Finance charge definition

Finance charge means that term as defined in section 106 of the truth in lending act, 15 USC 1605.
Finance charge means the total of all interest, loan fees, interest on any loan fees financed by the lending institution, and other charges related to the cost of obtaining credit.
Finance charge means the fee charged by the Firm to the Client for rolling a CFD Contract from one day to the next;

Examples of Finance charge in a sentence

  • The Finance charge for a billing cycle is computed by applying the monthly Periodic Rate, which is an Annual Percentage Rate, to a periodic daily rate on the average daily balance.

  • Finance charge of 4% per month (or the maximum permitted by Law) will be added to past due invoices.

More Definitions of Finance charge

Finance charge means for each Monthly Period an interest amount equal to the Finance Charge Percentage of the average daily Account Balance outstanding during such Monthly Period.
Finance charge means the cost of consumer credit as a dollar amount. It includes any charge payable directly or indirectly by the consumer and imposed directly or indirectly by the creditor as an incident to or a condition of the extension of credit. It does not include any charge of a type payable in a comparable cash transaction.
Finance charge in relation to any amount means interest on such amount at the rate of up to 25.9% per annum or such other rate as DBS may from time to time determine without notice, calculated on a daily basis, and subject to a minimum monthly interest of S$2.50 or such other sum as may be determined from time to time by DBS without notice.
Finance charge means the sum of all charges, payable directly or indirectly by the customer as an incident to or as a con- dition of the extension of credit, whether paid or payable by the customer, the creditor or any other person on behalf of the cus- tomer to the creditor or to a 3rd party unless the creditor had no notice or knowledge of the charges paid or payable to the 3rd party. The term does not include any charge with respect to a motor vehicle consumer lease. The term includes the following types of charges to the extent they are not permitted additional charges under s. 422.202, delinquency charges under s. 422.203 or deferral charges under s. 422.204:
Finance charge means “finance charge” as defined in section 537.1301, subsection 21.
Finance charge means an interest amount equal to the Finance Charge Percentage of the ending daily Account Balance for the relevant period.
Finance charge means the interest that is levied on the Premier Credit Card account when the full payment is not made by the due date. A description of finance charge computation and associated interest rate can be found in the tariff sheet on page 34 of the service guide.