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Other device means a water control structure, other than a dam or dike, including diversions and holding ponds, lagoons, or dugouts.
Other device means a water control structure, other than a dam or dike, which may include, but is not limited to, diversion ditches, dugouts, lagoons, including diversions and holding ponds, lagoons, or dugouts.
Other device means a water control structure, other than a dam or dike, which may include, but is not limited to, diversion ditches, dugouts, lagoons, and holding ponds.

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  • Step.1. Right-click the desktop, and then click Properties.Step.2. In the Other device dialog box, click the Settings tab.

  • Although this project will look at different data, the overarching concept behind why the data is being collected and how it will be analyzed is like what is described in the paper, but with different data points.

  • Other device types listed by >1 participant: Puff Bar (n=4), Don’t know (n=4), Pen (n=2), Marijuana (n=2), Stiizy (n=2) Abbreviation: CI = confidence interval *Data are statistically unreliable because relative variance is greater than 30%.

  • Other device IDs, like Apple’s “UDID” or Android’s “Android ID,” are used by apps, developers, and other companies to identify, track, and analyze devices and their users across various mobile services.Companies can receive a wide variety of information about users through mobile apps, including data about the device (like a user’s device model, carrier, operating system version, and language settings) and personal data (like a user’s name, phone number, email address, friends list, and geolocation).

  • Other device manager configuration will not be retained when you register the device to CDO.Step 6 Choose Device > System Settings > Central Management, and click Proceed to set up the management center management.Step 7 Configure the Management Center/CDO Details.

  • The Procuring Agency reserves the right at the time of award of Contract to vary the quantity of goods originally specified in section III i.e., Schedule of Requirements & Technical specifications without any change in unit price and other terms & conditions as per PPRA 2014.

  • Other device types for UV–Vis monitoring of protein crystals (not part of this study) include the DUVI, which is part of the SpetroImager-501 system that measures dynamic light scattering in situ (Dierks et al., 2008; Meyer et al., 2009), and the Minstrel HT UV (Rigaku, Carlsbad, California, USA).

  • This Device Specification may include requirements for devices specifications that go to: - Size or form factor - Network connectivity - Operating system and standard software - Input method - Security measures - Battery runtime - Other device feature or software requirements determined by the school • Provide a wireless network with filtered Internet connection to which students may connect their BYOD program device.

  • YES NO Do you require sound playback from (please check) :Computer_ iPod/ iPad/ Mp3 player_ Other device : (please describe) __ 9.

  • Other device security requirements that emerge are:• The device must be able to trace and resolve authorisations and attributes from several external stakeholders (e.g. subject, resource manager, subject’s organization or virtual affiliation), relating to what actions are permitted.• Privacy may require Authentication by means other than identity, and may limit the use to which a subject’s attributes can be put.

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Other device means an Internet-connected television, Internet-connected DVD player, game con sole, media extender, Internet-connected audio visual receiver with HDMI/HDCP video switching or similar device, each implementing the Approved DRM.
Other device has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6.

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  • Orthotic device means a custom-fitted or custom-fabricated medical device that is applied to a part of the human body to correct a deformity, improve function, or relieve symptoms of a disease.

  • Defeat device means any element of design which senses temperature, vehicle speed, engine rotational speed, drive gear, manifold vacuum or any other parameter for the purpose of activating, modulating, delaying or deactivating the operation of any part of the emission control system that reduces the effectiveness of the emission control system under conditions which may reasonably be expected to be encountered in normal vehicle operation and use. Such an element of design shall not be considered a defeat device if:

  • Prosthetic device means a non-experimental device that replaces all or part of an internal or external body organ or replaces all or part of the function of a permanently inoperative or malfunctioning internal or external organ.

  • Capture device means a hood, enclosed room, floor sweep, or other means of collecting solvent emissions or other pollutants into a duct. The pollutant can be directed to a pollution control device such as an incinerator or carbon adsorber.

  • Prescription device means an instrument, apparatus, implement, machine,

  • Cephalometric device means a device intended for the radiographic visualization and measurement of the dimensions of the human head.

  • single-use device means a device that is intended to be used on an individual patient during a single procedure.

  • Managed Device means any device on which any Affiliate in the Enterprise directly or indirectly controls one or more operating system environments. Examples of Managed Devices can be found in the Product Terms.

  • Assistive device means any item, piece of equipment, or product system which is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of an individual with a disability in the workplace or on the job. “Assistive device” does not mean any medical device, surgical device, or organ implanted or transplanted into or attached directly to an individual. “Assistive device” does not include any device for which a certificate of title is issued by the state department of transportation, but does include any item, piece of equipment, or product system otherwise meeting the definition of “assistive device” that is incorporated, attached, or included as a modification in or to such a device issued a certificate of title.

  • Electronic, mechanical or other device means any device or apparatus which can be used to intercept a wire or oral communication other than:

  • Blood component means that part of blood separated by physical or mechanical means.

  • Advertising device means any device or object erected or located so as to attract public attention to any goods or services or facilities or events and includes flags, banners, pennants and lights;

  • Approved Device means a device used for statutory purposes in

  • Monitoring device means the total equipment used to measure and record (if applicable) process parameters.

  • Marking device means any approved device for marking a ballot with ink or other substance which will enable the ballot to be tabulated by means of automatic tabulating equipment.

  • Tracking device means equipment that records the location, whether directly or indirectly, of Employees, whether by the use of equipment that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) or by another like means.

  • Network Interface Device or "NID" is a Network Element (including all of its features, functions and capabilities) that includes any means of Interconnection of End User Customer premises wiring to Qwest's distribution plant, such as a cross connect device used for that purpose. "New Service Provider" means the Party to which an End User Customer switches its local Exchange Service or the Party to which an End User Customer is porting its telephone number(s).

  • Assistive Devices means any category of durable medical equipment, mechanical apparatus, electrical appliance, or instrument of technology used to assist and enhance an individual's independence in performing any activity of daily living. Assistive devices include the use of service animals, general household items, or furniture to assist the individual.

  • All other carbon-containing compounds means all other compounds which contain at least one carbon atom and are not a “Table B” or a “LVP-VOC.”

  • Portable Device means any computing device with a small form factor, designed to be transported from place to place. Portable devices are primarily battery powered devices with base computing resources in the form of a processor, memory, storage, and network access. Examples include, but are not limited to, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Mobile Device is a subset of Portable Device.

  • Gambling device means a mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic device, machine, slot

  • Spot-film device means a device intended to transport or position a radiographic image receptor between the x-ray source and fluoroscopic image receptor. It includes a device intended to hold a cassette over the input end of an image intensifier for the purpose of making a radiograph.

  • Payment device means any credit card as defined in 15 U.S.C. § 1602(k) or any "accepted card or

  • Device means instruments, apparatus, and contrivances, including their components, parts, and

  • Electronic device means a personal computer, cell phone, smart phone, telephone, mobile device, wireless device, tablet or any other electronic device that we allow you to use to access the Services;

  • Assisted amusement device means an amusement device, skill device, or ride device that is started and stopped by an individual: