Period Ending Sample Clauses

Period Ending. Ratio: ------------- ----- January 1999-June 2000 1.60 to 1.0 July 2000-December 2000 1.75 to 1.0 January 2001 and thereafter 2.00 to 1.0
Period Ending. (i) The funding has been used for the purpose for which it was provided; and
Period Ending. On Tangible Net Worth ---------------- ------------------ June 28, 2002 $81,600,000 September 27, 2002 $89,000,000 December 27, 2002 $100,100,000 March 28, 2003 $109,100,000 June 27, 2003 $117,800,000
Period Ending. Minimum Tangible Net Worth: ------------- --------------------------- September 30, 2001 $59,000,000 December 31, 2001 $58,000,000 March 31, 2002 $63,000,000 June 30, 2002 $61,000,000 The minimum Tangible Net Worth required by this section will automatically be increased by the amount of any adjustments on or after the date hereof to net accrued tax assets which result from a restatement of the Company's outside auditor's qualified opinion for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2001.
Period Ending. Ratio: ------------- ----- July 1999-December 1999 5.50 to 1.0 January 2000-June 2000 5.25 to 1.0 July 2000 and thereafter 4.75 to 1.0
Period Ending. Liquid Assets Value of cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities $_________ Required Value: not less than the greater of (a) ten percent (10%) of Tangible Net Worth (Equals $_________ as computed on Attachment 1) or (b) $12,000,000.

Related to Period Ending

  • Meal Period Employees shall receive a meal period which shall commence no less than two (2) hours nor more than five (5) hours from the beginning of the employee's regular shift or when he/she is called in to work on his/her regular day off. The meal period shall be no less than one-half (½) hour nor more than one (1) hour in duration and shall be without compensation. Should an employee be required to work in excess of five (5) continuous hours from the commencement of his/her regular shift without being provided a meal period, the employee shall be compensated two (2) times the employee's straight-time hourly rate of pay for the time worked during his/her normal meal period and be afforded a meal period at the first available opportunity during working hours without compensation.

  • Date and Period of Operation 7.1 This Agreement will operate seven days after the date upon which it is approved by the Commission.

  • Xxxxx Period The Employer shall be entitled to a grace period of 30 days for payment of Dues, as described in PART V.F. hereof. If during a grace period written notice is given by the Employer to Blue Shield that the Contract or (subject to the consent of Blue Shield) any part of the Contract is to be discontinued before the expiration date of the grace period, the Contract or such part shall be discontinued as of the date specified by the Employer or the date of receipt of such written notice by Blue Shield, whichever is the later date, and the Employer shall be liable to Blue Shield for the full month's payment of Dues if discontinuance of coverage occurs on or after the 15th of the month. If discontinuance of coverage occurs prior to the 15th of the month then Dues payment will be waived and refunded to the group.

  • Contract Year The first Contract Year is the period of time ending on the first contract anniversary. Subsequent Contract Years are the annual periods between contract anniversaries.

  • Annual Compliance Statements The Master Servicer, the Special Servicer, the Certificate Administrator, the Custodian and, if it has made an Advance during the applicable calendar year, the Trustee shall furnish (and each of the Master Servicer, the Special Servicer, the Custodian and the Certificate Administrator (i) with respect to any Additional Servicer of such party that is a Mortgage Loan Seller Sub-Servicer, shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause such Additional Servicer to furnish, and (ii) with respect to any other Additional Servicer of such party (other than any party to this Agreement), shall cause such Additional Servicer to furnish) (each such Additional Servicer and each of the Master Servicer, the Special Servicer, the Custodian, the Certificate Administrator and the Trustee (if applicable), a “Certifying Servicer”) to the Certificate Administrator, the Serviced Companion Loan Holders (or, in the case of a Serviced Companion Loan that is part of an Other Securitization Trust, the applicable Other Depositor and Other Exchange Act Reporting Party), the Operating Advisor (only in the case of an Officer’s Certificate furnished by the Special Servicer and after the occurrence and during the continuance of a Control Termination Event) and the Depositor on or before March 1 of each year, commencing in March 2017, an Officer’s Certificate (together with a copy thereof in XXXXX compatible format, or in such other format as otherwise agreed upon by the Depositor, the Certificate Administrator, the applicable Other Depositor, the applicable Other Exchange Act Reporting Party and the applicable Certifying Servicer) stating, as to the signer thereof, that (A) a review of such Certifying Servicer’s activities during the preceding calendar year or portion thereof and of such Certifying Servicer’s performance under this Agreement, or the applicable Sub-Servicing Agreement or primary servicing agreement in the case of an Additional Servicer, has been made under such officer’s supervision and (B) to the best of such officer’s knowledge, based on such review, such Certifying Servicer has fulfilled all its obligations under this Agreement, or the applicable Sub-Servicing Agreement or primary servicing agreement in the case of an Additional Servicer, in all material respects throughout such year or portion thereof, or, if there has been a failure to fulfill any such obligation in any material respect, specifying each such failure known to such officer and the nature and status thereof. The Master Servicer and the Special Servicer shall, and the Master Servicer and the Special Servicer shall cause (or, in the case of an Additional Servicer that is a Mortgage Loan Seller Sub-Servicer, shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to cause) each Additional Servicer hired by it to, forward a copy of each such statement to, prior to the occurrence and continuance of a Consultation Termination Event, the Controlling Class Representative and, for posting to the Rule 17g-5 Information Provider’s Website pursuant to Section 12.13, the Rule 17g-5 Information Provider. Promptly after receipt of each such Officer’s Certificate, the Depositor (and, in the case of a Serviced Companion Loan that is part of an Other Securitization Trust, the applicable Other Depositor and Other Exchange Act Reporting Party) may review each such Officer’s Certificate and, if applicable, consult with the Certifying Servicer, as applicable, as to the nature of any failures by such Certifying Servicer, respectively, or any related Additional Servicer with which the Master Servicer or the Special Servicer, as applicable, has entered into a servicing relationship with respect to the Mortgage Loans or the Companion Loans in the fulfillment of any Certifying Servicer’s obligations hereunder or under the applicable sub-servicing or primary servicing agreement. The obligations of each Certifying Servicer under this Section apply to each Certifying Servicer that serviced a Mortgage Loan or Companion Loan during the applicable period, whether or not the Certifying Servicer is acting in such capacity at the time such Officer’s Certificate is required to be delivered. With respect to each Outside Serviced Mortgage Loan serviced under the applicable Outside Servicing Agreement, the Certificate Administrator shall request, and upon receipt deliver to the Depositor, from a “Servicing Officer” or “Responsible Officer” (as such terms are defined in the applicable Outside Servicing Agreement), as applicable, of the related Outside Servicer, Outside Special Servicer, Outside Custodian, Outside Trustee and Outside Paying Agent or Outside Certificate Administrator an Officer’s Certificate in form and substance similar to the Officer’s Certificate described in this Section or such other form as is set forth in the Outside Servicing Agreement.

  • CONTRACT RENEWAL PERIOD FURNITURE ADDITIONS/DELETIONS: Contractors wishing to make furniture additions/changes to their contract during the contract period should be aware of the following additions/changes will be allowed only once during a contract period. No changes to discount percentages are allowed during this contract period. Additions/changes must be submitted during the contract renewal period. When requesting additions and/or changes; contractor shall submit a request either by letter or via email which shall include a list of all items being proposed for addition and/or change. Contractor shall submit all required documents supporting any new items. Product literature for all new items shall also be submitted with the request. Contractor is responsible for submitting a complete name, address, email address, phone and fax numbers when a new dealer is added.

  • Evaluation Period (a) For a period ending at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on March 31, 2014 (as may be extended as provided in 5.1(b) below, the “Evaluation Period”), Purchaser and its authorized agents and representatives (for purposes of this Article V, the “Licensee Parties”) shall have the right, subject to the right of any Tenants, to enter upon the Real Property and Improvements at all reasonable times during normal business hours to perform an inspection, including but not limited to a Phase I environmental assessment of the Property. At least 24 hours prior to such intended entry, Purchaser will provide e-mail notice to Seller, at the e-mail addresses set forth in Article XIV below, of the intention of Purchaser or the other Licensee Parties to enter the Real Property and Improvements, and such notice shall specify the intended purpose therefor and the inspections and examinations contemplated to be made and with whom any Licensee Party will communicate. At Seller’s option, Seller may be present for any such entry and inspection. Purchaser shall not communicate with or contact any of the Tenants without notifying Seller and giving Seller the opportunity to have a representative present. Purchaser shall not communicate with or contact any of the Authorities; provided, however, that Purchaser may communicate with the township in which the Real Property is located for the sole purpose of (i) confirming whether there are any existing municipal zoning or building code violations filed against the Property, (ii) without identifying the Property, to discuss real estate tax issues affecting the township generally, and (iii) to obtain copies of previously issued certificates of occupancy. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Purchaser shall not take any action that would cause a municipal inspection to be made of the Property. During the Evaluation Period, Seller shall instruct its tax appeal counsel to answer any questions that Purchaser may have regarding the real estate taxes and the real estate tax appeals with respect to the Property. No physical testing or sampling shall be conducted during any entry by Purchaser or any Licensee Party upon the Real Property without Seller’s specific prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE with respect to the provisions of this Section 5.1.

  • Annual Compliance Statement Within 80 days after the end of each year (commencing with the year specified in the Adoption Annex) the Issuer will deliver to the Indenture Trustee and the Credit Enhancer an Officer's Certificate stating, as to the Authorized Officer signing the Officer's Certificate, that:

  • Distribution Compliance Period The Purchaser agrees not to resell, pledge or transfer any Purchased Shares within the United States or to any U.S. Person, as each of those terms is defined in Regulation S, during the 40 days following the Closing Date.

  • Reporting Period e. Project progress including a summary of progress, findings, data, analyses, results and field-test results from all tasks carried out in the covered period.