Financial Loss definition

Financial Loss means any loss which is economic in nature and not consequent upon Injury or Damage.
Financial Loss means the loss to a producer who is not paid in full for farm produce that the producer sold to a grain dealer and delivered under the terms of the sales contract, after deducting any outstanding charges against the farm produce.
Financial Loss means a pecuniary loss, cost or expense not in respect of:

Examples of Financial Loss in a sentence

  • However, it should also be noted that depending on the time chosen there could be wider resource implications; • request that the Town Clerk bring a report to Members proposing terms of reference and composition of a Member Working Party to consider the provision of assistance for Members to cover the cost of an appropriate form of dress for City Corporation events and what form this should take, and to undertake a review of the Members’ Financial Loss Scheme.

  • Risk as defined by this working committee may include but is not restricted to, Financial Loss, contractual loss, interruption to business “business continuity”, or personal risk to employees, contractors, and other key stakeholders.

  • The claimant is awarded compensation for the complaints of unfair dismissal, age discrimination, victimisation and breach of contract of:Unfair Dismissal basic award: £3264 Financial Loss: £147,853Injury to Feelings: £20,000Uplift on compensation of 25% for failure to comply with the ACAS code:£42,779.25.Total compensation: £213,896.25.

  • He did not feel, however, that an independent review of the Financial Loss Scheme was necessary and moreover that any such review could be combined with a review of what assistance could be afforded to Members to support them in conducting their duties as elected Members of the City of London Corporation.

  • The Insured’s Financial Loss incurred during the Indemnity Period.

More Definitions of Financial Loss

Financial Loss means loss of resident property or money as a result of financial exploitation, as defined in ORS 124.050. Financial loss does not include loss of resident property or money that results from action or inaction of an individual not employed or contracted with the facility, or that arises from the action or inaction of an individual employed or contracted with the facility if the action or inaction occurs while the individual is not performing employment or contractual duties.
Financial Loss means any pecuniary loss unaccompanied by Injury or Damage;
Financial Loss means a significant or substantial decrease of the total consolidated annual revenues of the Company as at the end of the Company’s last financial year.
Financial Loss means a pecuniary or economic loss or expense.
Financial Loss means a pecuniary loss or expense sustained by a third party that is economic in nature and
Financial Loss means: