LAND SURVEYING. Complaints on the land surveying services provided by MWM DesignGroup can be directed to the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying, 12100 Park 00 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx X, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000, (000) 000-0000. MWM DesignGroup TBPLS Firm Registration No.: 10065600. Approved: MWM DesignGroup, Inc. Date MWM DesignGroup Fee Calculation Page Attachment A: Page 1 of 9 Date 4/16/2019 Subprojec 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Labor Categories PRINCIPAL SR PROJECT MANAGER LICENSED PROF II ARCH SUPPORT STAFF II ARCH SUPPORT STAFF I TECHNICIAN $290.00 $210.00 $155.00 $125.00 $90.00 $75.00 MWM DesignGroup Billable Rates MWM DesignGroup Subconsultants Subtotal by Phase Hours Fee Hours Fee Hours Fee 43.00 $ 4,455.00 $ - $ 4,455.00 40.00 $ 6,571.00 $ - $ 6,571.00 15.00 $ 2,552.00 $ - $ 2,552.00 47.00 $ 4,945.00 $ 6,850.00 $ 11,795.00 94.00 $ 10,120.00 $ 21,997.00 $ 32,117.00 4.50 $ 697.50 $ 1,540.00 $ 2,237.50 40.50 $ 5,967.50 $ 8,820.00 $ 14,787.50 4.00 $ 620.00 $ 740.00 $ 1,360.00 288.00 $ 35,928.00 $ 39,947.00 $ 75,875.00 $ 3,000.00 $ - $ 3,000.00 Professional Fees per Phase (see attached Backup) Schematic Design Survey Phase ROW Survey Phase Profile Design Development Construction Documents Bid-Award-Execution Construction Phase Post-Construction Phase TOTALS Reimbursible Expenses (Allowance) Xxxx Xxxxxx Encotech Subtotal by Phase Hours Fee Hours Fee Hours Fee $ - $ - $ - $ 6,850.00 $ - $ 6,850.00 $ 8,497.00 $ 13,500.00 $ 21,997.00 $ 740.00 $ 800.00 $ 1,540.00 $ 5,320.00 $ 3,500.00 $ 8,820.00 $ 740.00 $ - $ 740.00 - $ 22,147.00 - $ 17,800.00 $ 39,947.00 $ - $ - $ - Primary Subconsultant Fees per Phase (see attached Backup) Schematic Design Design Development Construction Documents Bid-Award-Execution Construction Phase Post-Construction Phase TOTALS Reimbursible Expenses (Allowance) MWM DesignGroup Fee Calculation Page Attachment A: Page 2 of 9 Date 4/16/2019 Subprojec 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx TASK DESCRIPTION INCLUDED AS BASIC SERVICES PRINCIPAL SR PROJECT MANAGER LICENSED PROF II ARCH SUPPORT STAFF II ARCH SUPPORT STAFF I TECHNICIAN TOTAL Design Phase Services - Schematic Design Attend each project design meeting (2 meetings) Y 0.00 0.00 4.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 4.00 Investigate alternatives, question assumptions and research approaches to optimize building performance (integral with preparation of schematic design) Y 0.00 0.00 2.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 2.00 Completion and documentation of internal QAQC review and response Y 0.00 0.00 1.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 1.00 Prepare, for approval by t...
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LAND SURVEYING. 3.3.1 Should any changes be made to any layout or preliminary General Plan, the Developer shall notify the Council’s Representative in writing of such changes for Council’s approval.
LAND SURVEYING. PACE’s survey department is responsible for property surveys and the preparation of legal descriptions for hundreds of rights-of- way and easements for road and utility projects. PACE teams provide survey supervision and coordination for control surveys, property boundary surveys, aerial mapping, topographic surveys, construction staking, and ALTA title surveys. PACE’s widely respected survey department is led by Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, L.S. Our survey crews are equipped with the latest in “total station” technology, including two robotic total stations. Additionally, PACE is one of the few firms in northern California that owns and operates a GNSS continually operating GPS base station. We are the northernmost member of the California Survey and Drafting Supply’s CSDS RTN. This GPS system provides significant cost savings for control surveys and topographic surveys in open areas. Several years ago, PACE added 3D laser scanning to the long list of surveying services we provide. Now PACE is offering aerial mapping with drones. Mapping with drones provides an efficient method for supplementing our field surveys with up-to-date aerial imagery and the ability to capture large amounts of data in relatively short periods of time. Drone surveys are ideal for providing incremental surveys to monitor construction progress or provide volumetric calculations for stockpiles or other masses. CONSTRUCTION OBSERVATION PACE provides construction observation for many of our municipal projects. Our construction observers have experience covering a broad range of public works projects including grading, paving, concrete placement, and utilities inspection. The construction observer reports the contractor’s daily work and compliance with the contract documents to the Engineer. Construction observation services include: • Soil compaction testing using ASTM, AASHTO, USBR, and Caltrans procedures • Quality control observations during earthwork operations • In situ soil moisture and density determination • Quality control observations for foundation excavations PACE has two nuclear density gauges. All construction observers are certified nuclear gauge operators, which eliminates the need for separate compaction testing personnel.
LAND SURVEYING. 1 Field Days +
LAND SURVEYING. Lodging o Rooms 1 Weeks 1 Nighls/Week @ $ 70.00 � $ 0.00 Meals o Weeks o Days 3 man crew @ $ 31.00 � $ 0.00 Field Book 1 Book @ $ 10.00 � $ 10.00 Mileage 3 trips 40 miles/trip 120@ $ 0.375 � $ 45.00 POSTAGE Preliminary Plan Submittal 1 packages@ $ Pre-Final Plan Submittal 1 packages@ $ Final Plan Submittal 1 packages@ $ 40 per package 40 per package 40 per package $ 75.00 $ 75.00 $ 75.00 CADD SEAT 16 hours MicroStation (Structural Tech)
LAND SURVEYING. ‌ If requested by LPSNRD staff, the Consultant’s land surveying team will perform boundary and topographic surveying services to validate Cass County right of way boundaries and provide essential topographic data. This data will support the feasibility analysis of various design alternatives during the trail study. Additionally, our surveyors can stake various design alternatives in the field for the benefit of stakeholder visualization. Task 8 Deliverables • Plat of Survey to determine right of way boundaries • Topographic Survey CADD model drawing Project Fee The Consultant proposes to perform the described services for an hourly not-to-exceed fee as outlined in the fee schedule below: Project Tasks Total Fee 1 Project Management $54,975.00 2 Community Engagement $167,062.00 3 Discovery Phase $35,160.00 4 Alternatives Feasibility Analysis $67,366.00 5 Schematic Design $25,620.00 6 Trail Connector Study – Final Report $37,080.00 7 Land Surveying $8,380.00 Total $395,643.00 Budget may be re-distributed among tasks, with approval by the LPSNRD, so long as the total fee amount does not change. Project Schedule Anticipated notice to proceed: October 18, 2023 Anticipated completion of project activities: December 31, 2024 A preliminary schedule is included; however, it is subject to change—and will be updated—following the development of the Public Participation Plan (Task 2A). The Consultant will work with LPSNRD to develop and maintain a schedule of project milestones. EXHIBIT A DRAFT 10-13-2023 SUBJECT TO CHANGE 9 - Columbus Day 31 - Halloween 10(11)- Veterans Day 23-Thanksgiving 25 - Christmas 1 - New Year's Day 15 - MLK Day 19 - President's Day 31 - Easter 19 - Arbor Day 27 - Memorial Day 19 - Juneteenth 4 - Independence Day 2 - Labor Day 14 - Columbus Day 11 - Veterans Day 28 - Thanksgiving 25 - Christmas Monday 10/2 10/9 10/16 10/23 10/30 11/6 11/13 11/20 11/27 12/4 12/11 12/18 12/25 1/1 1/8 1/15 1/22 1/29 2/5 2/12 2/19 2/26 3/4 3/11 3/18 3/25 4/1 4/8 4/15 4/22 4/29 5/6 5/13 5/20 5/27 6/3 6/10 6/17 6/24 7/1 7/8 7/15 7/22 7/29 8/5 8/12 8/19 8/26 9/2 9/9 9/16 9/23 9/30 10/7 10/14 10/21 10/28 11/4 11/11 11/18 11/25 12/2 12/9 12/16 12/23 12/30 MoPac Sub-Committee (2nd Thurs) 9 9 14 11 8 14 11 9 13 11 8 12 10 14 12 Cass County Commission (alt. Tues) 10 24 7 21 5 19 2 16 30 13 27 12 26 8 23 7 21 4 18 2 16 30 13 27 10 24 8 22 5 19 3 17 31 Kick Off + Progress Meetings Agency Coordination timing TBD Develop P2 Plan Revisit P2 Plan Key Message Development Establi...
LAND SURVEYING. Prepare a topography and existing conditions drawing as needed.
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LAND SURVEYING. These Services involve the practice of land surveying, as that term is defined in Chapter 2254; Subchapter A; of the Texas Government Code, including Section 2254.002 of that Subchapter, and the Texas Occupations Code; Title 6; Subtitle C; Regulation of Land Surveying and Related Practices.
LAND SURVEYING. The portion of North Port Neighborhood Expansion Phase 2 to be surveyed is approximately 1500 L.F. north to south, and 2700 L.F. in the east west direction. The total road length to be surveyed is approximately 11,350 L.F. .


