Name and Address Sample Clauses

Name and Address. The name, address, and initial membership interest of the initial Member is as follows: Name/Address Membership Interest Bluerock Residential Holdings, L.P., 100% a Delaware limited partnership 712 Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor New York, New York 10019
Name and Address. The name and address of the Members and the amount of each Member’s Capital Commitment are set forth on a confidential schedule maintained as part of the Company’s books and records in the Company’s principal office.
Name and Address. The name, address and Limited Liability Company Interest of the Member are as follows: Name and Address Limited Liability Company Interest Red Oak Capital GP, LLC 100% 625 Kenmoor Avenue SE, Suite 211 Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546 Attn: Chip Cummings
Name and Address. During the preceding five (5) years, Borrower has not been known by and has not used any other name, whether corporate, fictitious or otherwise, except as set forth on the Disclosure Schedule. The Disclosure Schedule lists all real property owned or leased by Borrower, and if leased, the correct name and address of the landlord and the date and term of the applicable lease. Borrower’s main office is at the main office address identified as such in the Disclosure Schedule and Borrower maintains no other offices or facilities except as described in the Disclosure Schedule.
Name and Address. Notify the Company at least ninety (90) days before he changes his name or the address of his principal residence.
Name and Address. 2. Type of appointment (full-time, part-time, sessional).
Name and Address. The name and address of the General Partner and each Limited Partner (hereinafter the General Partner and the Limited Partners shall be referred to collectively as the “Partners” and individually as a “Partner”) and the amount of such Partners’ initial Capital Contribution to the Partnership are set forth on Exhibit B hereto. The General Partner shall cause Exhibit B to be amended from time to time to reflect the admission of any new Partner, the withdrawal or substitution of any Partner, the transfer of interests among Partners, receipt by the Partnership of notice of any change of address of a Partner. An amended Exhibit B shall supersede any prior Exhibit B. A copy of the most recent amended Exhibit B shall be kept on file at the principal place of business of the Partnership.
Name and Address. The name, address, current Capital Contributions and Profit Units of each of the Members as of the date of this Agreement are set forth on Schedule 3.1 hereto. Such Schedule shall be amended from time to time by the Manager to reflect the admission or withdrawal of a Member or the Transfer of Interests in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and other modifications to or changes in the information set forth therein. The Manager shall promptly distribute such amendments in writing to each of the Members.