Scope of Sample Clauses

Scope of. SLA This SLA will be effective from 1st July 2020 and will end on 31st March 2022.
Scope of. WORK 1.1
Scope of. SLA This SLA will be effective from the 7th June 2021 and will end on 6th June 2022.
Scope of. Bid 1.1 The Employer, as defined in the Bidding Data Sheet (BDS), invites bids for the Services, as described in the Appendix A to the Contract. The name and identification number of the Contract is provided in the BDS. 1.2 The successful Bidder will be expected to complete the performance of the Services by the Intended Completion Date provided in the BDS.
Scope of. Project: Santa Xxxx County Regional Oil Recycling Program Contractor: Santa Xxxx Port District
Scope of. NEGOTIATIONS All matters as allowed by ORC 4117.08.‌
Scope of. This action sheet provides for a feasibility study to evaluate the technical approaches for measuring the uranium holdup in three different regions of the enrichment facility. These areas include the two cascade halls, the chemical traps, cold traps, and the 200-l waste drums. Specifications and facility specific constraints will be obtained from the Ningyo Toge Enrichment Facility and PNC will be consulted to establish the measurement objectives and the preferred approaches. After a joint decision is made establishing the optimum technical approach, MCNP calculations will be performed to quantify the expected performance of the NDA holdup measurement system in Phase-II feasibility study on new Action Sheet. The potential use of both neutron and gamma-ray NDA systems will be included in the study. The three sources of holdup and waste listed above will be included in the evaluation. The use of the U-234 (alpha/neutron) yield from the UF6 will be evaluated for passive neutron NDA for each of the holdup areas. The work performed under this Action Sheet shall be performed at the Los National Laboratory (LANL) and PNC facilities in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
Scope of. BID 1.1 The scope of Bid shall be as defined in the Terms of Reference and Specifications issued as part of Bidding Document. 1.2 The successful bidder shall be expected to fullfill the requirements of Scope of Bid within the contractual period stated in bidding document 1.3 Throughout this Bidding Documents, the term “Bid” and “Tender” and their derivatives (“Bidder/Tenderer”, “Bid/Tendered/Tender”, “Bidding/Tendering”, etc.) are synonymous, and day means calendar day. Singular shall also mean plural and vice versa. 2. ELIGIBILITY TO BID: 2.1 Eligible bidder means, a bidder meeting the BQC criteria as per the bidding document. 2.1.1Pursuant to qualification criteria specified in Bidding Document, the bidder, along with his bid, shall furnish all necessary supporting documentary evidence to establish the Bidder claim of meeting qualification criteria. 2.1.2The documentary evidence of the bidder’s qualifications to perform the contract if their bid are accepted, shall establish to the Owner’s/Consultant’s satisfaction that, the bidder has the financial and technical capacity necessary to perform the contract. 2.2
Scope of. Bid 1.1 In connection with the Invitation for Bids specified in the Bid Data Sheet (BDS), the Employer, as specified in the BDS, issues these Bidding Documents for the procurement of Works as specified in Section VII, Works Requirements. The name, identification, and number of lots (contracts) of this International Procurement Competition (IPC) process are specified in the BDS.
Scope of. “WORK” The Contractor shall perform all “Work” on Owner's Unit as provided in Exhibit "1" attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.