  • Surveying Survey services including surveys indicating topography, cross sections, spot elevations, aerials, research of legal descriptions, easements and other right of way documents.

  • Survey Buyer may obtain a survey of the Property before the Closing to assure that there are no defects, encroachments, overlaps, boundary line or acreage disputes, or other such matters, that would be disclosed by a survey ("Survey Problems"). The cost of the survey shall be paid by the Buyer. Not later than business days prior to the Closing, Buyer shall notify Seller of any Survey Problems which shall be deemed to be a defect in the title to the Property. Seller shall be required to remedy such defects within business days and prior to the Closing. If Seller does not or cannot remedy any such defect(s), Buyer shall have the option of canceling this Agreement, in which case the Xxxxxxx Money shall be returned to Buyer.

  • EU SURVEY 5.1. The participant shall complete and submit the online EU Survey after the mobility abroad within 30 calendar days upon receipt of the invitation to complete it.

  • Title Policy and Survey A. TITLE POLICY: Seller shall furnish to Buyer at Seller’s Buyer’s expense an owner policy of title insurance (Title Policy) issued by (Title Company) in the amount of the Sales Price, dated at or after closing, insuring Buyer against loss under the provisions of the Title Policy, subject to the promulgated exclusions (including existing building and zoning ordinances) and the following exceptions:

