Without Prior Notice Sample Clauses

Without Prior Notice. A bargaining unit member may request ETO without prior approval and on short notice due to emergency or illness, including doctor and dentist appointments and dependent illness in the immediate family, by contacting the department in accordance with departmental procedures.
Without Prior Notice. A nurse may request ETO without prior 2 approval and on short notice due to emergency or illness, 3 including doctor and dentist appointments and dependent illness 4 in the immediate family, by contacting the department in 5 accordance with departmental procedures.
Without Prior Notice a. Unavoidable shortage or interruptions in Company's source of supply or other cases of emergency.
Without Prior Notice to Buyer and Buyer consenting thereto, a grant of any increase in the compensation of officers or employees of the Business (including any such increase pursuant to any bonus, pension, profit-sharing, or other plan) other than customary increases on a periodic basis or required by agreement or understanding in the ordinary course of the Business and in accordance with past practice;
Without Prior Notice. This agreement may be terminated immediately by Crystal Run in the event Crystal Run determines that (i) Provider’s continued treatment of Covered Persons poses an imminent threat of harm to such Covered Persons; (ii) Crystal Run or any judicial court, regulatory body, or law enforcement agency determines that Provider has engaged in any type of fraudulent activity; (iii) Crystal Run discovers that the Provider has been the subject of a final disciplinary action by an appropriate governmental authority that impairs Provider’s ability to practice; or
Without Prior Notice. This Agreement may be terminated without prior notice upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

Related to Without Prior Notice

  • Without prejudice to the survival of any other agreement of the Borrower hereunder, the agreements and obligations of the Borrower contained in this Section 2.14 shall survive the payment in full of principal and interest hereunder and under the Notes.

  • Without prejudice to Sections 5.1 and 5.2 above, You are responsible for (a) any required notices, consents and/or authorizations related to Your provision of, and our processing of, Your Content (including any Personal Data) as part of the Services, (b) any security vulnerabilities, and the consequences of such vulnerabilities, arising from Your Content, including any viruses, Trojan horses, worms or other harmful programming routines contained in Your Content, and (c) any use by You or Your Users of the Services in a manner that is inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement. To the extent You disclose or transmit Your Content to a third party, we are no longer responsible for the security, integrity or confidentiality of such content outside of Oracle’s control.

  • Without Prejudice or Precedent The parties to the Committee agree that any discussion at the Committee will be on a without-prejudice and without-precedent basis, unless agreed otherwise.

  • Without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that we may have, we may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect (and, unless we determine that it is unlawful, inappropriate or impracticable, on giving written notice to you) if:

  • Without prejudice to Clause 9.1 above, this Clause shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding any discharge, release or termination of this Pledge (whether or not in accordance with Clause 7.1 of this Pledge Agreement).

  • Without prejudice all proceedings and disclosures will be conducted and made without prejudice to the rights and positions of the parties in any subsequent arbitration or other legal proceedings;

  • Reservations and Exceptions 1. Articles 4 (National Treatment), 5 (Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment), 8 (Senior Management, Boards of Directors and Entry of Personnel) and 9 (Performance Requirements) do not apply to: