Project Management definition

Project Management. The individuals appointed by each Party cf. clause 4.1 in the Agreement.
Project Management means the AT&T Professional Services organization.
Project Management means the framework for the implementation of the Project through planning, organisation, performance monitoring, assessment of the results and, if necessary, making changes to meet the objectives of the Project.

Examples of Project Management in a sentence

  • A CTO for each project shall be developed by A-E in conjunction with COUNTY Project Management staff.

  • Copies may be obtained at cost at the office of County's OC Public Works/OC Facilities & Asset Management/A&E Project Management or visit the website of the Department of Industrial Relations, Prevailing Wage Unit at

  • The Project Management operates within a hierarchy of delegated responsibility, with all management functions providing support to project activities and for the accomplishment of the goals of the consortium.

  • The CTO shall include a cover sheet provided by County Project Management staff with the appropriate signature blocks and contract information.

  • IPMA International Project Management Association is an international association focused on project management and has registered the IPMA trademark.

More Definitions of Project Management

Project Management means principles, practices, and
Project Management. The Fund may request assistance from the Transfer Agent project team, including with respect to the coordination and usage of any SS&C products available for use by the Fund. The Transfer Agent will use all reasonable efforts to assist the Fund as requested, subject to available resources. The Fund acknowledges that certain systems or products are proprietary to SS&C. The Transfer Agent shall review with the Fund annually the project management requests received from the Fund during the preceding year and, in the event the Transfer Agent determines that an additional charge is necessary to continue to satisfy such requests, the parties agree to negotiate in good faith as to any such charges. 1,144 event/support hours are included in the fees; all support hours during the year will be deducted from that total and any hours over this amount shall be paid by Natixis or the Funds. Unused hours do not roll over from year-to-year. Reimbursable and Other Expenses6, 7, 8 Billed As Incurred Reimbursable and other expenses include but are not limited to: tapes, postage*, post office box rental*, check writing postage*, supplies*, statements*, check writing, print and mailing services*, information disc (year end), TINS, average cost, data communications equipment*, COOL (computer output on-line), microfiche, freight*, telephone charges*, fax lines*, 800 line 6 The following are the current rates for the reimbursable and other expenses noted, which are subject to change upon advance written notice to the Fund: Regulatory Compliance CUSIP Charge (no additional charge); AML/SAR Network Account Charge (no additional charge); Compliance Plus ($75,000/year); Microfiche/COOL (no additional charge); Return Checks (no additional charge); Document Pull (no additional charge); Business Analyst / Tester $165/hour, COBOL/Workstation Programming $220/hour, Web Developer $275/hour, Staff Support $110/hour, NSCC Group transaction fee ($0.10/transaction); Escheatment ($250/CUSIP and $5.00 per each escheatable item); Manual and Systematic Wires (no additional fees; bank charges apply); On Request Reports ($60/ report in excess of contractual allowance); 1099 Reporting, Bank Match Reporting and State Tax Withholding ($150/CUSIP/state/report, $200 annual CUSIP fee, maximum of $175,000); AWD fax in lines (no additional charge); New Fund Set Up ($1,500/fund), Rush Fee ($2,000/fund); Year-end COOL (no additional charge); Manual Check Pull ($20/check); Multiple Trailer Fee (no additional c...
Project Management means the Contractor’s organization, planning, scheduling, directing, controlling, monitoring and evaluating of activities, including those described in Appendix A Section entitled “Project Management” to ensure that the stated objectives of a Project are Delivered.
Project Management means the steps to be taken by relevant federal entities to streamline and coordinate the progress of otherwise independent decision-making through the regulatory system;
Project Management means the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to the manufacturing process, distribution and acquisition of transit vehicles.
Project Management as used herein shall mean Contractor’s written plan to provide, implement, monitor and ensure the services required by this Agreement are received by County accordingly.
Project Management are the costs for DBS' own personnel and other resources. These costs will be charged on a time and materials basis at the unit prices set forth in Section 2 of Schedule 9.2. The amounts set forth above which are not identified as actual costs are estimates based on an assumption of 18 eight-hour mandays per month, and establish no payment obligation of any kind. The actual charges could be higher or lower depending on the number of mandays actually devoted by DBS to the DBS Part or Project Management. Project Management charges through July 8, 2000 are divided equally between the Master Software Development Agreement and the System Operations Agreement. After July 8, 2000, Project Management charges will be covered by the Systems Operations Agreement.