  • Title and Survey (a) The Seller shall order and cause to be delivered to each of the Buyer and the Seller a commitment for the Title Policy from the Title Company, together with all underlying title exception documents. The Buyer shall, at its expense, order and cause to be delivered to each of the Buyer and the Seller, an ALTA survey of the Property. After receipt of the survey and the title commitment, the Buyer shall notify the Seller of any defects in title or survey shown by such commitment and/or ALTA survey that the Buyer is unwilling to accept. Within 5 days after such notification, the Seller shall notify the Buyer whether the Seller is willing to cure such defects; the Seller’s failure to so notify the Buyer shall be deemed to be the Seller’s refusal to cure all such defects (except for any defects consisting of those items in the last sentence of this SECTION 3.2 below expressly required to be cured by the Seller). The Seller may cure any defect by causing the Title Company, at the Seller’s sole cost and expense, to omit such defect as an exception to the Title Policy or to “insure over” such defect to the Buyer’s reasonable satisfaction. If the Seller is willing to cure such defects, the Seller shall act promptly, diligently and use commercially reasonable efforts to cure such defects at its expense. Subject to those items below expressly required to be cured by the Seller, if the Seller is unwilling or unable to cure any other such defects by Closing (or fails to notify Buyer and therefore has elected not to cure such defects), then the Buyer shall elect, within 5 days after written notice thereof from the Seller to the Buyer (or within 5 days after the Seller’s time for giving notice has expired without any notice from the Seller), by giving the Seller written notice that the Buyer either (i) waives such defects and shall proceed to Closing without any abatement in the Purchase Price with respect thereto, or (ii) terminates this Agreement and shall be entitled to receive a full and immediate refund of the Xxxxxxx Money and, upon return of the Xxxxxxx Money, this Agreement shall terminate and the Buyer and the Seller shall have no further rights, liabilities or obligations hereunder (except as expressly survive the termination of this Agreement). In the event that the Buyer does not make such election within the applicable time frame, the Buyer shall be deemed to have elected to waive any such defects pursuant to clause (i) above. Subject to those items below expressly required to be cured by the Seller, all title matters not objected to by the Buyer during the Study Period (or objected to but which the Seller declines, or is deemed to decline, to cure as provided above without the Buyer thereafter electing to terminate this Agreement) shall be deemed “Permitted Title Exceptions.” Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any such defects of title consist of mortgages or deeds of trust, any other monetary liens and/or tax liens (other than liens for taxes not yet due and payable), the Buyer shall be deemed to have notified the Seller that the Buyer is unwilling to accept such defects and the Seller covenants and agrees that at or prior to Closing the Seller shall cure by payment, bonding, or escrow deposit acceptable to the Title Company (and the Escrow Agent is authorized to pay and discharge at Closing from the Seller’s proceeds, if not so cured) and cause to be cancelled and discharged such monetary title defects.

  • Surveys Each Borrower shall submit the Ship owned by it regularly to all periodical or other surveys which may be required for classification purposes and, if so required by the Security Trustee provide the Security Trustee, with copies of all survey reports.

  • Title Report If no Additional Mortgage Policy is required with respect to such Additional Mortgaged Property, a title report issued by the Title Company with respect thereto, dated not more than 30 days prior to the date such Additional Mortgage is to be recorded and satisfactory in form and substance to Administrative Agent;

  • Title Examination Within thirty (30) days after Purchaser’s exercise of the Option, Purchaser shall have the right to obtain, at Purchaser’s expense, a current survey of the Property (the “Updated Survey”) and an ALTA Title Commitment for the Property from a title company acceptable to Purchaser (the “Title Company”), setting forth the status of title to the Property, and showing all liens, claims, encumbrances, reservations, restrictions and other matters, if any, relating to the Property (the “Title Commitment”), including legible copies of all encumbrances, restrictive covenants and other documents evidencing exceptions to said Title Commitment (the “Exception Documents”). If the Title Commitment and/or Updated Survey reveals any exception(s) to title to which Purchaser objects (a “Title Objection”) and is(are) not either (i) listed as title exceptions in the title insurance policy and/or survey obtained by Seller in connection with the closing of the Mezzanine Loan and/or (ii) permitted by this Agreement (collectively, the “Permitted Encumbrances”), Purchaser may notify Seller in writing that it would like Seller to cure or remove such Title Objections. Seller shall have the right, but not the obligation (except as set forth below), to remedy or cure any such Title Objection(s) during the twenty (20) day period following Seller’s receipt thereof (the “Cure Period”). Purchaser shall have the continuing right to have such title examination and Title Commitments updated from time to time, and to obtain updates to the Survey, and to give Seller written notice of any Title Objections appearing of record, or otherwise created, after the effective date of the initial Title Commitment and being revealed by any title examination, Survey or investigation of the Property, and Purchaser shall be entitled to object (in the same manner as set forth hereinabove) to matters shown by the updated Title Commitments or updated Survey or investigations. Seller shall have the right, but not the obligation (except as set forth below), to remedy those Title Objections identified by Purchaser to the satisfaction of Purchaser within twenty (20) days after Purchaser’s notice. If any of the Title Objections are not so cured or remedied, or provision satisfactory to Purchaser made therefor, prior to any closing date selected by Purchaser, then Purchaser, at its election, shall have the right and option to either: (a) accept title to the Property subject to said uncured Title Objections that Purchaser elects to accept, and any Title Objection accepted by Purchaser in writing shall become part of the Permitted Encumbrances; or (b) terminate this Agreement by written notice to Seller, in which event, immediately upon receipt of said notice, this Agreement shall terminate, be null and void and of no further force or effect. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Seller, at Seller’s sole cost and expense, shall be obligated to cure or remove at or before Closing all mortgages, deeds of trust, deeds to secure debt, judgments liens, mechanics and materialman’s liens, and other monetary liens against the Property, whether or not Purchaser objects thereto, and Purchaser shall credit the cost to cure, satisfy, release and remove such matters against the Purchase Price provided the same is actually paid by Purchaser or Title Company on Seller’s behalf. In addition, Seller shall not allow any easements, liens, leases, licenses, permits or other encumbrances to be placed on or granted with respect to the Property, nor shall Seller convey any rights in the Property, without the prior written consent of Purchaser, except to the extent expressly permitted, or consented to in writing by Purchaser under the Mezzanine Loan Documents. If any such prohibited easements, liens, leases, licenses, permits or other encumbrances arise after the Effective Date, notwithstanding any other term or provision of this Agreement to the contrary, Seller shall, at its sole cost and expense, cure, satisfy, release and remove such matters prior to Closing; provided, however, that any easements or encumbrances that are taken by eminent domain shall be governed by the terms of Section 5 immediately below.

