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Other Forms. If the Participant's benefit is distributed in the form of an annuity purchased from an insurance company, distributions thereunder shall be made in accordance with the requirements of Section 401(a)(9) of the Code and the regulations thereunder.
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Other Forms. Depending upon the Distribution Channels available with the Services You purchase, Your Work also may be distributed in one or more of the following models: (i) divided with only certain portions of the Work sold; (ii) combined, in whole or part, with other works and sold as part of a bundle; (iii) combined, in whole or in part, with other works and sold as part of a subscription service; or (iv) combined, in whole or in part, and sold as part of a lending service (collectively referred to as “Other Forms”). For transactions involving Other Forms of Your Work, revenue may be generated such as a share of advertising revenue, a fractional amount of the Suggested Retail Price, subscription revenue, lending revenue, or other forms of revenue (“Work Revenue”). For each Qualifying Sale of Other Forms of Your Work, You will receive thirty percent (30%) of the Work Revenue received by Us that is attributable to Your Work.
Other Forms. Where a word or phrase is defined in this Agreement, its other grammatical forms have a corresponding meaning. Words importing the singular number only include the plural and vice versa. Any word importing gender shall include the masculine, feminine and neuter.
Other Forms. Parents agree to complete in entirety all of the following enrollment paperwork and to update it as needed: • Child Record Part A – Child Information Form • Child Record Part BFamily Information Form • Child Record Part CEmergency Information Form • Provisions of the Emergency Preparedness and Response PlanLiability Waiver and IndemnificationPolicy for the Administration of Medication • Authorization to Apply Non-Prescription Topical Skin Products • Permission to Document Form • An Allergy Action Plan, if your child is identified as having a food or bee sting allergy • Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form o Parents agree to provide the completed Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form for Child. o Parents understand that Child must be adequately immunized prior to admission and must receive additional immunizations as required by state law. ▪ Parents understand that the immunizations form is required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and that ERS is required by state law to exclude any child from care until Parents have provided initial or updated immunization records. ▪ It is the Parentssole responsibility to update the immunizations form once every six months for children under the age of two, and once between a child’s fourth and sixth birthday. ▪ Parents understand the immunization records must be provided on the current form approved by the Virginia Department of Health or on a physician’s form signed or stamped by a physician or his/her designee, registered nurse or health department official. Out-of-state records are acceptable if they contain the exact date (day/month/year) of administration of the required doses, are signed as noted in the previous sentence and contain records of all the immunizations required by the current Virginia Department of Health form. • COVID-19 Guidelines and Acknowledgement Please initial to acknowledge your understanding that the aforementioned documents are an integral part of the Agreement: / Child Identification Parents agree to provide ERS proof of identification for Child on the first day of enrollment and understand that ERS is required by law to notify a local law enforcement agency if such proof is not provided. Proof of identification must be one of the following: • Original certified birth certificate; • Original birth registration card; • Notification of birth, signed by a hospital official, physician or midwife; • Passport; • Copy of placement agreement or other proo...
Other Forms. In conformance with required state and federal laws applicable to the Contract:
Other Forms. SMC may, upon the written consent of JM, direct JM to provide Returnable Metals in other forms, such as solution, with the same respective minimum purity levels as set forth in Exhibit C, provided that in each such case, JM and SMC shall have agreed on an additional fee for providing the metal in such other form and the time for return of the metal.
Other Forms. The supervisor may use a pre-conference form or informal feedback forms. If they so choose to use a form, they shall share the form with their staff as in a faculty meeting before they use the form. The form itself will not be placed in the personnel file.
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Other Forms. If none of the below are applicable leave this area blank Upload the following forms only if applicable: • Information for Determining Joint Venture Eligibility Form o In addition to the form, attach the associated, fully executed, Joint Venture Agreements o Refer to#Solicitation Terms and Conditions, Joint Venture RequirementsTrench Safety Act Form o Refer to #Solicitation Terms and Conditions, Trench Safety Act • Trade Secret Information Log o In addition to the form, attach the associated redacted copies of all impacted submittals o Refer to#Solicitation Terms and Conditions, Trade Secret Information
Other Forms. The Agreement Documents supersede all terms in Vendor's invoices and other forms, and all prior oral or written communications between us, for the matters covered in the Agreement Documents. No party is entering into these Agreement Documents in reliance on any oral or written promises, representations or understandings other than those in the Agreement Documents. The Agreement Documents can be amended only in a writing signed by an authorized official of each of us.
Other Forms. The contractor shall use the Department’s approved forms and reports submitted for SSI or Social Security disability claims. The Department will consider Contractor’s requests to change forms or processes, but the Department must approve any such changes.
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