Project Schedule definition

Project Schedule means that schedule for the project specified in the agreement.
Project Schedule means the schedule for delivery of the Services as set out in Part A, Section 5.0 – Project Schedule;
Project Schedule means the schedule for performance of the Work, including the date for NTP, Target Substantial Completion Dates and the Guaranteed Substantial Completion Dates, as more particularly described in Attachment E.

Examples of Project Schedule in a sentence

  • Project Schedule, if required by the Town prior to the submittal deadline.

  • Milestone/Task/ActivityPlanned Start Date Project Schedule Narrative – Brief summary of each item on the schedule.

  • Project Schedule – The detailed schedule developed and maintained by the Contractor that lists all tasks related to the design, development, testing, installation, and deployment of the System(s) as defined in the Statement of Work.B.7.19.

  • This will provide an opportunity for the AM to help guide the Project toward a successful outcome.3.1.2 Project Schedule‌The AM shall create a Project Schedule and submit it to ODOT for review and Approval.

More Definitions of Project Schedule

Project Schedule means the time schedule for the Project, which at the time of signing this Agreement is as set out in Schedule C.
Project Schedule means a schedule setting forth the proposed engineering, procurement, construction and testing milestone schedule for (a) the NECEC Transmission Line based upon the Construction Contracts, (b) the Québec Line and (c) the AC Upgrades and the CCIS Capacity Upgrades based upon such information as can reasonably be obtained by Owner from the AC Upgrade Owners, recognizing that one or more Project Schedules will be completed and delivered before the date on which the AC Upgrades and the CCIS Capacity Upgrades are formally identified under this Agreement.
Project Schedule means the Appendix 5 hereto.
Project Schedule means the schedule of work identified in Section 6.0, Project Schedule, of Tender Document Form: Form of Tender, which shall form part of the Contract and may be amended at the sole discretion of Metrolinx.