Payment Sample Clauses

Payment. Payment of the Purchase Price, if any, may be made, in the discretion of the Administrator, subject to any legal restrictions, by: (a) cash; (b) check; (c) the surrender of shares of Common Stock owned by the Participant (provided that shares acquired pursuant to the exercise of options granted by the Company shall have been held by the Participant for the requisite period necessary to avoid a charge to the Companys earnings for financial reporting purposes), which surrendered shares shall be valued at Fair Market Value as of the date of such acceptance; (d) the cancellation of indebtedness of the Company to the Participant; (e) the waiver of compensation due or accrued to the Participant for services rendered; or (f) any combination of the foregoing methods of payment or any other consideration or method of payment as shall be permitted by applicable law.

Payment. Subject to the provisions of the Warrant and this Agreement, a Warrant, when countersigned by the Warrant Agent, may be exercised by the Registered Holder thereof by surrendering it, at the office of the Warrant Agent, or at the office of its successor as Warrant Agent, in the Borough of Manhattan, City and State of New York, with the subscription form, as set forth in the Warrant, duly executed, and by paying in full the Warrant Price for each full share of Common Stock as to which the Warrant is exercised and any and all applicable taxes due in connection with the exercise of the Warrant, the exchange of the Warrant for the shares of Common Stock and the issuance of such Common Stock, as follows:

Payment. A Restricted Stock Unit Award may be settled by the delivery of shares of Common Stock, their cash equivalent, any combination thereof or in any other form of consideration, as determined by the Board and contained in the Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement.

Payment. Unless otherwise provided by the Agreement, payment of the Option price shall be made in cash or a cash equivalent acceptable to the Administrator. Subject to rules established by the Administrator, payment of all or part of the Option price may be made with shares of Common Stock which have been owned by the Participant for at least six months and which have not been used for another Option exercise during the prior six months. If Common Stock is used to pay all or part of the Option price, the sum of the cash and cash equivalent and the Fair Market Value (determined as of the day preceding the date of exercise) of the shares surrendered must not be less than the Option price of the shares for which the Option is being exercised.

Payment. Options shall be exercised by the delivery of a written notice of exercise to the Company, setting forth the number of Shares with respect to which the Option is to be exercised accompanied by full payment for the Shares. Payment for shares of Stock purchased pursuant to exercise of an Option shall be made in cash or, unless the Option Agreement provides otherwise, by delivery to the Company of a number of Shares having an aggregate Fair Market Value equal to the amount to be tendered (including a cashless or net share exercise), or a combination thereof. In addition, unless the Option Agreement provides otherwise, the Option may be exercised through a brokerage transaction following registration of the Companys equity securities under Section 12 of the Exchange Act as permitted under the provisions of Regulation T applicable to cashless exercises promulgated by the Federal Reserve Board, unless prohibited by Section 402 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. However, notwithstanding the foregoing, with respect to any Option recipient who is an Insider, a tender of shares or a cashless exercise must (1) have met the requirements of an exemption under Rule 16b-3 promulgated under the Exchange Act, or (2) be a subsequent transaction the terms of which were provided for in a transaction initially meeting the requirements of an exemption under

Payment. Payment of the purchase price for, and delivery of, the Initial Units shall be made at the offices of Latham & Watkins LLP, 717 Texas Avenue, Suite 1600, Houston, Texas 77002, or at such other place as shall be agreed upon by the Representatives, the Partnership and the Parent, at 9:00 A.M. (Eastern time) on March 4, 2011 (unless postponed in accordance with the provisions of Section 11 hereof), or such other time not later than ten business days after such date as shall be agreed upon by the Representatives, the Partnership and the Parent (such time and date of payment and delivery being herein called Closing Date). In addition, in the event that any or all of the Option Units are purchased by the Underwriters, payment of the purchase price for, and delivery of certificates for, such Option Units shall be made at the above-mentioned offices, or at such other place as shall be agreed upon by the Representatives, the Partnership and the Parent, on each Option Closing Date as specified in the notice from the Representatives to the Partnership and the Parent. Payment shall be made to the Parent on behalf of the Selling Unitholder by wire transfer of immediately available funds to a single bank account designated by the Parent against delivery to the Representatives for the respective accounts of the Underwriters of the Units to be purchased by them. The Parent shall cause the Selling Unitholder to deliver the Initial Units and the Option Units, if any, through the facilities of the DTC. It is understood that each Underwriter has authorized the Representatives, for its account, to accept delivery of, receipt for, and make payment of the purchase price for, the Initial Units and the Option Units, if any, which it has agreed to purchase. Wells Fargo, individually and not as representative of the Underwriters, may (but shall not be obligated to) make payment of the purchase price for the Initial Units or the Option Units, if any, to be purchased by any Underwriter whose funds have not been received by the Closing Date or the relevant Option Closing Date, as the case may be, but such payment shall not relieve such Underwriter from its obligations hereunder.

Payment. Except as otherwise provided for herein, all payments with respect to this Note shall be made in lawful currency of the United States of America by check or wire transfer of immediately available funds, at the option of the Lender, at the principal office of the Lender or such other place or places or designated accounts as may be reasonably specified by the Lender of this Note in a written notice to the Borrower at least one (1) business day prior to payment.

Payment. Lessee shall cause payment of Rent to be received by Lessor in lawful money of the United States, without offset or deduction (except as specifically permitted in this Lease), on or before the day on which it is due. Rent for any period during the term hereof which is for less than one full calendar month shall be prorated based upon the actual number of days of said month. Payment of Rent shall be made to Lessor at its address stated herein or to such other persons or place as Lessor may from time to time designate in writing. Acceptance of a payment which is less than the amount then due shall not be a waiver of Lessors rights to the balance of such Rent, regardless of Lessors endorsement of any check so stating. In the event that any check, draft, or other instrument of payment given by Lessee to Lessor is dishonored for any reason, Lessee agrees to pay to Lessor the sum of $25 in addition to any late charges which may be due.

Payment. Payment of the amounts payable with respect to Stock Appreciation Rights pursuant to this Article 11 shall be in cash, Shares (based on its Fair Market Value as of the date the Stock Appreciation Right is exercised), or a combination of both, as determined by the Administrator.

Payment. The Company will not directly or indirectly pay or cause to be paid any remuneration, whether by way of supplemental or additional interest, fee or otherwise, or grant any security or provide other credit support, to any holder of Notes as consideration for or as an inducement to the entering into by any holder of Notes of any waiver or amendment of any of the terms and provisions hereof unless such remuneration is concurrently paid, or security is concurrently granted or other credit support concurrently provided, on the same terms, ratably to each holder of Notes then outstanding even if such holder did not consent to such waiver or amendment.