Reimbursable Costs Sample Clauses

Reimbursable Costs. 5.3.1. To be considered eligible for reimbursement, costs have to be:  actually incurred, individually identifiable and verifiable, as backed by copies of supporting evidence, as the case may be in the Contractor’s official bookkeeping; this means that no lump sums will be eligible for reimbursement;  necessary in order to perform the tasks as specified in the Terms of Reference (Annex 2); and  cost effective and providing value for money
Reimbursable Costs. PEG Inc. shall reimburse PEG LP for PEG Inc.’s allocable share of the costs incurred by PEG LP on behalf of PEG Inc. in providing the PEG LP Services. Such costs are expected to include, among other things, the share of costs allocable to PEG Inc. for internal, general and administrative overhead expenses (including rent, utilities, taxes, service contracts, office supplies, insurance and other such costs), and compensation provided to the personnel of PEG LP.
Reimbursable Costs. During the term of this Agreement, CPE LLC shall pay CPE the amount of the Reimbursable Costs on a monthly basis.
Reimbursable Costs. The Company shall reimburse Consultant in accordance with general policies and practices of the Company for actual and reasonable expenses incurred in performing the Consulting Services during the Consulting Period and pre-approved by the Chairman of the Board, payable within 30 calendar days after receipt of an invoice; provided that the invoice is submitted to the Company no later than two months prior to the end of the calendar year immediately following the year in which the expense was incurred. The amount of any reimbursements that constitute compensation in one year shall not affect the amount of reimbursements constituting compensation that are eligible for payment or reimbursement in any other year, and Consultant’s right to such payments or reimbursement of any such expenses shall not be subject to liquidation or exchange for any other benefit.
Reimbursable Costs. Operator shall reimburse Contractor for the costs of material, equipment, work or services which are to be furnished by Operator as provided for herein but which for convenience are actually furnished by Contractor at Operator’s request, plus 5 percent for such cost of handling. When, at Operator’s request and with Contractor’s agreement, the Contractor furnishes or subcontracts for certain items or services which Operator is required herein to provide, for purposes of the indemnity and release provisions of this Contract, said items or services shall be deemed to be Operator furnished items or services. Any subcontractors so hired shall be deemed to be Operator’s contractor, and Operator shall not be relieved of any of its liabilities in connection therewith.
Reimbursable Costs. Reimbursable costs are the actual costs incurred by the Consultant which are attributable to the specific work covered by this Agreement and allowable under the provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 48, Federal Acquisition Regulations Systems, Subchapter E., Part 30 (when applicable), and Part 31, Section 31.105 and Subpart 31.2. In addition to Title 48 requirements, for meals to be eligible for reimbursement, an overnight stay will be required. The Title 48 requirements include the following:
Reimbursable Costs. In the event that BTS Company provides or contracts directly with third parties, trade contractors, and subcontractors in connection with its provision of Site Acquisition Services for Collocation Sites, the following expenses (in addition to other expenses which the parties may agree to from time to time) shall be considered pass through costs and be reimbursed to BTS Company to the extent not paid directly by Horizon in accordance with IV(a) above, provided, however, that Horizon shall be obligated to reimburse expenses incurred by BTS Company only with respect to which BTS Company had received express written direction from Horizon.:
Reimbursable Costs. For purposes of this Agreement, “Reimbursable Costs” shall mean those out-of-pocket expenses not attributable to General Conditions but necessary for completion of the Project, including, but not limited to, construction power, printing, and reproduction costs. Reimbursable Costs shall include only those costs that: (i) are directly related to construction of the Project or provision of the CM Services; and (ii) are approved by the District in advance of such costs being incurred by the Construction Manager. The Construction Manager shall take all reasonable steps necessary to obtain the most competitive prices available for such Reimbursable Costs and shall invoice Reimbursable Costs to the District only at the actual cost incurred by the Construction Manager, without markup for overhead, profit, or other purposes. The Construction Manager shall not incur any Reimbursable Costs without the prior written approval of the District, and the District shall not be obligated to pay any otherwise Reimbursable Cost in the absence of such prior approval. In accordance with Section 7.6, all Reimbursable Costs presented for reimbursement by the District must be accompanied by documentation that reasonably evidences such costs.