Purchaser Sample Clauses

Purchaser. 2.1 Full Name:
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Purchaser. Purchaser was formed solely for the purpose of engaging in the Transactions and activities incidental thereto and has not engaged in any business activities or conducted any operations other than in connection with the Transactions and those incident to its formation. Either Parent or a wholly owned subsidiary of Parent owns beneficially and of record all of the outstanding capital stock of Purchaser.
Purchaser. The RPA Seller shall indemnify and hold harmless the Purchaser from and against any loss, liability, expense or damage suffered or sustained by reason of any acts, omissions or alleged acts or omissions arising out of activities of the RPA Seller pursuant to this Agreement or as a result of the transactions contemplated hereby, including, but not limited to, any judgment, award, settlement, reasonable attorneysfees and other costs or expenses incurred in connection with the defense of any actual or threatened action, proceeding or claim; provided, however, that the RPA Seller shall not indemnify the Purchaser if such acts, omissions or alleged acts or omissions constitute negligence or willful misconduct by the Purchaser.
Purchaser. The Placement Agent has made such reasonable inquiry as is necessary to determine that the Purchaser is acquiring the Capital Securities for its own account, that the Purchaser does not intend to distribute the Capital Securities in contravention of the Securities Act or any other applicable securities laws, and that the Purchaser is not a "U.S. person" as that term is defined under Rule 902 of the Securities Act.
Purchaser. The signatory party to this Contract other than the Administrator. Purchaser is also defined to include employees and agents of the Purchaser authorized to conduct activities as required for execution of the timber sale Contract. As an independent contractor, neither the Purchaser, its employees or agents are considered employees of the State of Montana pursuant to work performed under this Contract.
Purchaser. Purchaser hereby represents and warrants to the Company that:
Purchaser. The Purchaser means the Party as more fully described in Clause 1.2 of the Covering Schedule.
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Purchaser. Purchaser shall deliver or cause to be delivered to Seller at Closing:
Purchaser. At the Closing, Purchaser shall deliver to the Title Company, for recording or delivery to Seller, as applicable, each of the following items:
Purchaser. Purchaser represents and warrants to Agent that:
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