  • Title Commitment (a) Purchaser acknowledges receipt of that certain title insurance commitment dated April 9, 2002 issued by the Title Company under Commitment No. 673945-F (the "TITLE COMMITMENT"), together with copies of the title exceptions listed thereon. Purchaser shall have until the expiration of the Evaluation Period (the "ORIGINAL OBJECTION DATE") to send written notice to Seller of its objections to matters shown on the Title Commitment or the Existing Survey that Purchaser deems unacceptable and shall have until the date (the "NEW OBJECTION DATE") that is five (5) Business Days after receipt by Purchaser's counsel of any update to the Title Commitment or any Updated Survey (or as promptly as possible prior to the Closing with respect to updates received less than five (5) Business Days prior to the Closing) to send written notice to Seller of Purchaser's objections to any new exceptions to title to the Real Property raised thereby, provided that Purchaser may object to matters shown on an Updated Survey only if such matters were not shown on the Existing Survey. Purchaser's objections made in accordance with the preceding sentence are referred to herein as "TITLE OBJECTIONS" or "SURVEY OBJECTIONS," as applicable. Purchaser will be deemed to have accepted the exceptions to title set forth on the Title Commitment (as updated) and the matters shown on the Existing Survey and Updated Survey as permitted exceptions (together with any Title Objections and Survey Objections ultimately waived by Purchaser or cured by Seller, the "PERMITTED EXCEPTIONS") unless such matters are objected to by Purchaser in writing by the Original Objection Date or the New Objection Date, as applicable. Seller shall cause the Title Company to furnish to Purchaser a preliminary title report or title commitment, by the terms of which the Title Company agrees to issue to Purchaser at Closing an owner's policy of title insurance (the "TITLE POLICY") in the amount of the Purchase Price on the then standard TLTA owner's form insuring Purchaser's fee simple title to the Real Property, subject to the terms of such policy and the Permitted Exceptions including, without limitation, the standard or general exceptions. The basic premium for the Title Policy shall be at Seller's expense, and Purchaser may request additional coverage under the Title Policy or endorsements or deletions thereto (including, without limitation, the modification or deletion of the survey exception), which shall be, in each case, at Purchaser's expense.

  • Title Documents Title Documents consist of the following: (1) copies of any plats, declarations, covenants, conditions and restrictions burdening the Property, and (2) copies of any other documents (or, if illegible, summaries of such documents) listed in the schedule of exceptions (Exceptions) in the Title Commitment furnished to Buyer (collectively, Title Documents).

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