Termination of Your Account Sample Clauses

Termination of Your Account. You may not transfer your Account to any other person. We may assign your Account to any other person at any time. Either you or we may terminate or suspend your credit privileges at any time. However, you will remain liable for all amounts owed on your Account until they are paid in full. We may terminate any or all of your Accounts at any time, or reduce the amount of your Credit Limit on any or all of your Accounts, subject to applicable law, even though a default may not have occurred. You agree that you will continue to be responsible for full payment of the balance on the closed Account(s) and all charges to the Account(s), including, without limitation: Purchases and Cash Advances that post after termination of the Account and any Finance Charge or other charges. The Account will be blocked and/or closed for non-compliance with requests for Beneficial Ownership. You or any authorized representative, Account guarantor, or administrator may cancel the Account at any time upon written notification to us. Foreign Currency Conversion: You may make a Purchase or obtain a Cash Advance in a currency other than U.S. dollars. If you do, Visa will convert the transactions into U.S. dollars. The conversion rate between the transaction currency and the billing currency will be either (i) a rate selected by Visa from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate Visa itself receives, or (ii) the government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date. The conversion rate Visa uses may differ from any published rate in effect on the day that you made the transaction or it was posted to your Account. You agree to pay us the amount as converted into U.S. dollars according to Visa procedures.
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Termination of Your Account. Beontrade reserves the right to suspend your access to all or certain parts of the Services, and/or terminate your access to the Website or deny the use of any Services. We may suspend or terminate your access to all or certain parts of the Services and Website in the following cases, without limitation: - if we have reasons to believe that your use of this Website and Services is fraudulent and/or illegal; - if you violate these Terms or any applicable laws or regulations; - in the case of defamation directed against the company or any person of the management team; - if we become aware that you provided us with false documents for identity verification; - if we are required by law or in response to a subpoena, court order, or other binding government order; - if we are required to defend our rights or rights of other Users. If you have conducted any fraudulent and/or illegal activity, Beontrade reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and you may be liable for monetary losses to Beontrade.
Termination of Your Account. Like most Internet sites, our Website may use cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on the browser or hard drive of your computer, mobile, or other device when you visit a website. Cookies are widely used when providing online services and help to make websites work, or work more efficiently as well as to provide information to the website owners. Cookies do lots of different things, for example, remembering user preferences, letting users navigate between pages efficiently and generally improving the user experience. Cookies are not used to personally identify you in any way, nor will they damage your system or files. We may use on our Website the strictly necessary cookies that enable you to log into secure areas of Website and cookies used by our networking system, analytical cookies that collect information about how you use Website, advertising cookies, session cookies, persistent cookies and third-party cookies. It is possible to tell your browser to reject cookies for all sites or specific sites. Rejecting cookies is not however recommended, as cookies are intended to improve your browsing experience. In order to reject or opt out of cookies you can either manually delete them or choose to permanently opt-out from seeing advertisements matching your interests.
Termination of Your Account. If any information that you provide as part of your account registration is false, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete, or violates this Agreement, or any legal requirement or state or federal law, then Zocial may suspend or terminate your account in its sole discretion. Zocial also reserves the general right to terminate your account or suspend or otherwise deny you access to it or its benefits - all in our sole discretion, for any reason, and without advance notice to you or any liability to you or to any third party.
Termination of Your Account idigital reserves the right to change or discontinue the Service at any time with or without cause by providing to you fourteen (14) days notice; except in the case of a violation this Agreement, in which case idigital shall have the right to immediately terminate your access and/or account. Such notice may be given by email or otherwise at idigital's discretion. If you do not access your account for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days or more, idigital may (in its own discretion) remove and/or purge your data and account from the system. At its own discretion, idigital may make at least two attempts, at least fifteen (15) days prior to deletion to alert you of the pending deletion via your provided email address. You agree and acknowledge that no other notification is necessary and that email provides an entirely adequate, sufficient, and complete means by which notice may be given to you by idigital. If you do not respond to idigital, idigital will deem the account abandoned and your data may be immediately purged from the system. idigital advises you to please keep your account and contact data current in use or they will be purged. Any deleted data shall be deemed unrecoverable, and idigital shall incur no liability of any kind for any data lost by user or deleted by idigital due to inactivity in the account. Idigital shall be in no way liable for any damage which result from our decisions regarding continuing, changing, or discontinuing this service, including if you do not provide idigital with a current email address to provide notice to you. Further, idigital shall not be liable for forwarding or retrieving documents.
