Recommendations Sample Clauses

Recommendations. Please check off one or all of the areas below you believe should be addressed in order to prevent similar occurrences: Inservice Orientation Review nurse/resident ratio Change unit layout Float/casual pool Review policies & procedures Adjust RN staffing Adjust support staffing Replace sick calls/LOAs, etc. Input into how compliance recommendations are implemented Change Start/Stop times of shift(s). Please specify: Equipment/Supplies. Please specify: Other. Please specify:
Recommendations jobholders may contribute to the decisions of others by making recommendations. The initiative involved in making such recommendations should be taken into account. The level of initiative in making recommendations will depend on how close to or far from the relevant decision making they are, their degree of influence, the breadth of activity to which they relate, and the degree of direction provided.
Recommendations. Either DIR or Vendor may submit to the other Party a recommendation for changes to At- tachment C-1. Such recommendation will be in writing and will:
Recommendations. We will confirm to you in writing the basis of our recommendations. We will also provide you with a mortgage illustration which is a personalised description of the costs and features of the buy-to-let mortgage that we are recommending. Protecting your personal information Your personal information is important to us. We will endeavour to take all due care to protect this information. We highlight below matters relating to your information that you should be aware of. Some services are provided to our firm by third parties such as processing business or obtaining compliance or regulatory advice, which warrant the disclosure of more than just your basic contact details. Personal information held by ourselves may be disclosed on a confidential basis, and in accordance with the Data Protection Xxx 0000, to any such third parties. This information may be transferred electronically (e.g. e-mail) and we, or any such third party, may contact you in future by any means of communication which we consider appropriate at the time. Product providers and lenders may administer your policy, any existing policies you may have with them and provide other services, from centres in countries outside Europe (such as India and the USA) that do not always have the same standard of Data Protection laws as the UK. However, they are required to put a contract in place to ensure that your information is adequately protected, and they will remain bound by their obligations under the Data Protection Act even when your personal information is processed outside Europe.
Recommendations. In matters involving the appointment or reappointment of faculty, part-time faculty, and department chairs, faculty members shall have the right to make timely recommendations to the appropriate administrator. Such recommendations should consider the professional competence and performance of candidates, as well as their potential personal and professional contributions to the University, and shall be made in accordance with the Department Policy Statement. Nothing in this article, however, shall prevent Western from hiring part-time instructors at its sole discretion when the need to hire a part-time faculty member is unexpected and there is insufficient time to consult with department faculty. In these cases, faculty shall be given the opportunity to make recommendations before the individual is assigned to teach in the department in the future.
Recommendations. It shall be the duty of the ESC to consider the matter and to make recommendations to the President of the College with respect to any or all of the alternatives listed below which might be resorted to in order to prevent or minimize the dislocation of employees:
Recommendations. Recommendations that are concurred with by the University President shall be implemented and will be effective not later than the first working day of September in the current year.