School building definition

School building means any building in which any of the instruction, extracurricular activities, or training provided by a school is conducted, whether or not any instruction, extracurricular activities, or training provided by the school is being conducted in the school building at the time a criminal offense is committed.
School building means 1 or more of the following at a school:
School building means any of the following:

Examples of School building in a sentence

  • The Association may apply for endorsement as a deductible gift recipient under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth) (or as amended from time to time or under any legislative provision enacted in substitution for those provisions) for the operation of a School building fund.

  • Non-palletized freight shall be unloaded inside the Warehouse or School building.

  • School building includes either a building intended to be used to provide pupil instruction or a recreational or athletic structure or field used by pupils.

  • The visitor management system provides identification badges for all visitors to wear while in the School building during the school day.

  • School building administrators will determine the time and method for presentation of this material, in accordance with Ohio law.

More Definitions of School building

School building means a building owned by or under the
School building means a public school, an administration building and related school structures or facilities, including teacher housing, that is owned, acquired or constructed by the school district as necessary to carry out the functions of the school district;
School building means the following:
School building means facilities owned, leased, or rented by a school district, educational service district, public charter school, private school, or private alternative program.
School building means a school or program identified by its Basic Educational Data System (BEDS) code, as determined by the commissioner.
School building means all buildings owned or leased by a local school district that are used for instruction or for student activities. The term does not include a home school provided for in 20-5-109.
School building means a building owned by or under the control of a school entity or nonpublic school where classes are taught or extracurricular activities are conducted on a regular basis.