Termination of Your Account. In its sole and absolute discretion, with or without notice to you, Company may suspend or terminate your use of and access to the Services, terminate your account and/or remove and discard anything transmitted by you, or information stored, sent, or received via the Site without prior notice and for any reason, including, but not limited to: (i) any unauthorized access or use of the Site, (ii) any violation of these Terms of Use, or (iii) tampering with the Site. You may terminate your account for any reason by emailing us at xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx. If you do so, the Company shall not be liable to you or any third party for any claims or damages arising out of any termination or suspension of the Site. Termination, suspension, or cancellation of your access rights to the Site shall not affect any right or relief to which Company may be entitled, at law or in equity, and all rights granted to you will automatically terminate and immediately revert to Company.
Termination of Your Account. If the Service is web-based, you may terminate your account and access to the Service at any time by sending an email to Customer Support. You understand and agree that the termination of your account is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with SISW. SISW may terminate your account upon notice to you if: (i) you breach this Agreement, or (ii) SISW is unable to verify or authenticate any information that you provide that is reasonably necessary to validate the authorized use of the Service. Termination of your account for any reason other than breach by SISW, will not relieve you of any outstanding or remaining payments for your account, which will become immediately due and payable, and SISW will not refund any amounts to you.
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Termination of Your Account. 13.1 You may terminate your Wallet/Account via Stater Platform or email at xxxxxxx@Xxxxxx.xxxxxxx .
Termination of Your Account. If You are a Registered User, You may terminate Your account with SavvyMoney at any time by (i) cancelling Your account through the Website, or (ii) notifying SavvyMoney at xxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx or in writing, to SavvyMoney's address at: 0000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx #000, Xxxxxxxxxx XX 00000. Please allow up to ten (10) business days after receipt of Your notice for us to process Your request to cancel Your account. SavvyMoney reserves the right to terminate Your account at any time, with or without prior notice to You, for any reason, including due to Your breach of this TOS. Lastly, if You are a Partner Registered User, Your Financial Institution has the right to directly terminate Your account, which may become effective without any prior notice to You. Upon termination of Your account: (i) You will no longer be deemed a Registered User, (ii) You will not have the right to access the features of the Website and Program that are accessible only to Registered Users, (iii) You will not have the right to access Your account data or files, and (iv) You may still be a user of the Website and Program unless and until this TOS is terminated by You or us. Termination of this TOS You may terminate this TOS by ceasing all access and use of the Website and Program. SavvyMoney reserves the right to terminate this TOS, with or without prior notice to You, for any reason, including due to Your breach of this TOS. Upon termination of this TOS: (i) You do not have the right to access or use the Website or the Program, and (ii) Sections 2, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 and 21 of this TOS will survive.
Termination of Your Account. You understand and agree that both you and KQ may terminate this Agreement at any time with notice to the other. Upon termination, you lose the right to access or use the Services. In the event of your termination, KQ reserves the right to use and disclose your feedback, permit other Members and/or Visitors’ rights to further re-share content and information you shared through the Services, to collect any amounts owing and uncollected pursuant to your terminated subscription. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution You and KQ agree that the laws of the State of Tennessee, U.S.A., excluding its conflict of laws rules, shall exclusively govern any dispute relating to this Agreement and/or the Services. You and KQ both agree that all claims and disputes can be litigated only in the federal or state courts in Shelby County, California, USA, and you and KQ each agree to personal jurisdiction in those courts. Severability‌ If a court with authority over this Agreement finds any part of it unenforceable, the parties agree that the court may modify the terms to make that part enforceable while still achieving its intent. If modification is impractical for any reason, the parties agree that the court may sever the unenforceable portion of this Agreement, while keeping the remaining provisions intact. Integration/Merger This Agreement (including additional terms that may be provided by us when you engage with a feature of the Services) is the only agreement between us regarding the Services and supersedes all prior agreements for the Services. Non-Waiver No failure by KQ to enforce any particular right under this Agreement shall operate as a waiver of it any rights to later enforce same. Complaints Regarding Content or Contact Information‌ You may contact KQ regarding content or for any other legal purpose using the below contact information: Xxxxx Xxxxxx Kingdom Quality Communications, Inc. 0000 Xxxxxx Xxx., Xxx 0000‌‌ Memphis, TN 38157 000-000-0000
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