with national legislation or practice, offers degrees and diplomas in particular at masters or doctoral level, irrespective of its denomination in the national context;
Higher education institution means an eligible education institution as defined in section

Examples of Higher education institution in a sentence

  • In the current law on Higher Education, scientific research is not imposed with clear criteria as the main activity for the functioning of a Higher Education Institution (HEI)/university as well as for the influence of academic staff to deal with the research.

  • The Peppi project was started in 2010 and the objective was to create next-generation software ecosystem for Higher Education Institution (HEI) education management and planning.

  • Higher Education Institution Responsibilities (a) Administrative Agreement The chief executive officer of the eligible institution is responsible for appointing one representative from the financial aid office to act as administrator of the Arkansas Governor's Scholars Program and to receive all communications, forms, etc.

More Definitions of Higher education institution

Higher education institution means a university or other tertiary institution recognised by the Director-General which offers degrees, diplomas or teacher education courses.
Higher education institution means the institutions specified in Section 53B-1-102.
Higher education institution means an eligible education institution as defined in section 529(e)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Higher education institution means a public or private college, community college or university. (b) Each higher education institution shall adopt a written policy prohibiting hazing by any student or organization operating under the sanction of the institution. The policy shall be distributed or made available to each student at the beginning of each school year. Time shall be set aside during orientation to specifically discuss the policy and its ramifications as a criminal offense and the institutional penalties that may be imposed by the higher education institution.
Higher education institution means an institution included within the state system of higher education under Section 53B-1-102.
Higher education institution means a private, non- profit educational institution, the main campus of which is permanently situated in the state, which is open to residents of the state, which neither restricts entry on racial or religious grounds, which provides programs of education beyond high school leading at least to the baccalaureate degree, and which is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges or by an accrediting association recognized by the council for higher education.
Higher education institution. 5 means any recognised establishment according to the applicable laws or practices that offers qualifications or diplomas at the higher education level, whatever such establishment may be called.