Scope of Sample Clauses

Scope of. SLA This SLA will be effective from 1st July 2020 and will end on 31st March 2023.
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Scope of. WORK 1.1
Scope of. Project: Santa Cruz County Regional Oil Recycling Program Contractor: Santa Xxxx Port District
Scope of. Bid 1.1 The Employer, as defined in the Bidding Data Sheet (BDS), invites bids for the Services, as described in the Appendix A to the Contract. The name and identification number of the Contract is provided in the BDS. 3748 1.2 The successful Bidder will be expected to complete the performance of the Services by the Intended Completion Date provided in the BDS.
Scope of. Bid i) The Procuring Agency (PA), as indicated in the Bid Data Sheet (BDS) invites Bids for the provision of [nature of services to be decided by the procuring agency] as specified in the Section-IV Bid Data Sheet (BDS) and Section VII- Schedule of Requirements. The successful Bidders will be expected to provide the services for the specified period and timeline(s) as stated in the BDS.
Scope of. WORK: The Self-Employed Laborer listed below agrees to provide the following labor and/or materials at the direction of : (General or Subcontractor) The parties confirm that [name of self-employed laborer] is an independent contractor and not an employee under Kentucky and/or federal law. (Hiring Entity) By: Name: Title: Date: [Self-Employed Laborer] By: Name: Title: Date: A Self-Employed Laborer cannot hire any employees or subcontract for any work covered by this agreement. If the Self-Employed Laborer does hire or subcontract for any work called for under this agreement, the requirements applicable to Subcontractors will apply, which means that the Self- Employed Laborer will be reclassified as a Subcontractor and will be subject to the CNI Construction Contract Rider and the LMHA Section 3, MBE, WBE, DBE Requirements exhibit. 1 See attached Simplified Labor and Contracting Requirements Chart. HO126:191061:1580235:1:LOUISVILLE Required Documentation General Contractor1 Subcontractor2 (Includes subcontractors in all tiers including working subcontractors) Self‐Employed Laborer3 (Could be any classification of laborer or mechanic under 29 CFR Part 5) Contract/Employment Agreement Required. Required. Required.
Scope of. Bid 1.1 In connection with the Invitation for Bids specified in the Bid Data Sheet (BDS), the Employer, as specified in the BDS, issues these Bidding Documents for the procurement of Works as specified in Section VII, Works Requirements. The name, identification, and number of lots (contracts) of this International Procurement Competition (IPC) process are specified in the BDS.
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Scope of. NEGOTIATIONS All matters as allowed by ORC 4117.08.‌
Scope of. (a) This agreement covers work as outlined in apartments and multi and single dwelling residences within the area of jurisdiction contained herein. The application removal of protective and/or decorative coatings which might be referred to as paints, which in the general senses are: paints, stains, varnishes, emulsion, bituminous coatings and other organic coatings or inorganic coatings which are applied in the same manner as paints or plastics or mastics, coatings, fiber glassing and caulkings, clear sealer applications, application of all seamless floor coatings, sandblasting for decorative purposes and all other types of sandblasting, all phases of metallizing, the application of under water coatings, all markings, stenciling on equipment, machinery etc., with paint, adhesive stickers or spray bomb, the use of reflective tapes in this field of work and the application of all other material used in various branches of the trade. The hanging of all wall covering applied with paste or other adhesives, such as papers, cottons, muslins, burlap, grass cloth, vinyl wall coverings, epoxy combination coverings, resin cambricbacked wood veneer wall coverings, and all other wall coverings including the application of rubber sheeting for tank lining and the application of gold or silver and all other metal leaf, etc. All incidental preparatory work necessary to carry out work outlined above, such as patching small defects in surfaces, puttying, sanding, rubbing, cleaning surfaces with steam or other processes to include (high pressure water), sandblasting, pickling, bleaching, machinery and manual scrapping, flame cleaning, the application of cleansing fluids, rust inhibitors, taping, covering surfaces for their protection paint, etc., including the use of miscellaneous hand and power driven tools and equipment required for work coming under this jurisdiction the filling of spray pots and sand pots, the application of all sealers inside or outside, the application of all protective and decorative coatings on all piping, insulated or otherwise. Building cleaning is defined as the process of removing dirt, stain or discoloration or any unwanted films by use of manually operated scrubbing techniques or by power operated machinery or equipment such as steam blast, water jet blast such other process as will suffice to accomplish the cleaning of the building.
Scope of. Bid 1.1 In connection with the Invitation for Bids indicated in the Bid Data Sheet (BDS), the Employer, as defined in the BDS, issues these Bidding Documents for the procurement of Works and Services as listed below and award of the Contract. The Scope will cover the Works and Services as detailed in the BDS and will consist of: (a) Construction of Roads, Bridges including Bridges over river Hooghly (Ganges) , Elevated Road Corridor /Fly- Over and Road over Bridge (ROB) over railway line for the sections of the Road(s) indicated in the BDS, consisting of specific types of civil Works described in the Specifications and Drawings. (b) Improvement Works, consisting of a set of specific interventions indicated in the Specifications to the existing Roads and Bridges in response to existing or new traffic and safety or other considerations. (c) Rehabilitation Works, for the sections of the Road(s) and Bridges, consisting of specific types of civil Works described in the Specifications. (d) Maintenance Services or “Services‖ consisting of all interventions on the Roads and Bridges which are to be carried out by the Contractor as defined in the Specifications in Section VI of these Bidding Documents, and all activities related to the management and evaluation of the road. (e) Pre-construction and Enabling Activities, Works consisting of other enabling activities and Site clearances needed to shift over-ground and underground utilities and Site encumbrances with in the right of way which has been stated in the Bidding Documents. 1.2 In these Bidding Documents: a) the term ―in writing‖ means communicated in written form and delivered against receipt; b) unless the context requires otherwise, words indicating the singular also include the plural and words indicating the plural also include the singular; and c) the term ―day‖ means calendar day.
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