Departments Sample Clauses

Departments. Each teaching member shall belong to one home department. Departments of a university shall be established by the University administration with the advice of the Senate according to criteria of commonality of interest and academic purpose, without any numerical limits on size. Divisions or other major groupings of departments with some common interest may also be formed.
Departments. It is agreed that the number of departments will be kept as low as possible, compatible with efficient and economic operation. The Union and the Company shall meet and outline the basis of departments for seniority purposes if required.
Departments. Subd. 1. The President may, after meeting and conferring, designate or redefine various academic departments and programs consistent with the university’s mission and scope of academic activity. Departments or programs defined as of the date of execution of this Agreement shall continue to exist unless the President, after meeting and conferring with the Association, redefines departments or programs based upon the needs of the university. Redefinition of departments or programs shall occur no more than once each year, and shall be announced by and effective with the posting of seniority rosters on March 1. Such actions shall not be subject to the provisions of the grievance procedure.
Departments. When the hours of work in a department are reduced the available hours of work shall be assigned amongst the full time employees in the department so that the normal hours of work of the full time employees with the most departmental seniority and who have the skill and ability to do the work involved will not be reduced until the hours of work of more junior employees have been reduced. A full time employee who would have his or her hours of work reduced whereby he or she will be regularly working not more than 24 hours per week in the job classification and department shall be entitled to bump a part time employee in the same job classification and department if the full time employee has the skill and ability to do the work of the part time employee in the department. Any part time employee bumped by the foregoing may bump a more junior part time employee in the job classification and department provided that he or she has the skill and ability to do the work involved.
Departments. Each distinct program or academic discipline (or groups of related disciplines or programs if there are few course offerings) shall form a department for purposes including but not limited to curriculum development and program planning, certification and accreditation functions, and representation to the community. An academic employee may be a member of more than one department if the work assignment is in more than one department.
Departments a. Role of the Department Whenever a vacancy is to be filled within a department, tenured, tenure-track and salaried part-time members of the department, and other unit members as described in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this subsection 1, shall assist in the recruitment and interviewing of candidates, provided that the filling of such vacancy shall have been duly authorized by the President. Such assistance shall be rendered upon the request of the Vice President or the Department Chair and shall be rendered pursuant to such written procedures established by the department; such written procedures shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement. Recommendations made by the members of the department, exclusive of the Department Chair, shall be transmitted to the Department Chair, who shall make such additional recommendations to the Vice President as he/she deems appropriate. Copies of the recommendation of the Department Chair shall be provided to the members of the department. Nothing in these provisions shall be deemed to abrogate or qualify the right of the Department Chair to participate in the recruitment and interviewing of candidates.
Departments. For the purposes of this Agreement, the plant shall be deemed to be divided into the following departments: Cokemaking Cold Rolled Strip Construction Direct Strip Production Complex Electrical Maintenance Human Resources Environmental Control Field Forces Ironmaking Masonry Mechanical Maintenance Medical Plate and Strip Quality Control Roll (Shop) Shops #2 Steelmaking Steelmaking Services Stores Tubular Business Unit (refer to Addendum E for Departments) Transportation (Material Handling) Unfinished Parts (Quality Blanks International) Utilities Welded Beam The foregoing list of departments may be amended as necessary by agreement of the Company and Union Seniority Committees.
Departments. The Union shall furnish to the Employer a written list of the stewards, and shall advise the Employer in writing of any changes in such stewards and of any alternate stewards. No xxxxxxx shall function as such until the Employer has been so advised by the Union. Except for the Chief Xxxxxxx, stewards shall only represent employees within their department. The authority of such stewards shall be limited to and shall not exceed the investigation of grievances and/or the presentation of grievances to the Employer pursuant to Steps One (1) and Two (2) of the Grievance Procedure provided in this Agreement. No xxxxxxx shall leave a bus or building during working hours to either process or investigate a grievance or potential grievance without the express prior permission of his/her supervisor; provided, however, that such permission shall not be unreasonably withheld or withheld for more than two (2) working days; and provided further that such stewards shall promptly and without delay return to their work assignments. Grievances shall be submitted at such times as will least interfere with the work schedules and school operations. No verbal discipline or discharge of any employee, which would result in loss of pay, shall be given unless a xxxxxxx is present.
Departments. Where the candidate working in two (2) or three (3) departments has taught an average of four (4) half courses or two (2) Full Course Equivalents (FCEs) per year at the level of Sessional Lecturer II over the previous three (3) academic years, and once the candidate has taught at least three (3) half courses per academic year in the advancing department at the level of Sessional Lecturer II: Prior to making his/her written request to initiate the advancement process, the candidate may request that the Chair of one Department undertake to recognize the courses taught in the other Department(s) for the purpose of determining eligibility for an advancement application with respect to that Department only. Such a request shall be at the candidate’s option. The Chair shall give due consideration to such requests on a case by case basis. Granting of the request is at the sole discretion of the Chair of the Department to which the request is made. The candidate shall be informed of the Chair’s decision without undue delay. In the event the candidate’s request is denied by the Chair, the reasons therefor shall be provided to the candidate.
Departments. A. The assignment of each teacher shall be consistent with primary teacher responsibility. ESL teachers shall be assigned to a department within their building based on certification.