Civil action definition

Civil action means all suits or claims of a civil nature in a state or federal court, whether cognizable as cases at law or in equity or admiralty. "Civil action" does not include any of the following:
Civil action means any action that is not a criminal action.

Examples of Civil action in a sentence

Civil action and compensation We took 67 civil proceedings resulting in orders against 151 people or companies.

Civil action and compensationOur civil litigation focused on freezing funds to preserve assets for investors and creditors, and in cases of public interest, launching proceedings to recover money.

More Definitions of Civil action

Civil action means an action in which a party seeks monetary or equitable relief at common law or pursuant to statute.
Civil action means the filing of a complaint, petition, writ, or motion with any court within the state, including any appellate court; except that "civil action" does not include any criminal action or an action for habeas corpus under article 45 of this title.
Civil action means a civil suit filed in a state or federal court.
Civil action means any civil lawsuit filed in a federal or state court that seeks monetary (including damages for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage, or civil penalties), injunctive or other form of relief against a Director or the Airports Authority, and any appeal filed by the plaintiff or petitioner in such a lawsuit from a decision of a court of record; the term does not include an appeal filed by a Director in such a lawsuit (unless, in a particular matter, the Board determines that a Director’s appeal is to be considered a part of the Civil Action).
Civil action means a civil action, as defined in Rule 2 of the Tennessee rules of civil procedure;