Project Management Sample Clauses

Project Management. Unless and until revoked by Landlord by written notice delivered to Tenant, Landlord hereby (i) delegates to Project Manager the authority to exercise all approval rights, supervisory rights and other rights or powers of Landlord under this Tenant Work Letter with respect to the design and construction of the Tenant Improvements, and (ii) requests that Tenant work with Project Manager with respect to any logistical or other coordination matters arising in the course of construction of the Tenant Improvements, including monitoring Tenant’s compliance with its obligations under this Tenant Work Letter and under the Lease with respect to the design and construction of the Tenant Improvements. Tenant acknowledges the foregoing delegation and request, and agrees to cooperate reasonably with Project Manager as Landlord’s representative pursuant to such delegation and request. Fees and charges of Project Manager for such services shall be at Landlord’s sole expense except to the extent otherwise expressly provided in this Tenant Work Letter.
Project Management. CONSULTANT will assign Jeff Kohlman as the Project Supervisor to have supervisory responsibility for the performance, progress, and execution of the Services to represent CONSULTANT during the day-to-day work on the Project. If circumstances cause the substitution of the project director, project coordinator, or any other key personnel for any reason, the appointment of a substitute project director and the assignment of any key new or replacement personnel will be subject to the prior written approval of the CITY’s project manager. CONSULTANT, at CITY’s request, shall promptly remove personnel who CITY finds do not perform the Services in an acceptable manner, are uncooperative, or present a threat to the adequate or timely completion of the Project or a threat to the safety of persons or property.
Project Management. Boeing will perform the following functions for the IFE/CCS. Boeing will have authority to make day-to-day management decisions, and decisions on technical details which in Boeing's reasonable opinion do not significantly affect form, fit, function, cost or aesthetics. Boeing will be responsible for:
Project Management. Each party shall assign a project manager to this Contract. The project managers shall be authorized to act on behalf of their respective employers concerning all matters related to this Contract, except, however that Contract amendments shall not be effective unless approved pursuant to Paragraph 15 herein.
Project Management. With respect to each Project Plan, each party will appoint a project manager who will be the party responsible for overseeing the Project Plan.
Project Management. 41.1. When Framework Public Bodies purchase Cloud Services under the Framework, the Contractor may be required to project manage the transfer of the services from the Framework Public Bodies, or another Contractor’s Data Centre to the new Cloud Services environment. This will include plans, timetables, team members, information on servers, etc.
Project Management. For purposes of this Agreement, the Parties will use a project management approach for the implementation of LSRs for non-standard requests such as coordinated cutovers including but not limited to Coordinated Hot Cuts and after hours cutover requests. The Parties may mutually agree on using a project management approach for very large volumes of number ports such as a large business, hospital or government agency cutover.