An Exchange Sample Clauses

An Exchange. Offer Registration Statement pursuant to Section 2(a) hereof or a Notes Shelf Registration Statement pursuant to Section 2(b) hereof will not be deemed to have become effective unless it has been declared effective by the SEC; provided, however, that if, after it has been declared effective, the offering of Registrable Notes pursuant to a Registration Statement is interfered with by any stop order, injunction or other order or requirement of the SEC or any other governmental agency or court, such Registration Statement will be deemed not to have been effective during the period of such interference, until the offering of Registrable Notes pursuant to such Registration Statement may legally resume.
An Exchange. Option Agreement to exchange the Property located in Las Colinas, Texas (the "PRIME EXCHANGE PROPERTY"), for a new AmeriSuites property currently under development in Utica, Michigan (the "MI OPTION"); and
An Exchange. If you have not found a suitable tenant to exchange with we can advertise your request. To help you find an exchange the Association will display your details on our website and also on display boards in our reception areas. You will have to sign your form to allow us to do this and tick the appropriate box indicating you wish your details to be displayed. Queens Cross Housing Offices Main office 45 Firhill Road Glasgow G20 7BE Tel: 0141 945 3003 The Courtyard G22 5PG Tel: 0141 336 3444 Mutual Exchange Housing List The Association display a list of names and addresses of those people who have registered an interest in a mutual exchange at our reception area. The display boards are located at 45 Firhill Road and the Courtyard. Both offices are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding Public holidays) This leaflet is available in other languages on request. Details of our services can be found on our website Queens Cross Housing Association 45 Firhill Road, Glasgow, G20 7BE

Related to An Exchange

  • Foreign Exchange (a) Upon the receipt of Proper Instructions, the Custodian, its agents or its sub-custodian may (but shall not be obligated to) enter into all types of contracts for foreign exchange on behalf of the Company, upon terms acceptable to the Custodian and the Company (in each case at the Company’s expense), including transactions entered into with the Custodian, its sub-custodian or any affiliates of the Custodian or the sub-custodian. The Custodian shall have no liability for any losses incurred in or resulting from the rates obtained in such foreign exchange transactions; and absent specific Proper Instructions, the Custodian shall not be deemed to have any duty to carry out any foreign exchange on behalf of the Company. The Custodian shall be entitled at all times to comply with any legal or regulatory requirements applicable to currency or foreign exchange transactions.

  • Information Exchange As soon as reasonably practicable after the Effective Date, the Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall exchange information, and provide NYISO the same information, regarding the design and compatibility of their respective Attachment Facilities and compatibility of the Attachment Facilities with the New York State Transmission System, and shall work diligently and in good faith to make any necessary design changes.

  • Foreign Exchange Transactions Pursuant to Instructions, which may be standing Instructions, to facilitate the administration of the Customer’s trading and investment activity, the Bank is authorized to enter into spot or forward foreign exchange contracts with the Customer or an Authorized Person for the Customer and may also provide foreign exchange through its subsidiaries or Subcustodians. The Bank may establish rules or limitations concerning any foreign exchange facility made available. In all cases where the Bank, its subsidiaries, affiliates or Subcustodians enter into a foreign exchange contract related to Accounts, the terms and conditions of the then current foreign exchange contract of the Bank, its subsidiary, affiliate or Subcustodian and, to the extent not inconsistent, this Agreement shall apply to such transaction.

  • Shift Exchange Department of Corrections – Work Release Facilities (WR) and Military Department – Youth Academy‌ Overtime-eligible employees employed at WR or the Youth Academy who have the same job classification will be allowed to exchange full shifts for positions in which they are qualified in accordance with the following:

  • Listing on an Exchange If the Debentures are distributed to the holders of the Securities issued by the Trust, and the Preferred Securities are then so listed, the Company will use its best efforts to list such Debentures on the New York Stock Exchange, Inc. or on such other exchange as the Preferred Securities are then listed.

  • Shift Exchanges In no event shall any overtime be payable as a result of employees voluntarily exchanging shifts.

  • Denominations, Transfer and Exchange The Securities of this series are issuable only in registered form without coupons in denominations of $2,000 and in integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof. As provided in the Indenture and subject to certain limitations therein set forth, Securities of this series are exchangeable for a like aggregate principal amount of Securities of like tenor of a different authorized denomination, as requested by the Holder surrendering the same. As provided in the Indenture and subject to certain limitations therein set forth, the transfer of this Security is registerable in the Security Register, upon surrender of this Security for registration of transfer at the Registrar accompanied by a written request for transfer in form satisfactory to the Company and the Registrar duly executed by, the Holder hereof or his attorney duly authorized in writing, and thereupon one or more new Securities of this series and of like tenor, of authorized denominations and for the same aggregate principal amount, will be issued to the designated transferee or transferees. No service charge shall be made for any such registration of transfer or exchange, but the Company may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge payable in connection therewith. Persons Deemed Owners. Prior to due presentment of this Security for registration of transfer, the Company, the Trustee and any agent of the Company or the Trustee may treat the Person in whose name this Security is registered as the owner hereof for all purposes, whether or not this Security be overdue, and neither the Company, the Trustee nor any such agent shall be affected by notice to the contrary.

  • Currency Exchange With respect to Net Sales invoiced in U.S. dollars, the Net Sales and the amounts due to Bayer hereunder shall be expressed in U.S. dollars. With respect to Net Sales invoiced in a currency other than U.S. dollars, the Net Sales shall be expressed in the domestic currency of the entity making the sale, together with the U.S. dollar equivalent, calculated using the official rate of exchange of such domestic currency as quoted by the Wall Street Journal, New York edition, for the last business day of the calendar quarter for which the payment is made.

  • Denominations; Transfer; Exchange The Notes are in registered form without coupons in denominations of $1,000 and integral multiples of $1,000. The transfer of Notes may be registered and Notes may be exchanged as provided in the Indenture. The Registrar and the Trustee may require a Holder, among other things, to furnish appropriate endorsements and transfer documents and the Company may require a Holder to pay any taxes and fees required by law or permitted by the Indenture. The Company need not exchange or register the transfer of any Note or portion of a Note selected for redemption, except for the unredeemed portion of any Note being redeemed in part. Also, the Company need not exchange or register the transfer of any Notes for a period of 15 days before a selection of Notes to be redeemed or during the period between a record date and the corresponding Interest Payment Date.

  • Optional Exchange (a) The terms and conditions, if any, upon which Certificates of any Series (or Class within such Series) may be exchanged for a pro rata portion of the Underlying Securities of the related Trust will be specified in the related Series Supplement; provided, however, that any right of exchange shall be exercisable only to the extent that the Depositor provides upon the Trustee's request an opinion of Counsel that (i) such exchange would not be inconsistent with the Depositor's and the Trustee's continued satisfaction of the applicable requirements for exemption under Rule 3a-7 (or other applicable rule or exemption) under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, and all applicable rules, regulations and interpretations thereunder and (ii) such exchange would not affect the characterization of the Trust as a "grantor trust" for federal income tax purposes. Such terms may relate to, but are not limited to, the following: