Out-of-Pocket Expenses Sample Clauses

Out-of-Pocket Expenses. In addition to Beneficial Owner Servicing Fees and Networked Account Servicing Fees paid in accordance with Section 3 of this Agreement, the Investment Company shall reimburse FTIS monthly for the following out-of-pocket expenses paid to third parties in connection with the servicing of Accounts as required under the terms of this Agreement: o Expenses in connection with the preparation and physical or electronic delivery of shareholder communications required under the terms of this Agreement, such as prospectuses, shareholder reports, tax information, proxy statements, and shareholder statements. Such amounts paid to third parties include, but are not limited to, costs of printing, mailing, stationary, forms, postage, and electronic delivery. In the case of out-of-pocket expenses incurred by FTIS or an affiliate associated with the printing of new account confirming prospectuses (which prospectuses the Investment Company is obligated to deliver under its Underwriting Agreement and that FTIS agrees to deliver, on behalf of the Fund, in connection with the confirmation process), FTIS and the Investment Company each will pay one-half (50%) of the costs of printing the new account confirming prospectus (including, but not limited to, print on demand prospectuses used for that purpose); o telephone costs associated with servicing shareholders in accordance with this agreement; o ACH, Federal Reserve and bank charges for check clearance, electronic funds transfers and wire transfers; o Data Storage: Retention of electronic and paper account records; and other costs associated with data storage of account records and transactions records (e.g., magnetic tape, microfilm and microfiche, and digital images); o insurance against loss of Share certificates when in transit; o terminals, transmitting lines and any expenses incurred in connection with such terminals and lines established and/or maintained by FTIS to perform its obligations under this agreement; o Amounts paid to independent accounting firms to perform independent audits of FTIS and the issuance of reports such as a SOC-1; o Amounts paid in connection with use of national data bases to comply with requirements for locating lost shareholders; o Proxy solicitation and tabulation expenses; o NSCC expenses. Costs associated with NSCC system use, including networking services, hardware and circuits to send customer cost basis information, commission and 12b-1 fees to brokerage firms o all other miscellaneous...
Out-of-Pocket Expenses. In addition to the fees above, the Company agrees to reimburse the Transfer Agent for out-of-pocket expenses, including but not limited to postage, forms, telephone, taxes, records storage, exchange and broker fees, or advances incurred by the Transfer Agent for the items set out in Exhibit A attached hereto. In addition, any other expenses incurred by the Transfer Agent at the request or with the consent of the Company, will be reimbursed by the Company.
Out-of-Pocket Expenses. In addition to the fee paid under Section 3.1 above, the Funds agree to reimburse the Sub-Transfer Agent for out-of-pocket expenses, including but not limited to confirmation production, postage, forms, telephone, microfilm, microfiche, mailing and tabulating proxies, records storage, or advances incurred by the Sub-Transfer Agent for the items set out in Schedule 3.1 attached hereto. In addition, any other expenses incurred by the Sub-Transfer Agent at the request or with the consent of the Transfer Agent, will be reimbursed by the Fund.
Out-of-Pocket Expenses. The Fund shall pay all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Distributor in connection with activities performed for the Fund hereunder including, without limitation: · typesetting, printing and distribution of prospectuses and shareholder reports · engagement of designers, free-xxxxx writers and public relations firms · long-distance telephone lines, services and charges · postage · overnight delivery charges · record retention fees · travel, lodging and meals · NSCC charges · Fund platform fees and service fees In the event the fees authorized by the Funds for payment to Distributor are insufficient to cover the fees due to Distributor for its services provided hereunder, Arrow Investment Advisors, LLC, the investment adviser to the Funds, agrees to pay Distributor the remaining balance of any fees due and payable to Distributor according to this fee schedule within 15 days of request.
Out-of-Pocket Expenses. The Fund(s) shall reimburse GFS for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by GFS to provide the Services to the Fund(s).
Out-of-Pocket Expenses. The Employer agrees to reimburse the Employee for any expenses that are incurred including: (check all that apply) ☐ - Travel ☐ - Food ☐ - Lodging ☐ - Other: ___________________________________________________________________
Out-of-Pocket Expenses. The Employee will be reimbursed by the Bank or the Company, as the case may be, for all reasonable expenses incurred in promoting their respective businesses; including expenses for entertainment, travel and similar items upon the presentation by Employee, from time to time, of an itemized account of such expenditures in a form and manner as determined by the Board of Directors or the chief financial or accounting officer of the Employer for whose account the expenditures are made; provided that such reimbursement shall be subject to any guidelines provided by the Board of Directors or Chief Executive Officer of the Bank or the Company prior to an expense being incurred.