Profit Sharing Sample Clauses

Profit Sharing. Profit sharing, bonuses, or other similar compensation of any kind paid by CM/GC to its employees.
Profit Sharing. 10.1 The Publisher shall pay the Developer the following share of profits as follows:
Profit Sharing. The provisions on profit-sharing shall be in accordance with the agreement to be concluded between the Company and the Union.
Profit Sharing. 1. The employees covered hereunder shall be included in the Southwest Airlines Company Profit Sharing Plan which became effective as of January 1, 1973, as amended.
Profit Sharing. Executive shall be eligible to participate in such -------------- executive bonus programs as Employer may establish from time to time. Under the "Senior Management Bonus Plan" currently in effect, Executive's maximum target annual bonus shall be thirty-five percent (35%) of his base salary for the applicable fiscal year payable pursuant to Section 3.1.
Profit Sharing. The Executive shall be eligible to participate in the RBSG’s Profit Sharing Scheme, the terms and conditions of which will be made available to the Executive. Any entitlement is calculated by reference to the Executive’s Salary Element.
Profit Sharing. For the 2004 and 2005 plan year(s), the Officer will be eligible to share in contributions under the W. X. Xxxxxxxx, Inc. Employees Profit Sharing Plan (“PST”) and the W. X. Xxxxxxxx, Inc. Supplemental Profit Sharing Plan (“SPSP”). The Separation Payments received in the relevant plan year(s) will be included for purposes of determining the amount of the Officer’s contributions under the PST (to the extent permitted by applicable law) and SPSP. After October 31, 2005, the Officer will be eligible for distribution of his vested funds in accordance with the terms of PST and SPSP applicable to participants who are eligible to retire.
Profit Sharing. (a) The Commercialization Entities shall share the Collaboration Operating Profit/Loss in the Applicable Commercial Territory on an Eisai Collaboration Product-by-Eisai Collaboration Product basis as set forth below: Commercial Territory Biogen Commercialization Entity’s Percentage Share of Collaboration Operating Profit/Loss Eisai Commercialization Entity’s Percentage Share of Collaboration Operating Profit/Loss Rest of World Territory 50% 50%
Profit Sharing. The Executive shall not be entitled to participate in any profit sharing program of Employer, unless otherwise determined by Ultrak's CEO and/or Board of Directors, from time to time.