Personal Property Sample Clauses

Personal Property. The Company has delivered to IES an accurate list (which is set forth on Schedule 5.14) of (x) all personal property material to the operations of the Company included in "plant, property and equipment" on the balance sheet of the Company, (y) all other personal property owned by the Company with an individual value in excess of $2,500 (i) as of the Balance Sheet Date and (ii) acquired since the Balance Sheet Date and (z) all material leases and agreements in respect of personal property, including, in the case of each of (x), (y) and (z), (1) true, complete and correct copies of all such leases and (2) an indication as to which assets are currently owned, or were formerly owned, by Stockholders, relatives of Stockholders, or Affiliates of the Company. Except as set forth on Schedule 5.14, (i) all personal property material to, and used by, the Company in its business is either owned by the Company or leased by the Company pursuant to a lease included on Schedule 5.14, (ii) all of the personal property listed on Schedule 5.14 or replacement property thereof is in working order and condition, ordinary wear and tear excepted and (iii) all leases and agreements included on Schedule 5.14 are in full force and effect and constitute valid and binding agreements of the parties (and their successors) thereto in accordance with their respective terms.
Personal Property. In addition to the real property described in Section II, the Seller shall include the following personal property: _ The real property in Section II and any personal property in Section III shall be collectively known as the “Property”.
Personal Property. Other than the Personal Property set out on Schedule 4.8, the Local Church nor its Subsidiaries own, lease, or have any other interest in any other Personal Property.
Personal Property. Each item of Personal Property which is currently owned, used or leased by a Target Company with a book value or fair market value of greater than Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) is set forth on Schedule 4.16, along with, to the extent applicable, a list of lease agreements and lease guarantees related thereto, including all amendments, terminations and modifications thereof or waivers thereto (“Company Personal Property Leases”). All such items of Personal Property are in good operating condition and repair (reasonable wear and tear excepted), and are suitable for their intended use in the business of the Target Companies. The operation of each Target Company’s business as it is now conducted or presently proposed to be conducted is not dependent upon the right to use the Personal Property of Persons other than a Target Company, except for such Personal Property that is owned by, or leased, licensed or otherwise contracted to, a Target Company. The Company has provided to the Purchaser and the Parent a true and complete copy of each of the Company Personal Property Leases, and in the case of any oral Company Personal Property Lease, a written summary of the material terms of such Company Personal Property Lease. The Company Personal Property Leases are valid, binding and enforceable in accordance with their terms and are in full force and effect. To the Knowledge of the Company, no event has occurred which (whether with or without notice, lapse of time or both or the happening or occurrence of any other event) would constitute a default on the part of a Target Company or any other party under any of the Company Personal Property Leases, and no Target Company has received notice of any such condition.
Personal Property. The Seller agrees that ONLY the following personal property shall be included as part of the sale: _ The aforementioned real property, personal property, and included fixtures shall be hereinafter referred to as the “Property”.
Personal Property. All furniture, furnishings, objects of art, machinery, goods, tools, supplies, appliances, general intangibles, contract rights, accounts, accounts receivable, franchises, licenses, certificates and permits, and all other personal property of any kind or character whatsoever (as defined in and subject to the provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code as hereinafter defined), other than Fixtures, which are now or hereafter owned by Borrower and which are located within or about the Land and the Improvements, together with all accessories, replacements and substitutions thereto or therefor and the proceeds thereof (collectively, the "PERSONAL PROPERTY"), and the right, title and interest of Borrower in and to any of the Personal Property which may be subject to any security interests, as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code, as adopted and enacted by the state or states where any of the Property is located (the "UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE"), superior in lien to the lien of this Security Instrument and all proceeds and products of the above;
Personal Property. Any personal property of Company placed on the Airport will be at the sole risk of Company, and Authority will not be liable for any loss or damage thereto, irrespective of the cause of such loss or damage. Company hereby waives all rights of subrogation against or recovery from Authority for any such loss or damage.
Personal Property. In addition to the real property described in Section II, the Seller shall include the following personal property: _ _ The real property and personal property shall be collectively known as the “Property”.
Personal Property. Each of Priveco and its subsidiaries possesses, and has good and marketable title of all property necessary for the continued operation of the business of Priveco and its subsidiaries as presently conducted and as represented to Pubco. All such property is used in the business of Priveco and its subsidiaries. All such property is in reasonably good operating condition (normal wear and tear excepted), and is reasonably fit for the purposes for which such property is presently used. All material equipment, furniture, fixtures and other tangible personal property and assets owned or leased by Priveco and its subsidiaries is owned by Priveco or its subsidiaries free and clear of all liens, security interests, charges, encumbrances, and other adverse claims, except as disclosed in Schedule 5.
Personal Property. Permittee shall be solely responsible for the safety and security of its personal property, and any damage or loss to items of personalty shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of Permittee.