Oversight Sample Clauses

Oversight. The Licensing Officer shall oversee the quality of the services provided by the Licensee and the reasonableness of the prices charged. The Licensing Officer may advise the Licensee from time to time of any source of dissatisfaction and request correction.
Oversight. Lake County Behavioral Health Services shall conduct oversight and impose sanctions on the Contractor for violations of the terms of this Agreement, and applicable federal and state law and regulations, in accordance with Welfare & Institutions Code 14712(3) and CCR, Title 9, Section 1810.380 and 1810.385.
Oversight. The Custodian acknowledges that the Funds have informed the Custodian of their intent to engage Xxxxxx Fiduciary Trust Company, a Massachusetts trust company (“PFTC”), or one of PFTC’s affiliates to perform custody oversight services on behalf of the Funds. Upon notice and instruction from the Funds that they have engaged PFTC or its affiliate regarding such custody oversight services, the Custodian shall, at the expense of the Funds, reasonably cooperate with such entity to provide such information regarding the Funds and such information regarding the Custodian’s performance of the services contemplated by this Agreement (the “Services”) to such entity as it may reasonably request from time to time.
Oversight. The act of ensuring that the FAHP is delivered consistent with laws, regulations, and policies. Program Assessments – This evaluation technique may take many forms, including joint risk assessments and self-assessments. These tools are based on the common concepts of identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and the identification and sharing of “best” practices to continually improve the program.
Oversight. Grantee must maintain oversight over all contracts. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring contractor performance regarding contract terms, conditions, and specifications.
Oversight. Assist in developing, reviewing, maintaining, and monitoring the effectiveness of Fund accounting policies and procedures, in light of industry standards and the "Audits of Investment Companies" of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and, in this regard, devote particular attention to areas where accounting standards may change or develop. In this capacity, the Sub-Administrator shall assist in the resolution of recommendations made by the Fund's independent auditors to improve internal controls and shall implement such recommendations as required by the Board.
Oversight. Representatives from each institution will meet regularly to review the Program, the Curriculum Guide and the terms of this Agreement.
Oversight. The Bylaws or other organizational documents of the School shall establish the procedures by which members of the Governing Board are appointed and removed and the election of officers. The Governing Board will develop and implement policies regarding educational philosophy, program, and financial procedures. The Governing Board will oversee assessment and accountability procedures to assure that the School’s student performance standards are met or exceeded.
Oversight. DoITT shall have the right to oversee, regulate and inspect periodically the installation, construction and maintenance of the Facilities, and any part thereof, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and applicable law. The Company shall establish and maintain, at its principal executive offices or such other location of its choosing (provided that such other location does not adversely affect the City's inspection and oversight rights) such managerial and operational records, standards, procedures and controls as enable the Company to document, in reasonable detail, to the reasonable satisfaction of the City at all times throughout the Term, that the Company is in compliance with this Agreement. The Company shall retain such records for not less than six (6) years following their creation, and for such additional period as DoITT may reasonably direct.
Oversight. The Sponsor shall have broad oversight authority over the Charter School and may, pursuant to section 160.405.8, RSMo, take all reasonable steps necessary to confirm that the Charter School is and remains in material compliance with this Charter and applicable law. The Sponsor’s oversight of the Charter School shall include the following activities: