Fee Calculation Sample Clauses

Fee Calculation. All fees payable pursuant to the Operative Agreements shall be calculated on the basis of a year of three hundred sixty (360) days for the actual days elapsed.
Fee Calculation. The annual fee is calculated by multiplying student FTE reported to OSPI by the District for October of the current year multiplied by the IMC Fee. Invoices will be issued in October, after OSPI has published the student FTE reported by the District. Fees are estimated and will be revised once the actual FTE is posted. APPENDIX C
Fee Calculation. The annual cost to the district for the Student and Fiscal services provided under this agreement will be calculated by multiplying the current fee times enrolled FTE. If the enrolled FTE is less than 220, then the annual cost shall be calculated using 220 FTE. This cost includes amounts for sales, use or other similar taxes related to the services provided herein. One twelfth of the annual cost will be invoiced for the each month of the agreement. Initially, the Student FTE count used shall be the average annual FTE for the previous year extracted from the OSPI web site after May enrollment has been reported by the district. A final adjustment shall be made using the actual average annual FTE for the current year.
Fee Calculation. At the end of each Month, Operator will calculate the total fees that Customer incurred for throughputting Barrels across the Berths and through the Pipelines during such Month, as follows:
Fee Calculation. The applicant may calculate the initial permit application fee or permit modification fee and include it with the permit application, or the applicant may request that the Department calculate the fee after reviewing the application and forward an invoice to the applicant for payment.
Fee Calculation. All fees and expenses described in this paragraph 3 shall be payable to Advisor or its designees on a quarterly basis in advance (based on the partiesestimate of the amount of fees and expenses which shall become due and payable for such quarter) commencing as of the date hereof.
Fee Calculation. Subject to such fee calculation mechanics as a Data Supplier may require with respect to its Supplier Data, Fees invoiced by LiveVol (other than those for the LiveVol Report Builder Software product) will be determined based on the information provided by Subscriber on Exhibit B to this Agreement, by multiplying the number of User Accounts times the applicable monthly User Fee for the LiveVol Software and/or Supplier Data. The LiveVol Report Builder Software monthly User Fee listed in Exhibit B covers access to and use by all Users that also have a License to use LiveVol Pro and/or LiveVol Core.
Fee Calculation. The science kits annual refurbishment fee is calculated by multiplying the number of kits used in the current year by the kit refurbishment fee. Invoices will be issued based on the number of kits the District schedules for the current year. Fees are estimated and will be revised once the final kit schedule is provided by the District to OESD. APPENDIX D Network Services The following technology support services are provided: A. SUPPORT OF DISTRICT NETWORK, including:
Fee Calculation. 11.1.1. FortisBC agrees to pay to the Municipality a fee of three percent (3%) of the gross revenues (excluding taxes) received by FortisBC for provision and distribution of all gas consumed within the Boundary Limits of the Municipality provided that the Municipality is permitted by law to charge such a fee. Such amount will not include any amount received by FortisBC for gas supplied or sold for resale.