Deliverables Sample Clauses

Deliverables. Upon satisfactory completion of the work authorization, the Engineer shall submit the deliverables as specified in the executed work authorization to the State for review and acceptance.
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Deliverables. The Grantee agrees to render the services or other units of deliverables as set forth in Attachment 3, Grant Work Plan. The services or other units of deliverables shall be delivered in accordance with the schedule and at the pricing outlined in the Grant Work Plan. Deliverables may be comprised of activities that must be completed prior to Department making payment on that deliverable. The Grantee agrees to perform in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and all attachments and exhibits incorporated by the Standard Grant Agreement.
Deliverables. The committee will, during the life of the collective agreement, survey school boards with respect to the practices in place that support diversity, equity, inclusion and xxxxxx diverse and inclusive workforces. The committee will further gather data on the use of the tool previously provided by the committee to school boards including whether the tool was utilized and what changes have been implemented as a result. Leading practices, where jointly identified, will be further shared with school boards and locals.
Deliverables. The Education Worker Diverse and Inclusive Workforce Committee (Committee) will produce a summary document that will identify and promote best practices that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. The summary document, once endorsed by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) and the Council of Trustees’ Associations (CTA), will be translated into the French language and distributed to all school boards where there are CUPE-represented members employed and to all corresponding CUPE/SCFP locals no later than October 31, 2016.
Deliverables. Upon completion of each Test for each Reviewable Receivable, the Asset Representations Reviewer shall record a finding based on the issues discovered. Findings categories are listed as follows: • Evidence that the applicable Test was satisfied (“Satisfied Test”); • Evidence that the applicable Test was not satisfied (“Unsatisfied Test”); and • Test incomplete as a result of missing or insufficient documentation (“Unsatisfied Test – Missing Required Documents”).
Deliverables. Contractor shall prepare or provide to the City various Deliverables. "
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Deliverables. ‌ The Contractor shall provide the following plans, services, requests and reports to the Authorized User Representative within the timeframe shown below. For definitions of the reports contained in this table see Section 1.5 ‘Definitions’. Deliverable Date of submission and/or completion of work Frequency Maintenance Control Program (MCP) 14 (fourteen) calendar days after award of a Mini-bid Agreement or as otherwise agreed to by the parties and on each anniversary date of the award See Section 2.6 ‘Maintenance Control Program’ Completion of Pre-Maintenance Repair Services (if applicable) 30 (thirty) days after award of a Mini-bid Agreement or as otherwise agreed to by the parties Once at the start of a Mini-bid Agreement, unless otherwise stated in the Mini-bid Project Definition Request to Work Outside of Normal Facility Business Hours 5 (five) days prior to the performance of the service On demand Monthly MCP Status Report, invoices for Monthly Maintenance Fee, Fire Service Testing (if applicable) and Major Corrective Maintenance Services Fifth day of each month Monthly (invoices may be sent separately for each item) Completion of ASME Inspections and Testing Within fifteen (15) days from the deadline from the performance of the last inspection or test performed. Scheduled according to ASME A17 & ASME A18 requirements ASME Inspection and Testing Report Within five (5) calendar days after completion of the inspection and testing Scheduled according to ASME A17 & ASME A18 requirements Correction of deficiencies/violations identified by the Qualified Elevator Inspector Within thirty (30) days after the report is received from the Authorized User Representative On demand Corrective Maintenance Report Within five (5) calendar days after completion of the Corrective Maintenance Monthly Elevator Downtime Report Twenty four (24) hours after the Elevator is out of service. On demand Callback Report Within three (3) working days after completion On demand
Deliverables. The Contractor shall provide the following deliverables:
Deliverables. (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, the Company shall deliver or cause to be delivered to each Purchaser the following:
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