STAINLESS STEEL. Side Steps, Grill Guards, Bull Bars, Bed Caps, and Side Rails • ALUMINUM: Side Steps, Running Boards, Storage Boxes, Transfer Tanks, Bed Protection, Invis-A-Racks, and Cab Racks • PLASTIC: Storage Boxes • OTHER: Front and Rear Bumpers THREE-YEAR WARRANTY:
STAINLESS STEEL. Wash stainless steel surfaces with a clean, soft cloth or sponge and a mild detergent in warm water. Rinse surfaces with clean, warm water and dry immediately to avoid water spots.
STAINLESS STEEL. Saturn" finish double three arm turnstiles fitted to "Type 316" stainless steel framework including provision for biometric operated lock and reader on frame 7 2180 x 2250mm High double three arm turnstile No 1 Carried Forward to Summary of Section No. 2 Section No. 2 Bill No. 11 Metalwork Bespoke Global Efficacy Ramgoolam (Pty) Ltd R Item No BILL NO. 12 Quantity Rate PLASTERING PREAMBLES For Preambles refer to the General Preambles for Trades 2017 and any amplification/s stated hereunder SUPPLEMENTARY PREAMBLES The SUPPLEMENTARY PREAMBLES applicable to the same trade in the preceding Sections, apply equally to this BILL This Bill of Quantities must be read in conjunction with the attached specifications and details (CPAP WORK GROUP NO. 142) unless otherwise stated SCREEDS

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  • Stainless Steel Cleaner For best cleaning results, use Kenmore Stainless Steel Cleaner item #02240083 or equivalent.

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STAINLESS STEEL. Less commonly used due to concerns about nickel content but is still found in some plates and screws.
STAINLESS STEEL. Unless otherwise indicated, stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers, hangers and
STAINLESS STEEL means heat and corrosion resistant steel containing 50 percent or more iron and 11 percent or more chromium with or without nickel, molybdenum or other elements.
STAINLESS STEEL means – 316 Food Grade
STAINLESS STEEL with a brushed finish. Special Image – Digital image applied to cover using patented Kolorfusion Sublimation Decoration process. All covers will be fastened to a wall plate by two chrome plated tamper-proof bolts.
STAINLESS STEEL. Island Canopy P27667 4/9/98 cc8685 $1,838.61 Vinyl Canopy Strip Wall =============================================================================================================== Xxxxx Vyon Flurolog 3 System 100142640 5/22/98 Instruments Software, Datamax Instruments Software, Datamax Standard Version 22.5 Front Face Viewing Accessory Fiber Optic Platform assy Micromax Microwell Plate reader Dual Auto Polarizer Sample Compartment Accessory Electronics Sample Cell Cuvette, Small Quartz for 1931B Micro Cell Adapter One time only purchased sample Heater/cooler Temperature Control Interface Kit Discount Packaging & Handling =============================================================================================================== IPSi Dolphin 512K Flash 512 Ram Scanners 101097-02 10/10/97 cc7637 $8,095.00 Dolphin Home Base