Project Schedule definition

Project Schedule means a document that, with respect to each Phase of the Project, identifies, coordinates and integrates the anticipated design and construction schedules, the Contracting Authority’s and Owner's responsibilities, government authority reviews and other activities as are necessary for the timely completion of the Work.
Project Schedule means that schedule for the project specified in the agreement.
Project Schedule means the schedule for delivery of the Services as set out in Part A, Section 5.0 – Project Schedule;

Examples of Project Schedule in a sentence

  • The Project Schedule outlines the activities, their duration, start dates, finish dates, and dependencies/relationships between activities.

  • The Concept Project Schedule is not intended to be binding on the Parties, but the Parties will update the Concept Project Schedule from time-to-time to reasonably reflect changes in the schedule for construction of the Improvements.

  • Supplier shall manage the Services provided under this Work Order to the project schedule described in Section 10 (Project Schedule), below, and to the results to be achieved by the Services described herein by managing issues, risks, dependencies, and resources in a manner to achieve the project schedule and the results.

  • The Concept Project Schedule is intended to outline the order of operations and sequence of Improvements and actions needed for the Project to succeed in a timely manner.

  • The Concept Project Schedule and other Exhibits sometimes correlate Improvements to the home occupancy of a specific number of dwelling units, in which case a final certificate of occupancy shall not be granted for the specified dwelling unit (or those in addition to it) until the Improvement is operational and accepted by the City.

More Definitions of Project Schedule

Project Schedule means the schedule prepared by University showing project milestones, funding, design, design review, construction, and other deadlines applicable to the Project.
Project Schedule means the time schedule for the Project, which at the time of signing this Agreement is as set out in Schedule C.
Project Schedule means the scheduling requirements identified in Section 8 of the Form of Request or otherwise provided by Metrolinx to the Consultant from time to time.
Project Schedule means the construction and design schedule prepared by Contractor under the provisions of Section 2.1.1 hereof, which is to be consistent with the initial Project Schedule set forth as Exhibit M hereto, as adjusted pursuant to this Agreement. The Project Schedule is intended to be identical to the “Baseline Schedule” under the Comprehensive Agreement, as the same is modified from time to time pursuant to the Comprehensive Agreement.
Project Schedule means and include the schedule, key dates and milestones for the completion of the various constituents and components of each of the Commercial Development Project, the Redevelopment Project and the Station Development Project as specified in greater detail in the Schedules;
Project Schedule means the Appendix 5 hereto.
Project Schedule means the then-current project schedule prepared in accordance with the Project Execution Plan.