Final Maturity Date definition

Final Maturity Date means March 31, 2022.
Final Maturity Date means the date that (i) is one hundred eighty (180) days following the Scheduled Termination Date or (ii) such earlier date on which the Loans become due and payable pursuant to Section 9.01.

Examples of Final Maturity Date in a sentence

  • Upon payment in full on the Final Maturity Date of the principal of and interest on this Note, this Note shall be canceled and returned to the Company and shall be of no further operation or effect.

  • No Loan shall be in excess of the Available Credit, and no part of any Loan may mature later than the Final Maturity Date.

  • During the term of this Agreement, to but excluding the Final Maturity Date, BHEGTS, at its option without penalty or premium, may from time to time repay all or any part of any Loan as provided in Section 2.06 hereof, and may re borrow any amount of such Loan that has been repaid.

  • The entire unpaid principal balance of the Note, together with interest accrued thereon , shall be due and payable in full on the Final Maturity Date.

  • The termination date as specified in such notice shall then become the Final Maturity Date, with all of the provisions of Article II which pertain to the Loans and the Note to remain applicable thereto.

More Definitions of Final Maturity Date

Final Maturity Date means, with respect to each Tranche of Securitization Bonds, the final maturity date therefor as specified in the Series Supplement.
Final Maturity Date means the Payment Date immediately following the date that falls one year and one day after the Facility Termination Date.
Final Maturity Date means, for (i) the Class A-1a Notes, the Payment Date in April 2023, (ii) the Class A-1b Notes, the Payment Date in April 2023, (iii) the Class B Notes, the Payment Date in April 2023, and (iv) the Class C Notes, the Payment Date in April 2023.
Final Maturity Date means the earlier to occur of (i) the Business Day 24 months after the last day of the Reinvestment Period and (ii) the date on which the Final Maturity Date is declared pursuant to Section 6.01.
Final Maturity Date means December 23, 2024.