An investor definition

An investor means a foreign and domestic investor that make an investment
An investor means a foreign and domestic investor that make an investment in Mongolia;
An investor means any person or organization that buys stocks or shares, or pays money into an organization, business, bank in order to receive a profit.

Examples of An investor in a sentence

  • An investor controls an investee when it is exposed, or has rights, to variable returns from its involvement with the investee and has the ability to affect those returns through its power over the investee.

  • An investor cannot make an application for more than the number of Equity Shares offered in this Issue, subject to the maximum limit of investment prescribed under relevant laws applicable to each category of investor.

  • An investor in the Notes could lose all or part of the invested capital.

  • An investor may buy or sell units of the ETF on the TSX only through a registered broker or dealer in the province or territory where the investor resides.

  • An investor should take the necessary steps in order to verify the product’s eligibility with respect to the protection under the CIPF and, where applicable, consult with his or her investment advisor as to whether the investor’s investment in the market-linked GIC is eligible for protection in light of such investor’s particular circumstances.

  • An investor may buy or sell shares of the ETF on the TSX through a registered broker or dealer in the province or territory where the investor resides.

  • An investor can expect a potential business opportunity to be quite risky.

  • An investor at the time of his/her purchase must provide the details of his pay-in bank account (i.e. account from which a subscription payment is made) and his pay-out bank account (i.e. account into which redemption/dividend proceeds are to be paid).

  • Case 1- The index goes up• An investor sells the Nifty Option described above before expiry:Suppose the Nifty index moves up to 12000 in the spot market and the premium has moved to Rs 250 and there are 15 days more left for the expiry.

  • An investor has control when it has power over the investee (whether or not that power is used in practice), exposure or rights to variable returns from the investee and the ability to use the power over the investee to affect those returns.

Related to An investor

  • Plan Investor As defined in Section 5.03(n) of this Agreement.

  • Loan Investor means any Person (including an Agency) having a beneficial interest in any mortgage loan originated, purchased or serviced by the Bank or a security backed by or representing an interest in any such mortgage loan;

  • Benefit Plan Investor means an “employee benefit plan” as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA that is subject to Title I of ERISA, a “plan” as defined in and subject to Section 4975 of the Code or an entity whose underlying assets include plan assets of any of the foregoing.

  • Passive Investor means a person that:

  • retail investor means a person who is one (or more) of the following:

  • Investor is defined in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • foreign investor means a natural person of a third country or an undertaking of a third country, intending to make or having made a foreign direct investment;

  • Designated Investor means an Investor (a) that has been approved in writing as a Designated Investor by Administrative Agent and the Required Lenders, in their sole discretion, and (b) in respect of which there has been delivered to Administrative Agent:

  • Equity Investor means the tax credit investor or syndicator for the proposed project who will acquire an ownership interest in the proposed project and who contributes capital to the Project Sponsor and the closing of the syndication. Equity Investors provide the capital requirements of the Project Sponsor either in the form of a single contribution at the time of entry or a staged level of contributions.

  • Exempt Investor means any of the following Irish Residents: (i) the Administrator, for so

  • Qualified Investor means an investor who has been certified by the commissioner under subdivision 3.

  • Principal Stockholder Transferee means any Person who acquires voting stock of the Corporation from the Principal Stockholder (other than in connection with a public offering) and who is designated in writing by the Principal Stockholder as a “Principal Stockholder Transferee.”

  • ERISA Investor means an Investor that is: (a) an “employee benefit plan” (as such term is defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA) subject to Title I of ERISA, (b) any “plan” defined in and subject to Section 4975 of the Code, or (c) a partnership or commingled account of a fund, or any other entity, whose assets include or are deemed to include the assets of one or more such employee benefit plans or plans in accordance with the Plan Assets Regulations or otherwise.

  • Lead Investor means Empery Asset Master, Ltd.

  • Strategic Investor means a Corporation, partnership or other entity engaged in one or more Telecommunications Businesses that has, or 80% or more of the Voting Stock of which is owned by a Person that has, an equity market capitalization, at the time of its initial Investment in the Company or in a Permitted Joint Venture with the Company, in excess of $2 billion.

  • Co-Investor means any of (a) the assignees, if any, of the equity commitments of any Sponsor who become holders of Equity Interests in the Borrower (or any of the direct or indirect parent companies of the Borrower) on the Original Closing Date in connection with the acquisition of the Company by the Sponsor and (b) the transferees, if any, that acquire, within 90 days of the Original Closing Date, any Equity Interests in the Borrower (or any of the direct or indirect parent companies of the Borrower) held by any Sponsor as of the Original Closing Date.

  • Oaktree means Oaktree Capital Management, LLC and its Affiliates, including any partnerships, separate accounts or other entities managed by Oaktree.

  • Majority Stockholder means any person that would be a “50-percent shareholder” (within the meaning of section 382(g)(4)(D) of the U.S. Tax Code) of Common Stock if such person claimed a Worthless Stock Deduction at any time on or after the Petition Date.

  • Approved Investor means any institution which has made a Takeout Commitment and has been approved by Buyer and not subsequently disapproved by Buyer.

  • Anchor Investor means a Qualified Institutional Buyer, applying under the Anchor Investor Portion in accordance with the requirements specified in the SEBI ICDR Regulations and the Red Xxxxxxx Prospectus and who has Bid for an amount of at least ₹100 million.

  • Investor Limited Partner means any Limited Partner so designated at the time of its admission as a partner of the Partnership.

  • Principal Stockholder means, collectively, (i) the Sponsor and (ii) any affiliate or successor of a person referenced in clauses (i) and (ii) of this definition.

  • SBIC means a Small Business Investment Company licensed by an SBA under the SBIC Act.

  • Regulation S Investor With respect to a transferee of a Regulation S Global Certificate, a transferee that acquires such Certificate pursuant to Regulation S.

  • TPG has the meaning set forth in the preamble.