On March Sample Clauses

On March. 1st each year the Company shall post at each location a seniority list covering all employees in the bargaining unit by name, classification and seniority date. A copy shall be provided to the Union. Over the next thirty days employees shall have the opportunity to request corrections, if CITY TV/OMNI TV 37 any, in writing which shall also be copied to the Union. After the initial thirty (30) days the Company and the Union shall meet to discuss and address requested corrections to the seniority list if any. The parties agree that requested revisions must be supported by factual information which can be confirmed by the records of either party. A corrected seniority list shall be posted in all locations no later than May 31st which shall be in effect until the following year. In the event of layoffs the Company shall post the seniority list which, in addition, shall include the hiring’s and departures since May 31st.

Related to On March

  • CMI/RAI MDS Report Recognizing the mutual objective of quality resident care, the Employer agrees to meet through the Union Management Committee with the Union as soon as practicable after the receipt of the annual CMI/RAI MDS report. The Employer agrees to provide the Union with staffing levels, and staffing mix information; the impact of related payroll costs on staffing levels and a written notice of the CMI/RAI MDS report for the facility. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the impact of the CMI/RAI MDS report on the staffing levels in the Home, quality resident care, and provide the Union with an opportunity to make representation in that regard. The parties shall meet as necessary to discuss other changes or workload issues. The parties may invite additional participants to attend the meeting to support constructive review and discussion.

  • Verizon OSS Services 8.2.1 Upon request by Covista, Verizon shall provide to Covista Verizon OSS Services. Such Verizon OSS Services will be provided in accordance with, but only to the extent required by, Applicable Law.

  • Commercial Operation Date (a) The “Target Date” for Commercial Operation is December 13, 2022 (as the same may be extended in accordance with Sections 4.1(c), 4.1(d) or 4.1(e)) or such later date to which the Parties shall mutually agree in writing. Absent written agreement by the Parties, the Target Date may not be extended beyond December 13, 2024 unless such extension is due to Regulatory Approval Delay or an event of Force Majeure as set forth in Sections 4.1(d) and 4.1(e). The provisions of Sections 4.1(c), 4.1(d), and 4.1(e) and all other provisions of this Agreement are subordinate to this Section 4.2 (a) and the aforesaid Section

  • Services Included in Annual Fee Per Fund Advisor Information Source – On-line access to portfolio management and compliance information. § Daily Performance Reporting – Daily pre and post-tax fund and/or sub-advisor performance reporting. § USBFS Legal Administration (e.g., registration statement update) Pricing Services § $___ - Domestic Equities, Options, ADRs, Foreign Equities § $___ - Domestic Corporates, Convertibles, Governments, Agencies, Futures, Forwards, Currency Rates, Mortgage Backed § $___ - CMOs, Municipal Bonds, Money Market Instruments, Foreign Corporates, Convertibles, Governments, Agencies, Asset Backed, High Yield § $___ - Interest Rate Swaps, Foreign Currency Swaps, Total Return Swaps, Total Return Bullet Swaps § $___ - Bank Loans § $___ - Swaptions § $___ - Credit Default Swaps § $___ per Month Manual Security Pricing (>25per day) Fair Value Services (Charged at the Complex Level) § $___ per security on the First 100 Securities § $___ per security on the Balance of Securities NOTE: Prices above are based on using U.S. Bancorp primary pricing service which may vary by security type and are subject to change. Use of alternative and/or additional sources may result in additional fees. Pricing vendors may designate certain securities as hard to value or as a non- standard security type, such as CLOs and CDOs, which may result in additional fees. All schedules subject to change depending upon the use of unique security type requiring special pricing or accounting arrangements.

  • Jointly Provided Switched Access Services 7.5.1 Jointly Provided Switched Access Service is described and governed by the FCC and state access Tariffs, Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing (MECAB) and Multiple Exchange Carrier Ordering and Design (MECOD) Guidelines and based on LERG routing, and is not modified by any provisions of this Agreement. Both Parties agree to comply with such guidelines. CenturyLink and CLEC agree that the originating, intermediate, and terminating LECs for switched access will cooperatively determine the Jointly Provided Switched Access arrangements in which all parties concur.

  • Unbundled Network Terminating Wire (UNTW) UNTW is unshielded twisted copper wiring that is used to extend circuits from an intra-building network cable terminal or from a building entrance terminal to an individual End User’s point of demarcation. It is the final portion of the Loop that in multi-subscriber configurations represents the point at which the network branches out to serve individual subscribers.

  • Monthly Progress Reports During the Construction Period, the Concessionaire shall, no later than 7 (seven) days after the close of each month, furnish to the Authority and the Independent Engineer a monthly report on progress of the Construction Works and shall promptly give such other relevant information as may be required by the Independent Engineer.

  • SUBSEQUENT PERIODIC RECRUITMENT During the term of the Contract, the State reserves the right to conduct subsequent future Periodic Recruitments. The purpose of future periodic recruitments will be to:  Add new Lots for additional and/or emerging technologies  Add new Contractors to existing and new Lots OGS will formally announce when a Periodic Recruitment Solicitation is issued. Periodic Recruitments will be issued at the discretion of the OGS. A Contractor shall be required to submit such Submission documentation as required by OGS, which may include additional applicable statutory requirements currently in effect at the time of the Periodic Recruitment.

  • REMOTE ACCESS SERVICES ADDENDUM The Custodian and each Fund agree to be bound by the terms of the Remote Access Services Addendum hereto.

  • Gradsky, 265 Cal App. 2d 40 (1968). By executing this Guaranty, each Guarantor freely, irrevocably, and unconditionally: (i) waives and relinquishes that defense and agrees that it will be fully liable under this Guaranty even though the Secured Parties may foreclose, either by judicial foreclosure or by exercise of power of sale, any deed of trust securing the Secured Obligations; (ii) agrees that it will not assert that defense in any action or proceeding which the Secured Parties may commence to enforce this Guaranty; (iii) acknowledges and agrees that the rights and defenses waived by each Guarantor in this Guaranty include any right or defense that it may have or be entitled to assert based upon or arising out of any one or more of §§ 580a, 580b, 580d, or 726 of the California Code of Civil Procedure or § 2848 of the California Civil Code; and (iv) acknowledges and agrees that the Secured Parties are relying on this waiver in creating the Secured Obligations, and that this waiver is a material part of the consideration which the Secured Parties are receiving for creating the Secured Obligations.