Title Documents definition

Title Documents shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.
Title Documents means all documents referred to on Schedule B of the Title Commitment as exceptions to coverage.
Title Documents means, collectively, any and all certificates of title, leases, reservations, permits, licences, assignments, trust declarations, operating agreements, royalty agreements, gross overriding royalty agreements, participation agreements, farm-in agreements, sale and purchase agreements, pooling agreements and any other documents and agreements granting, reserving or otherwise conferring rights to (i) explore for, drill for, produce, take, use or market Petroleum Substances, (ii) share in the production of Petroleum Substances, (iii) share in the proceeds from, or measured or calculated by reference to the value or quantity of, Petroleum Substances which are produced, and (iv) rights to acquire any of the rights described in items (i) to (iii) of this definition; but only if the foregoing pertain in whole or in part to Petroleum Substances within, upon or under the Lands; including without limitation those, if any, set out and described in Schedule "A"; and

Examples of Title Documents in a sentence

  • At the time of completion of each Acquisition Improvement, the Developer shall deliver to the Local Agency Engineer a written request for acquisition, accompanied by an Actual Cost Certificate and executed Title Documents for the transfer of the Acquisition Improvement, where necessary.

  • I declare that I will assist Bank Limited and First Title to obtain the Title Documents in relation to the Security Property(s), including signing any authorities and letters required from the current lender/s and immediately providing any additional information requested from me.

  • The Developer shall have provided the Local Agency with Title Documents needed to provide the Local Agency with title to the site, right-of-way, or easement upon which the subject Acquisition Improvements are situated.

  • Copies of Title Documents of property is mandatory at the time of submission of Bids, otherwise bidder will be disqualified.

  • In consideration of Bank Limited paying out the Total Loans, I irrevocably authorise Bank Limited and First Title to hold and have possession and custody of the Certificate (s) of Title, Discharge(s) of Mortgage and other security documents relevant to the Security Property(s) ('Title Documents') and to obtain the Title Documents directly from the current lender(s).

More Definitions of Title Documents

Title Documents means, for each Acquisition Improvement acquired hereunder, a grant deed or similar instrument necessary to transfer title to any real property or interests therein (including easements) necessary or convenient to the operation, maintenance, rehabilitation and improvement by the Local Agency of that Acquisition Improvement (including, if necessary, easements for ingress and egress) and a Bill of Sale or similar instrument evidencing transfer of title to that Acquisition Improvement (other than said real property interests) to the Local Agency, where applicable.
Title Documents shall have the meaning ascribed in Section 4.1.
Title Documents means all documents referred to in the Title Commitment.
Title Documents means, with respect to any Financed Vehicle, the actual motor vehicle title or certificate of title for such Financed Vehicle issued by the Registrar of Titles or other government agency in the jurisdiction in which such Financed Vehicle is registered; alternatively, in those certain jurisdictions whose law requires that the original of the actual motor vehicle title or certificate of title be possessed by the Obligor, then, in lieu of the actual title or certificate of title, Title Documents shall mean such duplicate titles, certificates or other documents as are permitted, required and/or contemplated to be possessed by the secured party under the laws of such jurisdiction.
Title Documents means all manufacturer’s certificates of origin, manufacturersstatements of origin, certificates of title, certificates of ownership and any other documents evidencing ownership of a motor vehicle or the transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle from a manufacturer or another dealer to a Dealership, and all warehouse receipts, bills of lading and other negotiable documents of title.