Exhibit C definition

Exhibit C means the Rules and Regulations attached hereto as Exhibit C.
Exhibit C. Fee Schedule ( pages)

Examples of Exhibit C in a sentence

If there are any inconsistencies between Exhibit B and Exhibit C, Exhibit B shall prevail.

The definitions of terms used in this DPA are found in Exhibit C.

In the event of a conflict between the terms of the Agreement (including any and all attachments thereto and amendments thereof) and the terms of this Exhibit C, the terms of this Exhibit C shall control.

Any collaborating organization must be designated as subcontractor subject to the terms of Exhibit C Special Provisions (see Appendix B: Contract Minimum Requirements).

The Contractor shall comply with all of the requirements set forth in Exhibit C hereto.

More Definitions of Exhibit C

Exhibit C has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.3.
Exhibit C means collectively Exhibits C-1 through C-n which incorporate into the Agreement the specific terms and conditions for each Technology licensed hereunder.
Exhibit C means Exhibit C attached to this Lease, which is incorporated in and made a part of this Lease and given the same force and effect as if the same were fully set forth herein.
Exhibit C. Items consented to by Landlord subject to Landlord's a) prior express written initial consent to plans and specifications for same and b) final express written approval of all of same as-built.
Exhibit C means the attachment to this Contract containing the details of any Product Licenses and Pricing for Expansion of Use.
Exhibit C means the document entitled “Exhibit C” which is attached hereto (and by such attachment, made a part hereof), as said document may be amended or supplemented, from time to time specific to RNG.