Staff Protection Sample Clauses

Staff Protection. A. The District shall protect certificated employees acting within the scope of their employment by purchasing liability insurance in the amount of at least five million dollars ($5,000,000) per occurrence, and the District shall include the certificated employees as named insured under the liability insurance and errors and omissions policy of the school district.
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Staff Protection. The Board agrees to hold any represented administrator harmless and defend from any financial loss up to limits of the District’s insurance policy, including reasonable attorney’s fees by reason of any act or failure to act by such administrator, within or without the school building, provided such administrator, at time of the act of or omission complained of, was acting within the scope of his employment or under the direction of the superintendent and/or the Board.
Staff Protection. Section 1 Employees shall report in writing to their immediate supervisor any case of assault in connection with their employment. The immediate supervisor shall acknowledge receipt of such report and shall forward this information to the Superintendent.
Staff Protection. The District shall reimburse employees for replacement of any clothing or personal property damaged, stolen or destroyed, in accordance with the Revised Code of Washington provided that an inventory of such personal items is filed with the District office in advance of the loss. Any case of an assault or a threat thereof by a parent, student, or guardian upon an employee shall be promptly reported to the building principal. The District shall also provide liability insurance to protect employees against personal or bodily injuries and property damage in accordance with the Revised Code of Washington. When an employee notices a hazardous condition, the employee will notify his/her supervisor in writing of the exact situation. The employee will continue to retain supervisory responsibility, but the District shall not require an employee to subject himself or herself to extraordinary danger. The District shall absolve the employee of any liability for the existence of the reported hazardous condition.
Staff Protection. Each teacher bears primary responsibility for maintaining proper control and discipline in the classroom. A teacher may use reasonable force as necessary to xxxx off attack, to protect another person, to quell a disturbance threatening physical injury to others, or to obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects. All disciplinary actions and methods invoked by teachers shall be reasonable and just in accordance with established board policy. The board and administration recognize responsibility in supporting teachers in the maintenance of appropriate control and discipline in the classroom. Teachers will be notified within three calendar days of both implicit and explicit threats made against them to any administrator or board member. Each teacher is responsible for reporting to the building principal the name of any student who is in apparent need of attention by specialized personnel. Principals shall be expected to advise teachers of the disposition of such reports.
Staff Protection. A) The District shall purchase liability insurance in the amount of $250,000 per occurrence as part of its insurance package to provide employees liability protection while they are acting within the scope of their duties as teachers, whether such duties were expressed in the employment contract or implied because of the nature of the employment, whether such duties were performed during the regular duty hours or for extra co-curricular activities outside the regular duty hours. XXX agrees to TA any and all changes needed to replace “extra” with “co”- curricular. Proposal 9
Staff Protection. Employees have the constitutional right to contact law enforcement and/or judicial authorities. An administrator may not threaten, harass, or intimidate an employee for exercising this right. The District agrees to support employees in the reasonable exercise of their official duties. To this end, District administrators shall take the necessary actions described herein to support employees in the reasonable exercise of their duties. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated and harassers shall be subject to discipline. See Appendix A for the policy and procedures regarding it. Any case of assault upon an employee shall be promptly reported to the immediate supervisor or first available administrator who shall promptly render all assistance to the employee in connection with handling of the incident by law enforcement and judicial authorities. Whenever an employee is absent from employment and unable to perform duties as a result of personal injury sustained in the course of employment, the employee will be paid full salary for the period of absence, less the amount of any xxxxxxx'x compensation award made for disability due to said injury. No part of such absence will be charged to annual or accumulated sick leave. All rights and benefits under this agreement shall be maintained during the period of disability not to exceed a period ending twelve (12) months after the end of the school year in which the disability occurred. The employer shall reimburse employees for any and all costs incurred as a result of assault including all related medical costs not covered under insurance benefits to which employees may be entitled whether set forth in this agreement or maintained personally. Employees shall be informed prior to being assigned student(s) who evidence deviant behaviors that could present a safety problem to the students or staff. Employees shall be provided with specific information about the known behavior pattern(s) of the student(s) and suggested strategies for managing those behaviors. It shall be a violation of the rights of employees for any person, including a parent or guardian of a student of the District, to engage in or imminently threaten to engage in any of the following:
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Staff Protection. A. The District shall add employees as named insureds under the District's existing liability policy, provided that the District shall not be held obligated to assume any costs or judgments held against the employee when such damages are proven to be due to the employee's willful negligence, violation of law, or criminal act as determined by a court of law.
Staff Protection. 22.1 The District agrees to maintain bodily injury liability, personal injury liability, and errors and omissions insurance coverage for all employees covered by this Agreement. The Board shall determine the scope, nature, and conditions of such insurance coverage.
Staff Protection. The Hospital agrees to continue its policy of maintaining appropriate insurance to cover all damages, losses or expenses arising whenever any civil action has been or shall be brought against a staff member for any act or omission arising out of and in the course of the performance of the duties of such staff member.
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