Share Certificates Sample Clauses

Share Certificates. In lieu of issuing certificates for shares, the Trustees or the transfer agent either may issue receipts therefor or may keep accounts upon the books of the Trust for the record holders of such shares, who shall in either case, for all purposes hereunder, be deemed to be the holders of certificates for such shares as if they had accepted such certificates and shall be held to have expressly assented and agreed to the terms hereof. The Trustees at any time may authorize the issuance of share certificates. In that event, each shareholder shall be entitled to a certificate stating the number of shares owned by him or her, in such form as shall be prescribed from time to time by the Trustees. Such certificate shall be signed by the President or Vice President and by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer. Such signatures may be facsimile if the certificate is signed by a transfer agent, or by a registrar, other than a Trustee, officer or employee of the Trust. In case any officer who has signed or whose facsimile signature has been placed on such certificate shall cease to be such officer before such certificate is issued, it may be issued by the Trust with the same effect as if he or she were such officer at the time of its issue.
Share Certificates. In the event an adjustment to the Original Certificates, if any, is required pursuant to this Section 3, then the Subscriber shall return such Original Certificates to the Company or its designated agent as soon as practicable upon its receipt of notice from the Company advising Subscriber of such adjustment, following which a new certificate (the “New Certificate”), if any, shall be issued in such amount representing the adjusted number of Shares held by the Subscriber. The New Certificate, if any, shall be returned to the Subscriber as soon as practicable. Any such adjustment for any uncertificated securities held by the Subscriber shall be made in book-entry form.
Share Certificates. (a) At the expense of the appropriate Fund, each Fund shall supply the Transfer Agent with adequate supply of blank share certificates to meet the Transfer Agent's requirements therefor. Such Share certificates shall be properly signed by facsimile. Each Fund agrees that, notwithstanding the death, resignation, or removal of any officer of the Fund whose signature appears on such certificates, the Transfer Agent or its agent may continue to countersign certificates which bear such signatures until otherwise directed by Written Instructions.
Share Certificates. Fund will furnish Service Company with a sufficient supply of blank share certificates and from time to time will renew such supply upon the request of Service Company. Such certificates will be signed manually or by facsimile signatures of the officers of Fund authorized by law and Fund's Bylaws to sign share certificates and, if required, will bear the trust seal or facsimile thereof.
Share Certificates. All expenses of preparing and transmitting a Series's share certificates, if any;
Share Certificates. If the Trust authorizes the issuance of share certificate, the Trust shall supply the T/A with a sufficient supply of blank share certificates and from time to time shall renew such supply upon request of the T/A. Such blank share certificates shall be properly signed, manually or, if authorized by the Trust, by facsimile; and notwithstanding the death, resignation or removal of any officers of the Trust authorized to sign share certificates, the T/A may continue to countersign certificates which bear the manual or facsimile signature of such officer until otherwise directed by the Trust.
Share Certificates. The Fund shall not issue certificates representing Shares unless requested to do so by a shareholder. If such request is transmitted through RCM, the Fund will cause certificates evidencing the Shares owned to be issued in such names and denominations as RCM shall from time to time direct.
Share Certificates. (1) Every Member shall be entitled to a certificate under the seal of the Company (or a facsimile thereof) specifying the number and, where appropriate, the class of shares held by such Member and whether the same are fully paid up and, if not, how much has been paid thereon. The Board may by resolution determine, either generally or in a particular case, that any or all signatures on certificates may be printed thereon or affixed by mechanical means.