Quality Control Sample Clauses

Quality Control. A. Controlled Affiliate agrees to use the Licensed Marks and Name only in connection with the licensed services and further agrees to be bound by the conditions regarding quality control shown in attached Exhibit A as they may be amended by BCBSA from time-to-time.
Quality Control. In order to preserve the inherent value of the Licensed Name, the Licensee agrees to use reasonable efforts to ensure that it maintains the quality of the Licensee’s business and the operation thereof equal to the standards prevailing in the operation of the Licensor’s and the Licensee’s business as of the date of this Agreement. The Licensee further agrees to use the Licensed Name in accordance with such quality standards as may be reasonably established by Licensor and communicated to the Licensee from time to time in writing, or as may be agreed to by Licensor and the Licensee from time to time in writing.
Quality Control. Seller shall maintain an internal quality control program that verifies, on a regular basis, the existence and accuracy of all legal documents, credit documents, property appraisals, and underwriting decisions related to Mortgage Loans. Such program shall be capable of evaluating and monitoring the overall quality of Seller’s loan production and servicing activities. Such program shall (i) ensure that the Mortgage Loans are originated and serviced in accordance with prudent mortgage banking practices and accounting principles; (ii) guard against dishonest, fraudulent, or negligent acts; and (iii) guard against errors and omissions by officers, employees, or other authorized persons.
Quality Control. The CM shall develop and maintain a program acceptable to the Owner and AE to assure quality control of the construction. The CM shall be responsible for and supervise the work of all subcontractors, providing instructions to each when their work does not conform to the requirements of the Project Plans and Specifications and the CM shall continue to coordinate the work of each subcontractor to ensure that corrections are made in a timely manner so as to not affect the efficient progress of the work. Should a disagreement occur between the CM and the AE over the acceptability of the work, the Owner, at its sole discretion and in addition to any other remedies provided herein, shall have the right to determine acceptability.
Quality Control. Seller shall maintain an objective quality program for all Goods and Services in accordance with (a) the Quality section in the latest revision of Agilent Supplier Code of Conduct ; and (b) any general specification set forth in this Order or otherwise supplied by AGILENT. Seller shall furnish to AGILENT, upon request, a copy of Seller’s quality program and supporting test documentation.
Quality Control. Each Party shall implement and perform operating procedures and controls for sampling, stability and other testing of its Compound, and for validation, documentation and release of its Compound and such other quality assurance and quality control procedures as are required by the Specifications, cGMPs and the Clinical Quality Agreement.
Quality Control. The Supplier shall constantly monitor the quality of its performance. Before any delivery of contractual goods the Supplier shall ensure that goods intended for delivery are free of defects and conform to the agreed technical requirements and the Supplier shall warrant such to us in writing.
Quality Control. In order to preserve the inherent value of the Licensed Mxxx, the Company agrees to use the Licensed Mxxx in a manner that maintains the quality of the Company’s business and the operation thereof equal to the standards prevailing as of the Effective Date in the operation of Licensor’s business. At Licensor’s request, the Company will provide Licensor with samples of the Company’s or any sublicensee’s use of the Licensed Mxxx and, if such use does not conform to such standards, Licensor will make such change as shall be requested by Licensor within 30 days of written notice from Licensor.
Quality Control. All necessary measures taken by the Contractor to assure that the quality of an end product or service shall meet contract requirements.
Quality Control. Seller shall maintain adequate and consistent quality control inspection and testing to assure that goods will consistently conform to specified requirements, and shall, at Buyer's request, furnish substantiated results of quality control inspections and testing in accordance with the BorgWarner Supplier Manual, which has been read and acknowledged by the Seller, is incorporated by reference as part of the Purchase Order and binding on the Seller. Seller shall notify Buyer in writing before changing in any way processes used in production or Buyer's specified requirements of goods ordered by Buyer under the Purchase Order. Buyer's specified requirements used in production must not be changed without Buyer's prior written consent and in accordance with the BorgWarner Supplier Manual.