Payment to Sample Clauses

Payment to. Pursuant to the Employment Agreement entered into between the parties, Company agrees to provide additional compensation to -------------- in the amount of --------------- provided -------------- executes and does not revoke this Agreement.
Payment to. Finance Parties If a Finance Party (a "Recovering Finance Party") receives or recovers any amount from an Obligor other than in accordance with Clause 29 (Payment mechanics) (a "Recovered Amount") and applies that amount to a payment due under the Finance Documents then: a) the Recovering Finance Party shall promptly, within three (3) Business Days, notify details of the receipt or recovery to the Agent; b) the Agent shall determine whether the receipt or recovery is in excess of the amount the Recovering Finance Party would have been paid had the receipt or recovery been received by or made by the Agent and distributed in accordance with Clause 29 (Payment mechanics), without taking account of Tax which would be imposed on the Agent in relation to the receipt, recovery or distribution; and c) the Recovering Finance Party shall, within three (3) Business Days of demand by the Agent, pay to the Agent an amount (the "Sharing Payment") equal to such receipt or recovery less any amount which the Agent determines may be retained by the Recovering Finance Party as its share of any payment to be made, in accordance with Clause 29.5 (Partial payments). 28.2 Redistribution of payments The Agent shall treat the Sharing Payment as if it had been paid by the relevant Obligor and distribute it between the Finance Parties (other than the Recovering Finance Party) (the "Sharing Finance Parties") in accordance with Clause 29.5 (Partial payments) towards the obligations of that Obligor to the Sharing Finance Parties. 28.3
Payment to. 1. . Within 15 business days of the execution hereof Richmond shall pay to d the sum $10,561.50, in the form of a corporate check payable to , as a full and complete payment to settle and compromise all disputes.
Payment to. Beneficiaries Notwithstanding any of the preceding provisions of this Part of the Declaration of Trust if it is shown to the satisfaction of the Trustees that a Member has died the Trustees shall hold the Appropriated Amount or such parts thereof as remain in their hands for the benefit of all or such one or more exclusive of the other or others of the Beneficiaries upon the trusts declared in Clause 7.2 of this Part of the Declaration of Trust below PROVIDED THAT the Trustees shall not pay any amount into the estate of the deceased Member
Payment to. ... Please print name and address For Account: .......................... Please print name and address of Holder ....................................... .......................................
Payment to. Upon the receipt of the initial income from each Video Monitor, ________________ shall entitled to ten percent (10%) of all gross revenues generated by such Video Monitor, without deduction for any costs.
Payment to. Company 100% of net Unit Cost (after giving effect to any discounts)