Use of this Website Sample Clauses

Use of this Website. 16.1 When using the website and our service, you shall act in accordance with the following rules:
Use of this Website. You acknowledge that we may allow access to the services offered on this website to anyone who enters the website and uses your login details consisting of a valid and active username and password. Your login details are our way of identifying a user and providing access to the JB Hi-Fi Solutions Sales Gift Card Service. You are responsible for the use of this website and service including anyone who uses it in connection with your corporate account and your login details. You indemnify us in respect of all use of this website by you, with your consent or in connection with your gift card ordering, except to the extent that we have expressly authorised that use. You and your organisation are solely responsible for any loss caused by use of your login details by you or any other person, including any use not approved or contemplated by you. You will not change, hack into or otherwise interfere with the operation of this website or any information contained within it. You must notify us immediately by calling the JB Hi-Fi Solutions Sales team on 1300 746 752 if you know of or suspect any unauthorised use of this website and service, including unauthorised access utilising your login details.
Use of this Website. 5.1 Nothing contained in this Website should be construed as an offer from Stratum but rather as an invitation to do business.
Use of this Website. 5.1 You must not use the Website to facilitate or participate in any illegal activity or engage in any activity which RAMPIT, in its absolute discretion, considers inappropriate. RAMPIT reserves the right to terminate or restrict Your access to this Website immediately and indefinitely if it suspects that You are engaging in any such behavior or are in breach of any terms of this Agreement. You agree that You will only use Your User Account and this Website for the purposes of using the Services and for no other purpose. Without limiting the foregoing, in using Your User Account and accessing the Website, You agree not to:
Use of this Website. 1. You warrant the Personal Information provided by you is not potentially or actually harmful to Service Today and this Website. Use of any malicious code or viruses of any kind either intentionally or unintentionally by you on this Website will result in possible legal action being taken against you.
Use of this Website. This Website is the property of the Company and your access to this Website is with our permission. Any unauthorized access or use will be, among other things, a trespass, and we reserve the right to pursue our legal rights for any unauthorized access or use of this Website, including seeking civil remedies and equitable relief to the fullest extent possible, as well as referral of matters to appropriate law enforcement agencies. You are prohibited from doing any act that has the effect of undermining the integrity of our system, this Website, our services and the method by which we provide our services to users. As a material term of this Agreement, you expressly agree that you shall NOT do any of the following: • Deploy or facilitate the use or deployment of any robot, spider, scraper or any other automated means, method or device to view, select or copy any content from this Website; • Deploy or facilitate the use or deployment of any script, routine, program or any other automated means, method or device with respect to this Website for any other purpose, including but not limited to purchasing tickets; • Deploy or facilitate the use or deployment of any program, system, means, method or device, for any purpose that places an unreasonable, unnecessary or excessive demand or load on this Website, its hardware and connections, or prohibits, denies or delays access to this Website by others; • Purchase tickets to any event offered through this Website for the purposes of reselling those tickets, except as permitted by applicable law. If we determine that you are purchasing an irregularly large number of tickets to an event or multiple events, you may be required to contact our sales office in order to execute a group license. In the alternative, we reserve the right to presume that you are purchasing such tickets for resale purposes and at our sole election, we will cancel your transaction(s) and restrict your access to this Website; • Download or copy any content displayed on this Website, including without limitation any photographic imagery or Chicago Cubs trademarks, for purposes other than preserving information for your personal use; • Establish any deep link or other connection to any specific page or pages of this Website other than the home page, without Company's prior written permission; or • Deploy or facilitate the use or deployment of any automatic or manual device, process or means to circumvent, avoid or defeat any of our security measures...
Use of this Website. The information held on this Website is for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not transmit, modify, copy or make commercial use of this Website or any part of it without Land Bank Insurance’s prior permission. You may download and/or print out all or part of this Website for your own personal, non- commercial use.
Use of this Website. You acknowledge and warrant that any information you may post, transmit or submit to this webpage does not: (i) infringe on your rights; (ii) infringe on a third party’s rights, specifically but not limited to any intellectual property rights, or any other confidential or proprietary right; and
Use of this Website. 5.1. You and/or anyone on your behalf will not operate or allow operation of or upload any computer application or program or any other means or measures (including but not limited to Worms, Crawlers, Viruses, Trojan horses and Robots), for searching, scanning, copying or automatic retrieval of content from the Site. You expressly agree not to create and not to use any means to create a digest, as stated, or a collection reservoir that will contain content from the Site.
Use of this Website. 2.1 The Customer agrees to use this Website exclusively for the purpose of acquiring Tickets. The Customer is prohibited from making deep links to pages on this Website – for any purpose what- soever – without the express permission of Deutsche Messe.