Project Management definition

Project Management. The individuals appointed by each Party cf. clause 4.1 in the Agreement.
Project Management means the AT&T Professional Services organization.

Examples of Project Management in a sentence

  • The Town Level GRC will be composed of a representative of Chief Municipal Officer associated with Urban Local Body, as Chairperson; the CDO of ULB designated/nominated by ULB; field engineer of Project Management Consultants; focal person (GRC Person) of DBO contractor of respective town; and field engineer of concerned ULB designated by the respective PIU, as Secretary.

  • At the central level, to ensure coordination and detailed management review and control, a Project Management Unit (PMU) would be headed by the President of the ARC or another representative acceptable to the World Bank, with the approval of a high-level Steering Committee (discussed below) and the Bank.

  • If the entity does not agree with the outcome of this committee meeting, the matter shall be referred to the Project Management Team GRC at PSFU.Step Four: Project Management Team GRC.

  • In accordance with Section 47 of the IRR of RA 9184, all Bidding Documents shall be accompanied by a sworn affidavit of the Bidder that it is not related to the Head of the Procuring Entity (HoPE), members of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), members of the Technical Working Group (TWG), members of the BAC Secretariat, the head of the Project Management Office (PMO) or the end-user unit, and the project consultants, by consanguinity or affinity up to the third civil degree.

  • Customized training curricula will not necessarily be added to the OJT Program; however, previously approved programs are available to contractors upon request; for example, in 2013 the Department approved programs for GPS Survey Technician and Project Management.

More Definitions of Project Management

Project Management means the steps to be taken by relevant federal entities to streamline and coordinate the progress of otherwise independent decision-making through the regulatory system;
Project Management are the costs for DBS' own personnel and other resources. These costs will be charged on a time and materials basis at the unit prices set forth in Section 2 of Schedule 9.2. The amounts set forth above which are not identified as actual costs are estimates based on an assumption of 18 eight-hour mandays per month, and establish no payment obligation of any kind. The actual charges could be higher or lower depending on the number of mandays actually devoted by DBS to the DBS Part or Project Management. Project Management charges through July 8, 2000 are divided equally between the Master Software Development Agreement and the System Operations Agreement. After July 8, 2000, Project Management charges will be covered by the Systems Operations Agreement.
Project Management as used herein shall mean Contractor’s written plan to provide, implement, monitor and ensure the services required by this Agreement are received by County accordingly.
Project Management means principles, practices, and